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Artisan-biscuits-uk1 Artisan-biscuits-uk2

…animal cracker ice cream sandwiches! Yesterday, it was 90 degrees here in LA. So, I had to cool off with frozen treat. Because I LOVE making ice cream sandwiches, I made simple ones using these Artisan Biscuits toffee animal crackers that I got from Broome Street General combined with the Vanilla Bean Lemon Verbena ice cream from my Carmela ice cream class. They'd also work with regular animal crackers and any flavor ice cream. If you make the sandwiches ahead of time and freeze the night before, the cookies will soften up. Or make them right before serving for a crispier cookie! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. You are a genius!! I love animal crackers and this just took that to the next level. Om nom nom…! (They would make cute kid ice cream sammies…just the right size. So I guess my daughter thanks you as well 🙂

  2. Awesome 🙂 ice cream sandwiches remind me of my youth in Manila when my mom used to make them out of white bread, ice cream topped off with condensed milk. Yum!

  3. I have an insatiable need for animal crackers [seriously. I’ve begun to buy them in bulk. I’m not kidding] due to their perfect little size and not-really-desert-yet-GREAT-with-lunch-ness.
    If I’m feeling creative, I use them with pudding like regular people might use chips & dip.
    But THIS! This is a fantastic idea. This makes my whole month better. I envision chocolate animal crackers with chocolate chip ice cream, too . . . thank you!!

  4. I was just at Broome St General this past weekend! That place is fantastic. I am going back to get these cookies.


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