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chinese seafood heaven in {san gabriel}…




While there are definitely foods & restaurants I miss from the East Coast, one thing about food in LA that can't be beat is the manifold of amazing ethnic foods here…especially the variety and authenticity of Asian food. Last week, one of my Chinese friends took me to Newport Seafood in San Gabriel—a restaurant that her family loves for its mix of Vietnamese-inspired Chinese food. That stamp of approval was enough for me to start salivating just thinking about it. My favorites were the fish soup {mild but tart from the addition of pineapple} and their famous lobster dish {a hodge podge of spices & scallions covering a wok-cooked lobster}. They have other non-seafood items too…all tasty and all inhaled in a manner of minutes. — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. i LOVE seafood and that looks delicious! that lobster looks exactly like the lobster dish i order at this little hole-in-the-wall but amazing spot here in toronto..gonna have to head there this weekend…….

  2. My mouth is watering for the lobster dish! Consider yourself very *lucky*. Texas shrimp and seafood is not as tasteful as the west coast.

  3. Joy! My brother took us to Newport Seafood last August when I was in LA and it was delicious! That lobster was ridiculous and I don’t even really like lobster. I also loved their Beef Loc Lac. Yay for Authentic Asian cuisine!

  4. I was here this past Saturday, it was so delicious. Talk about a happy ending to a great LA trip!
    Ps, I stumbled on you blog the other week and am in love with your love for creativity 🙂

  5. just wanted to point out that Newport is more than just chinese… the soup pictured looks like Canh Chua (literally Sour Soup in vietnamese) and the Bo Luc Lac someone mentioned is a viet dish (with french influence).
    the vietnamese (ie my family) love chinese food, and esp lobster. there’re lots of vietnamese-run chinese restaurants or chinese-vietnamese places in socal.

  6. Just to add to the post above…the soup is actually a vietnamese dish called “canh chua” or sour soup. The soup contains the plant called Alocasia odora (also called Night-scented Lily or giant upright elephant ear) and commonly known in Vietnamese as bạc hà. Other ingredients include catfish, tomatoes, bean sprouts, pineapple, and tamarind.

  7. OK – I was on a trip to China for work and my husband went here with a bunch of friends. He didn’t rave about it but now upon looking at these photos, I feel like I really missed out. I must take a trip out there. Looks SOOOO yummy. Perhaps it’s time to eat dinner.

  8. OMGosh! that’s one of my favorite chinese places in LA!! no joke!! I love their lobster and french-style beef cubes!! YUMMAY~ 🙂 getting hungry over here!

  9. the lobster looks delicious!
    personally, i’m more of a fan of plain steamed lobster with a twist of lemon on the side (no butter please)
    but my mother’s favorite lobster dish to cook is stir-fried lobster with scallions, egg, and as much lobster roe as she can get her hands on. when i lived in nyc last summer for my internship, my mother loved to visit me and bring me giant tubs of stir-fried lobster (it’s much cheaper upstate where my parents live)
    thanks for the post. made me miss my mother, but in a good way! :]


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