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{sneak peek} our episode of secrets from a stylist!



Since our episode of Secrets from a Stylist got pushed back from my original annoucement, just a reminder that it airs this Saturday evening at 9pm {that's 9pm EST, 6 and 9pm PST, or 8pm CST} on HGTV. Here's a sneak peek shot of what was our empty, cavernous living room before the show. It now looks so much different. Can't wait for you to see what Emily does!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I am loving Emily’s show and have been especially excited to see your episode! Can’t wait!
    If that coffee table didn’t make the cut, I know someone who will totally take it off your hands! 🙂

  2. I LOVE her show! Thought I’d tune in for a peek, maybe Tevo it once in a while, but it’s turned into a full-on addiction. I rewatched the first two episodes over and over, and even took notes! Dorky right? Anyway, can’t wait to see you guys on there*

  3. I’ve just started watching the show and have loved it so far. I can’t wait to watch your episode! Did you know that HGTV already has the before-and-afters in their photo gallery though? I though they only showed ones that had been aired, but maybe with the date change something got posted early. Beautiful room and I can’t wait to watch it when it airs.

  4. Oh my goodness! I just found a pair of those chairs (the wood and four piece metal) at the thrift store! We couldn’t find any information about them or their origin, but have really enjoyed them. Do you happen to know the designer/manufacturer? Thanks Joy!

  5. Hi Rebecca,
    Yep! Ill give the scoop on what its like to be on the show next week. But I can tell you now…for this show, you dont have to pay for anything. Everything in the final look is yours to keep! The only cost we had was we decided to move out for the week to make it easier during filming and for us not to be in their way. So we rented another apt for a week which we paid for since that was our choice. Most people probably stay at friends or families houses while filming but since we have cats, we didnt want to inconvenience anyone and so chose a rental for the week!

  6. just saw the show, and you’re room looks AWEOME!!!!! You had some lovely pieces to start with, and she found such wonderful additions! Could you post some shots of the credenza! It rocks in white! You’re a lucky girl!

  7. Joy, I’m so impressed with the final reveal! It’s great that she kept the furniture fairly neutral but the accessories and art could easily be switched and changed out as you both grow tired of them. Honestly, I was surprised the rug looked so good against the carpet. Very challenging to combine such different styles but Emily was so successful. I’m so glad she won design star!
    Congrats on such a beautiful space!

  8. Just watched the show- your place looks amazing!! Love your wallpaper and the fabulous collection of art looks fantastic on it. Congratulations!!

  9. OMG! just watched it. You guys are so adorable. I love love the final room. I need your wallpaper. Could they not mention you designed it? I was yelling at the TV … JOY designed that amazingness!! It’s such a great show overall too!

  10. I wanted her to credit you for the wallpaper too! You are a stylist too, in a way, with this blog. The room was stunning, and you and your husband are a super sweet couple. Congratulations!!

  11. Just saw the episode and hope you are enjoying the end result!
    Where did you get those white his and hers head planters from? What a fun piece!

  12. love love love it! I must know where your pink heart print is from. It’s exactly what’s I’ve been looking for in my pink/purple/chocolate bedroom … and yes those are my color choices + my boyfriend’s color choice.


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