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my favorite kind of medicine in {beverly hills}…






I've posted about Red Medicine before but finally had a chance to visit again when it was still light out and could take some photos to share with you. Red Medicine is quickly becoming one of my new favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. The mix of Southeast Asian inspired flavors and dishes with a bit of molecular gastronomy… the plating is always stunning and the flavors are incredible. The last dish pictured is actually a dessert with rolled mango slices, freeze-dried mascarpone cream, and cookie crumbles! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. We tried red medicine when Jordan Kahn was at test kitchen and the dessert (a basil, tomato, coffee concoction) was heavenly! Definitely want to try this one.

  2. I wish I lived somewhere that had awesome food – it always seems like the places you eat are fun and interesting. My options are pretty much eating at home or going to Applebee’s (such is life in small town Iowa).

  3. I know I’ve been watching too much masterchef when I can identify what the garnishes are. That is really some incredible presentation right there. Freeze dried mango is now one of the foods I never realized that I’d always wanted to try.


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