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{make it} mini spinach dip bread bowls…




Last weekend, Bob's bosses and co-workers came over for dinner, and I had to get into top notch hostess mode. We served slow roasted pork belly, sous vide duck breast, grilled brussel sprouts, homemade cheesy tater tots, and my favorite frozen key lime pie. However, I was at a loss for finger foods. After a call out on Twitter, a ton of great suggestions came to my rescue, and I decided to make these Mini Spinach Dip Bread Bowls by Picky Palate.

They were super easy and super tasty…here's how:

You'll need:

13.3 oz roll of refrigerated french bread loaf, like Simply Pillsbury {I ended up using Whole Foods pizza dough because one of our guests is allergic to corn which is found in many canned doughs}

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

2 Cups baby spinach, coarsely chopped

1 clove fresh garlic, minced {I used 2 cloves}

3 oz softened cream cheese

1/2 Cup light sour cream {I used regular sour cream as I prefer most things as full fat}

2 Tablespoons fresh shredded parmesan cheese

1/8 teaspoon Chile Pepper or Cayenne Pepper

1/8 teaspoon Garlic Salt

1/8 teaspoon Sea Salt

1/8 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

1/3 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Here's how:

1.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.  Spray 10 muffin cups with non stick cooking spray.  Unroll package of french bread loaf and slice into 10 equal size slices, about 1 inch thick.  Press each slice into about a 3 inch round, I did this by pressing in between my hands.  Press into the bottom and up sides of the muffin cup.  Set aside.

2.  Heat oil in medium skillet over medium heat.  Cook and stir spinach until wilted, about 3 minutes then add garlic, cook and stir for another minute then turn heat off.

3.  Place cream cheese, sour cream, cooked spinach and garlic, Parmesan Cheese, Chili Powder, garlic salt, salt and pepper into a medium bowl.  Mix until well combined.  With a medium cookie scoop, scoop dip into each of the centers of bread bowls.  Top evenly with shredded cheese and bake for 15-17 minutes until just turning brown on edges. {Since I used pizza dough, cooking time took closer to 20-22 minutes}  Remove and let cool for 3-5 minutes before removing from oven.

The final cups are tasty, savory, warm, and delightful. Since they are muffin sized, they're definitely not bite-sized and can get messy. As an alternative, I made mini muffin sized versions for our party which were nice two-bite versions. But for having at home or for more casual guests, the full sized muffin tin is just perfect! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy, recipe by the Picky Palate}


  1. oh my, these bowls look amazing. a great take on the traditional spinach dip. thanks for sharing! i hope i can execute this as well as you did. 🙂

  2. YUM! Thanks for sharing! I would love to learn the recipe for the pork belly…I have been wanting to make it home. Keep the recipe posts coming!

  3. Holy cow! I could probably make a whole meal of just these. I’ve seen a similar recipe with pie dough to make sort of mini-savory-pies. Thanks!

  4. I am wondering how these are once they cool. Often spinach dip is eaten cold as well, so do they taste OK once they have lost the warmth?

  5. Hi,
    I just started following your blog and I saw this post. I had to try it. So easy and I have gotten so many compliments. Everyone wants the recipe!! Thanks for posting it.


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