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dim sum & doughnuts…





While Bob was in Vegas, I spent the weekend satisfying my pregnant lady cravings with good food and the help of good friends. Luckily, Bonnie was up to the task of helping to satiate my appetite. Saturday was all about dim sum at New Capital Seafood {I had to get my favorite shrimp noodles!} and then The Donut Man for a bit of their seasonal fresh strawberry doughnut {I had no idea at the time that Bonnie was capturing my very serious doughnut decision-making on camera!}. After this, I was thoroughly happy and full…and the baby was moving around a bit extra from all that food! — Joy

{candid iphone photo by Bonnie, others by Oh Joy}


  1. Ah! Capital Seafood and Donut Man are both two places that are so close to my house. I love between Rowland and Glendora basically. It would of been so cool to bump into you or something!
    But anyway, Dim Sum is my fav!

  2. Donut Man! Memories… That was the hangout spot while I was in college at Azusa Pacific University. 24-hour donut shop? Heck ya! Glad you enjoyed it. A big favorite among the students was the “tiger tail.”

  3. The Donut Man! I miss that place! I went to college right down the road at Azusa Pacific, and trips to Donut Man were a staple of college life there!

  4. Hey, picking treats is serious business! hehe.. everything DOES look good!
    I’m glad she took that photograph. It’s a good one to show your child later 🙂

  5. I would buy a half dozen of their strawberry donuts and tiger tails to bring back to my apt during college! delish!!

  6. yum, i love donut man and new capital seafood! isn’t LA food amazing? 🙂
    do you recommend any baby blogs? i read ohdeedoh and some other ones, but i can’t seem to find any that i love.


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