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Have you guys ever had a purple yam before? Oh my…if you like yams, purple yams are seriously the best of the yammy bunch. Typically used in Asia, they're sweeter, denser, and closer to the consistency of a sweet potato than your traditional orange yam. This one above is from one of my favorite LA restaurants, Jar, which Bob brought home the other night after going there for a work dinner. The simply baked yam is topped with sour cream and chives {like a baked potato} and then smushed open while piping hot. But the sweetness and texture is seriously out of this world {and they're good for you!}. Next time you're at an Asian grocery store and spot some purple yams, they're a must try. — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. Very cool! I have always been a bit resistant to the yam or sweet potato, but when I lived in Uruguay I had them roasted, and that is the way I prefer them now. I bet purple yams would be utterly beautiful mixed with orange sweet potatoes and roasted!

  2. I love yams and I bet I would love these even more. The color makes them great for serving at dinner parties! I’ve got to find some.

  3. i have never seen these and i’m a huge yam fan. definitely going to look for these at an asian market…i have to try them!

  4. my mom was constantly eating these last fall and i just sort of ignored it, but then she gave me one and i was amazed at how sweet they were. so delicious with just a little butter!

  5. I’ve yet to try purple yam roasted and served straight like this, but it looks delicious! Had no idea Jar had this on their menu but now will have to try it out…
    My family has served this up in various dessert forms, in Filipino cuisine the purple yam is called Ube. If you haven’t tried already, they have Ube shakes served at the Oinkster in Eagle Rock and Ube cupcakes from the Manila Machine food truck 🙂

  6. Is this like the okinawan sweet potato? We eat those all the time in Hawaii but I take it a bit further, I’ve prepped similar to above, I’ve even made double baked.
    By the way, my german shepherd also loves them!

  7. looks sooo good!
    i got inspirted by it and served medley potatos from green giant seasoned with salt and freshly ground pepper – and a very light ricotta cheese on top…really yummy!

  8. I just love purple yams, the best of the yams. They’re so sweet, almost candy-like but I never thought to have them with sour cream, I’ll have to try that.

  9. Yes purple yam (ube in Tagalog/Filipino) ice cream. You should try it! It’s so delicious!
    My family always make them in dessert form. I grew up eating them, sometimes I use it as a spread on a nice, pillowy, sugary sweet bread 😀
    And now I might just have to try roasting them! Thanks for giving me the idea.

  10. This may have been asked before, but what kind of lens do you use to take your food shots? Thay are always so bright and clear. jealous!


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