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{sweet & savory} breakfast bites…




I've been super into breakfast lately…and while I usually want something savory, I've been finding I now like an equal mix of both sweet and savory. {ie. Let's share some pancakes AND get an eggy dish, shall we?!?} Here are two of my recent favorites…the monkey bread from Tavern {where we spotted a newly shaved head Jake G.} and the spinach quiche from Proof Bakery. What's your favorite? Sweet or savory for breakfast? — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. I’m with you in liking to have a bit of both. I just discovered that one of my local brunch places offers a side order of French toast. It’s the perfect solution!

  2. I’m with Leah on the bacon and syrup combo! I need to go to pancakes anonymous for my pancake addiction. Yay for breakfast!

  3. I have a huge sweet tooth but for some reason prefer savory breakfasts. But if I’m with my best friend, we also order a sweet and a savory and share. But I tell you what… I want that monkey bread IN me.

  4. That’s so how I am too when I go out to breakfast! “Please order the pancakes for me to have some bites of while I order this cheesy delicious omelette.” Those look so yummy!

  5. i’ve been wanting to make that monkey bread for awhile, looks amazing. i’m normally a sweet person at breakfast, especially during the week — i’m all about the english muffin slathered in pb and topped with a cold banana. the weekends i tend to stray a bit, to dutch babies and occasionally omelets.

  6. Too funny that you say that because I ALWAYS go savory, but lately I’ve been jones-ing for sweeter things like French Toast. Guess sometimes even your hardest of preferences can shift. 🙂

  7. I usually go for savory and then sweet on the side 🙂 My favorite breakfast is a toss up between belgian waffles and eggs florentine.

  8. Oh how I love your food posts. My husband worked for Jose Garces in Philly, making it cheaper to eat gourmet then at the local Marathon. It’s been a process of trial and error finding good food at a good price in LA. your foody posts are always a good start!


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