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  1. I love these Joy… the colors are so enchanting. Thanks for sharing as usual! Have a good one & keep well with baby on board. 😉

  2. I would be so much more impressed with the Bldn decorations if they didn’t look like something I could find on Etsy (especially the garlands and banners). I’d much rather prefer to support artisans by purchasing handmade items then paying for overpriced knockoffs.

  3. The garlands and banners are so beautiful! The paper flowers are so realistic and can be kept forever. Check out the local artists who made them.

  4. Hi Isla,
    BHLDN loves and supports Etsy makers and many of those pieces are made by them. If you read the descriptions next to the items, it will say who the maker of the product is.

  5. Love the porcelain flowers. Found them at a boutique store nearby and used them to decorate our wedding cake with as a substitute to edible ones we’d seen in a magazine.

  6. Oooh I didn’t see this post from BHLDN. BHLDN email blasts are one of the few that I love receiving! I love that they incorporated a vintage hanky with the save the date message. I make and sell happy hankies for tears of joy and sell vintage hankies too. So I love to see anything handkerchief related!


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