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a sweet breakfast treat {in silver lake}…



Hope you all had a lovely weekend! We had a great time with out-of-town friends that we took on a non-stop 36 hour food tour of LA. My list of places we visited to come tomorrow, but first I had to start off the week by sharing one of my favorite bites from the weekend…the French Toast Doughnut from one of my favorite spots in Silver Lake, Café Stella. The French bistro is one of my favorites for dinner and now a regular brunch staple as well. Every brunch here now starts by sharing an order of this sweet delight. As if a glazed doughnut wasn't good enough on its own, they've been dipped in french toast batter and cooked on the grilled for layers of sweet, soft, and crispy goodness. My mouth is salivating reliving it right now… — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Wait, I thought this was just my own private food fantasy but that such a thing could not actually exist. (Though in my fantasy ice cream is also involved. With Henry Cavill feeding it to me.) Something similar is done with crullers at Lou’s in Hanover, NH. You’ll have to try it sometime!

  2. Hey Jesse,
    I think you can recreate it easily using glazed doughnuts dipped in a standard french toast batter and then cooked on the griddle!

  3. Joy: you’re a genius. I was going to make homemade donuts but now I will just hit dunkin to satisfy this taste sensation. Thanks:)

  4. This seriously happened last night: I decided that I would give up sugar this week and thought to myself, I know Joy is going to tempt me with an array of tasty treats. Aaaannnddd I was right! Goodness!

  5. Double yum! Have you been to the Village Bakery & Cafe in Los Feliz yet? They have *amazing* breakfast! And their sweets aren’t too shabby, either. 😉

  6. yay! i’m going to la soon and i can’t wait to read your list of places to eat! and this doughnut is now high on MY list of things to gobble while on my trip!


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