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American-archive-vintage-clothing copy

American-archive-vintage-clothing copy

Lately, I've been to a slew of fun parties with friends and have become obsessed with finding more vintage pieces perfect for shindigs just like that. So I'm loving this vintage shop, American Archive, who does a great job of styling too…super helpful for those {like me} who can't always picture the potential of a vintage piece without a little styling assistance. — Joy


  1. wow, 90% of what is on there is cute! that’s pretty amazing. i’m so bad finding gems in vintage stores for the exact same reason. I need to see it styled. this is perfect!

  2. Lauren,
    Agreed! I love almost everything in that shop. Sadly, Im way shorter than the model they showed so it would not look as proportioned on me! ha! 😉

  3. This shop is like hitting the jackpot! I always wonder if they make the clothes look really good on the models, but then they fit weird in person…I guess that’s the risk with online shopping!


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