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Yesterday was seriously HOT here in LA! At 90 degrees, it was just a wee too hot all-of-a-sudden, and I needed something to cool me down. So I scooped up a slice of Berry Ricotta Cheesecake from Forage. I actually don't like cheesecake at all. But this version is light, airy, and much different than the traditional dense version…almost like a hybrid of moist pound cake and airy angel food cake, then topped with sweet ricotta and fresh berries. It sure did hit the spot…and the leftovers are still doing me some good today. Oh, and yeah, I also topped it with some of Pazzo Gelato's toffee pecan gelato…because nothing adds an extra dose of goodness to cake like ice cream or gelato ;)  — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. That looks absolutely delicious Joy! Being a cheesecake lover, I would not be able to resist. Good thing your plate is all the way in sunny LA. The ricotta and berries are a definite must have Thanks for inspiring us all!

  2. Pazzo is an obsession of mine. I’m contemplating naming it my home away from home. Have you tried the sea salt caramel? Or the mimosa sorbetto? Oh. My. God.

  3. When you said “soft/fluffy” I immediately thought of Japanese cheesecake (I first had it when I was still in Singapore) which is airy and very cake like but still cheesecake. Sounds like this is the closest as we’ll get here in the US! It may even be the same recipe.
    Now I’m really craving it!

  4. the owner of forage is korean and so this is probably an asian-style cheesecake. i LOVE forage! ok, i think i’ll be making a trip there soon.


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