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{closet & casa} with darren younge…



who: Darren Younge, Wedding + Style Blogger

why darren rocks: I like a guy who isn't afraid to mix patterns or wear color. Darren's blog Well-Groomed makes weddings approachable for men.

in his closet: This midnight blue suit symbolizes the moment I started to take style, and more importantly, fit seriously. It's in stark contrast to my old boxy, black and grey suits, and I reach for it again and again. It's tailored, and the navy color stands out without being too overt, so I pair it with purple or pink for an extra punch. If I'm going casual, I nix the tie and roll the sleeves to show off the striped lining.

in his casa: My dad and I bonded over a shared car hobby since I was a kid. In my garage, tools are functional decor. They're displayed on shelves and organized in drawers. Along with posters of the drag boats and drag cars my dad and I worked on together, these make up a majority of my childhood memories. They've seen me through countless engine rebuilds and races. They even repaired the damage that my 15 year old self inflicted on my mom's 'Vette when I went airborne and landed in a bean field.

Thanks Darren! Also, check out this interview with our very own Oh Bob about mens' wedding style at Well-Groomed!

{photos by Maddy Hague}


  1. Love the post. I totally agree with you about men’s tailoring. I see so many men in boxy suits that make them look so old. Even if you think it fits, go smaller! I love to see mens style blogs when they take a man off the street and put him in clothes that actually fit, it’s a simple but amazing transformation.


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