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a taste of chicago in {sherman oaks}…



The other night I had a serious hankering for a Chicago-style hot dog. Up to the task of quelling a pregnant lady's cravings, Bob said, "Let's go get some!" So, we followed a recommendation from Rob ofTake Sunset {a Chicago native and fellow LA resident} on where to go for this must-be satiated fix in LA. Per his awesome recommendation, we went to QT's Chicago Dogs in Sherman Oaks, and twenty minutes later I found myself in hot dog heaven rolling around on a poppy seed bun shaped cloud. The spot is a hole in the wall deli/liquor store-in-one. But it's got some pretty mean Chicago style dogs worthy of satisfying my latest cravings on a whim. — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I was never a big hot dog fan until I had a Chicago-style hot dog. Just this picture has me wondering where I can find one in Boston.

  2. Hey PDX Baby,
    Ive been told as long as they are well cooked, they are okay…and obviously in moderation. But everyone says different things!

  3. mmm. yum. when i was expecting, i ate hot dogs, cooked, and everything was a-ok…have you tried dog haus in pasadena (near pcc) it’s pretty awesome, their spin on using hawaiian bread makes it kind of super delicious:)

  4. Joy,
    I totally agree with you. My mom was saying to me – “You wouldn’t believe all the things I ate with you girls that the doctor told me I shouldn’t eat. And y’all came out perfect.”

  5. if you are ever in Buena Park or Moreno Valley CA, check out Portillo’s Hot Dogs. He’s the Hot Dog king up here in Chicago, i am sure that either of his CA locations would give you something to satisfy any craving.
    i have a pal that is a hot dog fan that relocated to LA and misses his chicago dogs much. passing this info on to him just in case!!!

  6. I’m 14 weeks along and just HAD to have a chili cheese dog last weekend. I shared one w/ my two girlfriends just so I could have a taste of the deliciousness. 🙂 Dairy Queen has a surprisingly good chili cheese dog!


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