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little things for a little lady….



With less than four months till our little one arrives, we've been getting ready to order furniture, strollers, and beginning to stock our registry for all the basics we'll need. While I'm glad to have some of the more serious purchases figured out, it's always fun looking at the wee clothes and accessories they make for babies these days. — Joy

{1. Kit+Lili apple sunsuit, 2. Sugar Milk flamingo onesie, 3. Saltwater sandals {via Cup of Jo}, 4. Catimini dress, 5. Trumpette socks, 6. Stokke summer explory kit, 7. Madre Perla dress,


  1. Trumpette also has some “ballet flats” socks with adorable bows – also check out some of the Spanish brands for little lady dresses: Isabel Garrenton and Elefantito are favorites of ours for days on the town.

  2. Saltwater sandals are the best! I am so glad they make them for grown ups too. I live in them during the summer and they last forever.

  3. Hi Marissa!
    We have a name in mind (not definite yet) but yes, were keeping it to ourselves until she arrives 😉

  4. I love the Madre Perla dress. A nice bold print with a little attitude (but not…too much attitude). I think I’ll have to buy this for my niece!

  5. Stroller in number 6, is apparently the hippest thing out there–a friend of mine just got one and is in love!

  6. Though not a biggie, the links for the socks and dress are mixed up, just letting you know because I hit the link for the dress 😉 (and in case you are a perfectionist like me) 🙂
    Cute finds!

  7. loving it all. thought I would recommend the Uppababy stroller. We got a bugaboo with our first when we had her four years ago, but if I were to do it again I would most certainly go that route!

  8. i don’t have a baby but i have a lot of friends that are preggers. these are great baby gift ideas! esp love the red sun suit. it’s too cute!

  9. Saltwater sandals are the best thing since sliced bread. Honestly, the absolute best kids shoes ever.
    I bought red and navy so both my daughter and my son could wear them. They last through about four kids!


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