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a sunday brunch with friends…






Yesterday I was treated to a surprise birthday brunch by my amazing friends, Bonnie, Kelley, Audrey, Carrie, Bri, and Jen at Lazy Ox Canteen in downtown LA. The tapas-style brunch included a tasty mix of Meyer Lemon Pancakes, Ricotta Fritters, super chunky Fries, and a birthday Caramel & Hazelnut Rice Pudding…yum! There's nothing better than good food with good friends… — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. mmm, looks divine and happy happy birthday! I’ve always felt something special is supposed to happen at 32. Don’t ask me way – but it certainly seems you have a number of wonderful things going on! cheers!!

  2. i literally just put in an order for lunch (which, argh! has not yet arrived) and literally just wimpered when i saw these thick fries and ricotta fritters! you’ve made a very hungry girl in nyc even hungrier!!
    i love your blog so much, its about time i comment. you rock joy! keep it coming. such a bright spot in my day to check in.

  3. Thanks Cory!
    I remember putting in those lunch orders at my NYC job and waiting patiently for it to show up! 😉

  4. Holy cow, this looks amazing! Even more so since I started the clean program today. I apologize if I don’t read for the next 20 days as I know it will be quite a temptation 😉

  5. wow, this all looks so good! I think I am in love and annoyingly obsessed with your food posts! Always so colorful and yummy even if they’re on a screen hehe
    Had not been able to comment on it but, CONGRATS on the lil’ creature on the way! You look amazing and glowy in those new shots with the bump! He/She’ll be one crafty kid!

  6. Happy Birthday Joy!
    Wow, that has probably got to be the most perfect pile of perfectly created fries I have seen….ever.
    I am sure your baby enjoyed the fine meal as well:)

  7. mmm, this looks so tasty. I love reading about your fav food spots, it gives me such great ideas of places to try when I don’t know where to go

  8. a) happy birthday!
    b) congratulations!
    c) you look so darn cute with your baby bump!
    going out on a limb and taking a guess that this will be your best year ever. babies just have a way of bringing it.

  9. you make it hard for a girl trying to watch her pounds before the summer. I want to eat this alllll.


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