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happy friday + bright spots…



Happy Friday all! Inspired by this post, I've been all about bringing some brightness to winter lately. So I'm rocking my new favorite combination of pink shoes with green pants. Here's wishing you some pops of energy and fun this weekend…see you back here on Monday! — Joy

{Photo by Oh Joy, pants by Zara, shoes by Kate Spade}


  1. Thought Portland’s been unseasonably warm, I still feel the need to combat the winter blues- I’m inspired! I think I’ll go for the Yellow and Pink combo!

  2. are those groovy pants from zara? i was eyeing some green pants on my last day in LA but i chickened out. now i have green trouser regret – thanks for looking so cute joy, now i have to come back to LA and buy green trousers! 😉

  3. I looooove your shoes!!! Green and pink together = spring to me. I love it! I’m also kind of a show fiend, pink shoes, green pants…FANTASTIC!

  4. Ooohhh, cute combo. Beige and bold orange is a new favorite of mine. I am making a orange knit top and beige skirt for my daughter this weekend.

  5. Hi Jennifer,
    Do you mean the colored pants? I found some green ones at Zara…but the ones I am wearing in these photos are from J.Crew from last year.


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