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{our episode} of secrets from a stylist!




Have you guys been watching Secrets from a Stylist? Last year, we auditioned last year to have our house redecorated on the new HGTV show, hosted by Design Star winner, Emily Henderson. We filmed the episode back in November, and it's finally airing this next Saturday!

So, get ready to watch it live or set your DVR's to HGTV on March 12th {now changed to March 19th} at 9pm {that's 9pm EST, 9pm PST, or 8pm CST}. It will also be available to watch online at HGTV the following week! Here's a summary of our episode, which makes us seem laden with drama. And, I like that I became "design dominant" and Bob is "mysterious"! Ha!

Next week after the episode airs, I'll share some before and after photos of Emily's makeover of our space as well as some more behind-the-scenes bits! — Joy

{UPDATE: Hey guys, HGTV just alerted me to a schedule change, so our espisode will now be on March 19th at 9pm instead. And I'll post before & after's the week after it airs!}

{photos of us with Emily during our "Style Diagnostic" portion of filming, and a little peak at Emily prepping with the director for what she's about to tell us.}


  1. so excited for this episode! i watched the show for the first time this past saturday and fell in love with emily. she is hilarious!

  2. I just watched last week’s Secrets from a Stylist episode and she was just incredible! I love that she offered the homeowners two different options for the floor plan- and I actually loved both, genius* Can’t wait to see you on guys there.
    ps- great yard sale, I’ll be posting pix of my finds on the blog

  3. AHHH!! I just did a post on this amazing show today and now I have even more reason to watch. I can’t wait to see your episode. Do you even need style advice?!

  4. that’s so exciting!!!!!!!!
    i was just watching house hunters international the other day, and i saw a commercial for a new episode of “secrets from a stylist”
    that’s so cool that it’s going to be you!!!! i’m definitely going to tune in :]

  5. Congrats! One question, if you don’t mind me asking… where is your coffee table from? I love it and I’m looking for something similar for my place. Thanks!

  6. I’ve only watched 1 episode, but it was awful. It was just such a waste of time and resources to design the first “layer” of a room only to go back in, repaint, refurnish, etc. for the second “layer”. I see the concept here, but the execution is off. Emily is not effortless and thus seems really disingenuous. Sorry Joy – hope your episode is better.

  7. I think it’s cute and funny that you were noted as the dominant girly one. I had been wondering how the design dynamic was your household and can’t wait to see the episode air. with me and my boyfriend, the issue is not about feminine flair but more of controlling the amount of grey we have in our space. I love greys.

  8. I can’t wait to see your episode this week. Only after 2 episodes I have fallen in love with Emily’s show. You are so lucky!

  9. Hi Joy! Just found your blog and am loving your posts… Just wondering, we’re actually considering submitting an application video for an HGTV show — what did you do in yours that you think made your place stand out?

  10. hey M.S.
    most shows will give general specs as to what they want to see in your video. but usually it involves telling them about you/your story, why you need help, how the shows host can help you, and more than anything showing your personality. they want likeable people so make sure you show that side! 😉

  11. This is so funny because about a month ago I saw your “Secrets from a stylist” episode but had no idea who you were (in my country only recently started airing the show three months ago) and now just two days ago I found your page which I’m absolutely mesmerized by it and turns out that it was you on the show…..coincidences… 🙂


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