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4ever (and ever)…



With wedding season in full swing, I wanted to share these two new invitations I created for Wedding Paper Divas. Inspired by wood block letters, stamp sets, and punches of color, they're super fun for a summer wedding or the couple that loves to make every day a celebration. Available in a few color ways, warm and cool, the digitally printed pieces come on a gorgeous textured stock. Here, I paired them with some fun striped paper bags. — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Really love these invitations. They look so fresh and are just perfect for summer weddings. Love the stamp effect on the ‘4ever’. Great work! What paper was used?

  2. those are beautiful! i love, love, love your style of design. it always makes me smile and feel inspired to do the same!

  3. Oh Joy!! I love these but then I’m a polka dot freak. My whole family makes fun of my tendencies toward “circles”.
    So happy and bright, a welcome departure from the hoity toity formal wedding invitation.

  4. Hi Marybel,
    The designs were actually created over a year ago for my client Tiny Prints/Wedding Paper Divas and only finalized and released recently. So while I certainly see how you may think they were influenced by Tokketok, its just coincidence that we used a similar subject matter. Mine happens to be paint splatters, but I see how it could look like confetti too. I love and respect Jokes work a lot (and she is a dear colleague of mine), its purely coincidental 😉


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