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{closet & casa} with emma robertson…



who: Emma Robertson, Owner of Emmadime : Knitted and Graphic Designer

why emma rocks: Emma first caught my eye when Joy posted about her knitted hair bows, and then I snagged her up soon after as my design assistant for Rue!

in her closet: My favorite item in my closet right now is this dainty turquoise full length dress. I got it from a vintage store in New York a couple of years ago. The owner is this amazing older woman with such an incredible personality and love for fashion. We played dress up for about an hour until I decided on this little number! I will forever remember that colorful little hole in the wall.

in her casa: This book is an old magazine that was given to my grandfather as a gift. He worked in men's fashion for the majority of his lifeโ€”it's Harper's New Monthly Magazine and was published in 1856. It is 800 pages, and covers topics from "Social Hour" to "Fortune Telling". It's a fun & unique addition to my ridiculous and ever growing pretty magazine and book collection!

Thanks Emma!
โ€” Bri

{photos by Emma}


  1. Love these Closet&Casa. The whole Oh Joy! really makes me happy and often curious for more.
    First time commenting here and now I also have a question: How are the sizes of J.Crew? Mostly thinking of coats/blazers. I live in northern Europe so I guess returning the clothes is out of question.
    Hoping to get an answer and to find my wonderful spring jacket soon:)

  2. I’m in love with that dress. This feature is one of my favorites on your blog. A really simple, inspiring way to post interviews/features.


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