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bahamian delights…



You may think I only eat desserts since I share a lot of these tasty treats on this blog. But I really do eat lots of normal, healthy foods too {they're just not always as fun to share}! While I was in Harbour Island for a fitness retreat with Lithe Method, our meals were simply amazing. All locally caught fish, fresh vegetables, and healthy combinations inspired by Bahamian flavors. Here's a sampling of what I ate last week. All menus were developed by Banana Tree and made by a local chef, Portia, who was awesome and so kind. I'll miss these! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Nice pics! This post reminds me of my family reunions. Conch salad is one of my faves (along with conch fritters – even though they’re not the healthiest!).

  2. That frittata looks amazeballs. You’ve inspired me to try to make one and then to exercise for the first time in a loooong time… Thanks mama!

  3. I love Harbour Island…how fun to know someone else who made it to this gorgeous, accessible-only-by-boat Bahamian gem. Lucky you.
    Also, I love Jihan and Geronimo. She is the loveliest, most clever gal there is!

  4. mmm….time for me to look for some recipes. all of them look delicious, particularly the conch salad. you could also serve that on bread, like bruschetta. yum!


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