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{closet & casa} with justina blakeney…



who: Justina Blakeney, Creative Director and Upcycler

why justina rocks: I love that Justina is a wild child, frolicking around in colorful bohemian outfits every time I see her! And her jungalow featured in Apartment Therapy’s Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces is awesome too!

in her closet: I'm obsessed with color and pattern and am fearless about mixin' it up! I have a weakness for "ethnic" pieces, from chunky turquoise to harem pants, loud muumuu's and boyish jumpers. This poncho is one of my favorite pieces. In LA, I get to wear it year-round, and it adds a nice loud POP and a bit of an ethic edge to any outfit (I think it's Peruvian).

in her casa: I found the chair {and it has a fraternal twin} at the Rose Bowl Flea market for a whopping $15 {Sorry but I had to rub it in}! It was love a first sight—a folksy-Southwestern vibe with a modern geometric twist. For a while I was painting every piece of furniture that crossed my path a different color, but lately, I am really enjoying the varied colors of natural wood.

Thanks Justina!

{photos by Annie McElwain}


  1. Justina has THE best eye for pattern. Love her upcycling work and proud to call her a friend. Thanks for featuring her, Bri!

  2. Great finds and great hair 🙂 I initially thought Justina had upcycled the poncho into a chair, which gave me a great idea. Awesome article!

  3. You are bursting with fruit flava! Love the flea market find. I have a little price-envy though…$15 in NY might get me an organic tuna wrap with arugula. 🙁

  4. Tina has envious style and funk. Her colors her patterns her ideas and her design are incredibly unique. Great surprise to see her on your blog!

  5. that chair just makes me a hundred different kinds of happy. and that smiling face? wow, justina knows how to brighten a room. bravo joy and bri for this amazing closet & casa!

  6. Thank you all for your sweet comments! Talk about going to an ‘ego inflation station!’ Thanks Joy, and Bri for having me! What fun!!


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