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{oh joy eats lunch with} samantha hahn…



Who Samantha Hahn, illustrator

Where Brooklyn, New York

Time 11:00 am on a Saturday {to most people this is breakfast time, but when you have a baby and get up at 6 am, it's lunch!}

What's a typical lunch for you? Blackberry stuffed brioche french toast with yogurt, syrup and powdered sugar garnished with mint leaves from James Restaurant

What's your dream lunch? This is my dream lunch! Nothing is more luxurious than brunch with my family at a great local restaurant.

Dessert with lunch? I think of this whole lunch as a dessert too! During the week, I'll have Greek yogurt which feels rich and treat-like, as well as healthy. If someone were to hand me a cookie after lunch though, I wouldn't say no!

Thanks Samantha!
— Joanna

{illustration by Samantha, photo of Samantha by David Moldawer}



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