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happy friday + spring things…



Happy Friday guys! Minus the bout of rain we're supposed to get this weekend, I'm feeling like spring is on its way. Therefore, sparkle bow peeps and pink pants are a must. Once my work for the day is done, I'm spending the evening clearing through my closet & office in preparation for our yard sale this weekend. Hope to see some of you there!

ps. For those of you who rsvp'ed to the sale, you should have already received an email from me with an update that the sale has moved to this Sunday instead…due to rain on Saturday. Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy. flats from J.Crew Collection store in Malibu, pink cords from the Gap last year}


  1. I LOOOVVEEEE your open toe flats.
    I got these open toe mini heeled fushia satin shoes with glitterd heels and a glittered bows in the same hue.
    I wish i could attend your yard sale!!
    Best of luck!!

  2. hmph. now you know i went straight to jcrew’s website and scowered the screens for those darn shoes and couldn’t find them.

  3. you always have the best shoes. It’s amazing how many pairs. I would like to live in your shoe closet. Maybe I should do a drawing of “Joy’s shoes”. xo

  4. So sparkly fun! I wish I lived near you..I’d be at that yard sale first thing in the morning..It’s surprisingly sunny today considering the rain yesterday. Hopefully, this weekend is sunny all the way!

  5. This is hilarious — I’m wearing the exact same pants right now! Skinny pink cords from Gap in fall ’09. Best purchase I made that season.

  6. The shoes are too cute!
    also.. I might be completely missing this but didn’t there used to be a link for oh joy blog favorites? I know there’s the daily reads but I loved browsing through the long list and different categories!

  7. oh dear, hope this comment doesn’t get lost! there are so many! joy, what are you standing on? it looks like a giant sweater, but it also seems like it’s probably a rug. favorite things combined? I need to know! thanks!


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