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{oh joy eats lunch with} tara donne…



Who  Tara Donne, food, travel, still life and lifestyle photographer

Where  Greenpoint, Brooklyn

Time 1pm

What's a typical lunch for you? I eat a whole lot of salad for lunch because anything that's heavy mid-day makes me want to take a nap…which is bad for work! Today, it's red oak leaf and purslane salad with asparagus, roasted king oyster mushrooms, soft boiled eggs, shaved parmesan, and thyme-dijon vinaigrette. I made it with almost all of the ingredients from the Saturday Farmer's Market at McCarren Park! 

What's your dream/ideal lunch? My grandmother's roasted chicken thighs and polenta — zzzzzzz!

Dessert with lunch?  Not usually, but I could get in the habit with the Eton Mess from PEELS. AMAZING! 

Thanks Tara!
— Joanna

{lunch photo by Tara, photo of Tara by Kyle Acebo}



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