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giant balloon awesomeness…






Perfect for a celebrating a birthday {or any fun occassion}, these giant balloons of delight from Geronimo make me so happy. What started as gifts {that Geronimo-creator, Jihan, made for friends' birthdays}, are now custom pieces that can be delivered locally in Los Angeles or shipped around the country! Check out this sweet little film to hear more about these whimsical balloon troopers! — Joy

{top two photos by Adrian Ragasabottom two photos by Natalie Moser}


  1. I love these balloons! They would in fact be perfect for parties, especially for bringing out that childish fun. And who doesn’t want to feel like a child again? (not that I’m that old actually, but you get what I mean). It’s a great idea 😀

  2. Giant balloons seem to be everywhere these days! Though this is the first place I’ve seen them with an actual link. Amazing! And cute pictures!

  3. Oh My! Oh Joy! I was so thrilled to see you feature Geronimo!! I’ve actually been fortunate enough to receive one of these beautifully adorned one-of-a-kind balloons created by Geronimo Balloon-Troopers. I can tell you they are as gorgeous as they appear…i’ve held on to the beautiful ribbon and detailed handwork that came with the balloon as a momento. Definitely one-of-a-kind!
    Love your blog and love your book, Creative, Inc. btw!

  4. To top it all off, Jihan is just so darn cool! I had the good fortune to work with her in the past, and she’s a gem.

  5. I check you blog everyday and was so excited to see Jihan on here! Her balloons are fabulous, so happy you posted on Geronimo….fabulosity all the way!

  6. Oh wow, love them!! I must have them for my next big birthday party. I turn 30 in just over two and a half years time – I’ll have to incorporate them into the festivities somehow.


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