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a late summer {giveaway} with club monaco…


Club-monaco-giveaway1 Club-monaco-giveaway2

In honor of the soon-to-be fall season, we have a special giveaway today from Club Monaco. Inspired by the 60's and 70's and icons like Jane Asher, Edie Sedgwick, and Jean Shrimpton, their new fall collection is soft, dreamy, and oozes of romance. One winner will get to choose from one of the two outfits shown above!

#1 β€” Karmen ShirtHayden Skirt, and Amanda Clutch…or…

#2 β€” Jane Trench and Tamsin Dress

To enter, simply visit Club Monaco, whose fall collection is inspired by 60s and 70s London
rock 'n' roll. Then, leave a comment here telling us which era most inspires you and why?

Entries must be posted by this Friday, August 26th at 9am PST*, and one winner will be chosen at random.

UPDATE: Congrats to #922 Tina P. from Toronto for being our winner this time!

{*Limited to residents of the US and Canada only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $369-$488 total retail value depending on selected outfit. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after. Good luck!}


  1. I really love the 70s right now! That second dress would be a great outfit for an upcoming wedding.

  2. I’m definitely more inspired by the laid back, artsy flair of the 70s. I will have a hard time choosing between the 2 of these outfits. They are both beautiful!

  3. 50s! Love the skirts and neckline shapes from that era. But the 70s inspiration in Club Monaco’s newest collection is gorgeous too. πŸ™‚

  4. For everyday, I’d say the 70’s, but when I want to dress up, the 60’s feels more “done” and special. Both of the outfits are lovely.

  5. LOVE it. Can you take a look at those hats.
    I think the 70’s flavor inspires me more. There’s something so warm & relaxed, but with a little attitude. I think part of it reminds me of the awesome pictures of my mom in the 70’s (pre-me entering the scene) and they look so full of energy!

  6. 60’s for sure! Love the soft lines inspired by that decade, think the first dress here really evokes that.

  7. absolutely beautiful! i’m feeling the 70s lately (never thought i’d say that!). and i really, really love that second look.

  8. I absolutely love the flowy look of the dress with the trench – but I have to say very difficult to choose – Club Monaco once again has outdone themselves in “style”…..

  9. Love the new collection! Wish they had an online shop – I see a skirt I would totally buy!!!

  10. I am inspired by the 70’s. Still all love, with a few more hard edges and street smarts than the 60’s.

  11. It depends on the occasion – 70’s seeps in often both for everyday looks and a sort of drippy glam, but I can go more 50’s when I need to look prim and proper.
    That first look is aaaamazing. I think I’d wear it all the time.

  12. I love the 60’s! The beauty of looking absolutely gorgeous for any old reason is amazing. I love the second outfit, a trench is a classic piece that can be worn with so much and the dress is pretty too!

  13. I love the 20s, 30s and 40s. I think that’s where a lot of today’s lady-like looks are coming from. High waisted skirts, elegant blouses, cropped trousers. Perfection!
    Loving the tailored trench and pop of color dress above. Fingers crossed!

  14. I’m a big fan of the 70’s. It just reminds me of the clothes my mom wore. I love digging through her closet and finding things that she used to wear. πŸ™‚

  15. I’m inspired by the 60s and its feminine shapes. The 60s also had a number of fashion break-throughs like the mini-skirt! Love!

  16. The 60s were an amazing era of well-made pieces, lovely construction, and vibrant colors. I can imagine myself in almost every outfit both in the Club Monaco collection and on Mad Men.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  17. I am a lover of anything vintage, and I think both 60s and 70s era fashions are timeless and versatile. For my personal style, I would have to lean towards the late 60s…polished and structured, but with a bit of an edge.

  18. Definetly the 60’s, my mother has held on to many of her ensembles from that era and I would’ve loved to seen her dressed in them, and, to have known her then. Thanks!

  19. I really love the relaxed shapes of the 70s right now. This fall and winter I’m looking forward to wear 70s inspired pieces in *modern* fabrics vs. the polyester of the day — much more appealing!

  20. I love the clean lines of the 60s. But I probably look better in 70s! Either way, love love love!

  21. I know it’s a total cliche, but I love the 60’s. I’m glad that I was born now and not then, but if I could choose another era to live in, it would definitely be in the 60’s because that’s when all the good bands were still alive.

  22. Wow, both decades have a lot going for them … but I think I dig the diversity of the 60s.

  23. The 60s, for sure! The classic, tailored Jackie O 60s (as opposed to the hippie, free love 60s).

  24. Pre-Twiggy 60’s evening wear and form fitting everyday looks. Any time period that models fashion for women with curves is ok by me!

  25. I have always loved the 60s! I love this combo of 60s cuts with the muted colors. Such soft yet rich fall colors.

  26. I’m such an era hoochie mama. I love them all…I have a boybian/classic vibe going on…I seem to find that element in every decades designs.

  27. The 60’s for sure – I love the lines and forms…. the sophistication. Although, as someone else mentioned – the boho of the 70’s is definitely a huge draw. I guess it depends on what I’m feeling!

  28. I definitely love the 70s era look. However, the 60s styles seem to fit me better. So hard to choose! In this case, I’d have to go with the 60s.

  29. I adore the classy look of certain late-60s, early-70s style, especially that trench – the silhouettes are beautiful and the styles lend themselves to my frame (never had the bust or curves for ’50s flair). Also, my 29th birthday is Friday, when the contest ends. So how cool would THAT be? πŸ™‚

  30. I love the bohemian feel of the 70’s. Lately I’ve found that in both fashion and design, I’m leaning heavily toward 70’s influences. Great typography and design, relaxed, unique patterns, and bold fashion statements!

  31. gorgeous! i was just drooling over club monaco’s latest lookbook yesterday. thanks for the brilliant giveaway opportunity. love the polished looks from the 50s and 60s.

  32. ooooh, love love love the fall club monaco collection! i think that the 70’s inspire me because that was when my mom was my age and her style was incredible.
    that first outfit kills me. gorgeous.

  33. The 50’s – nipped in waists, flouncy skirts, cocktail hours and pearls. So very ladylike!

  34. I get inspired by a little bit of everything… and keeping up with the latest trends. And I would totally pick outfit #2!!

  35. Somehow for me it’s the 70s – the flowing shirts, maxi dresses, long legged silhouettes!

  36. Goodness; these are gorgeous outfits!
    Is it ridiculous to say that I’m enjoying the current era, fashion-wise? We’re getting the full benefit of modern fabrics and a mΓ©lange of eras mingling together as inspiration.

  37. Love the new collections! I’m most inspired by the clean, classic looks of the 60’s that still allow for personal flair. I would have a hard time deciding between these two beautiful ensembles.

  38. I love the free flowing vibe inspired by the 70s. The selections are stylish yet look super comfortable to wear. I love clothes that feel as good as they look!

  39. I’ll definitely have to agree with Jessica (#69) with her comment of the structured classic looks of the 50s/60s! Certainly flatters my figure more πŸ™‚ Thanks for the contest!

  40. Absolutely smitten with the new collection at Club Monaco. Love the 60s and 70s cause it encompasses such a wide range of great looks from boho chic to the sophisticated mod look. Care free and effortlessly stylish.

  41. I think lately I’ve been inspired by the 30’s and 40’s so lovely! (I really want the second outfit!)

  42. Do I really have to decide? I love these two fashions eras, however if I had to pick I would pick the 60s as it most matches my current style! I like the clean lines and sophistication. Oh, how I would love to win

  43. Oooh, tough one! I would say the 70s’ sophistication simply because I think it fits better with my style and body type!! Love Club Monaco! πŸ™‚

  44. i love the classic inspiration from the 60’s… and especially loving that long white dress in the lookbook!

  45. these days, i’ve been feeling very inspired by the late 50s-early 60s. secretary shirts and fitted skirts, a-line dresses and neatly pulled-back hair.

  46. I’ve been channeling the 60’s-70’s this summer with my Afro puffs, wide leg jeans and breezy bohemian tops. Club Monaco’s fall look-book is amazing and i can’t wait to cozy up in some of their latest.

  47. It’s hard to choose, but I prefer the 70’s. Clothes during that era hit a perfect medium of style and function.

  48. For the longest time, I was attached to the 60s. I love how the fashion reflected so much of what was going on: prim and proper 50s holdovers juxtaposed with radicalism and social change. But after looking through recent magazines, I have to admit that I’m starting to get attached to the 70s aesthetic. Bell bottoms and slinky blouses? Sounds good to me!
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  49. Right now I’m really inspired by the 1910s; specifically, the aristocratic-meets-bohemian look/feel of the Bloomsbury Group. So romantic!

  50. The 70’s casual attitude flows so well into the lines and silhouettes that the Club Monaco collections have premiered this season. And of course, the music of that decade can’t be beat!

  51. I would have to admit…i would choose a different era each day! How can you choose just one!? But i do like the Amelia Bomber Jacket and the Nadine Pencil Skirt!
    My mom, whose name happens to be Nadine….would be so honored!

  52. i am so inspired by the drapey, boho, effortless style of the 70s.
    i love the trench in #2! i have never owned anything from club monaco, yet have been lusting for quite some time. i would be SO thrilled to win!
    [email protected]

  53. I love the clean silouhettes of the 60s. The crispness and simplicity always inspires me.

  54. I’d have to say the 60s for the structure and polish, but I do love the effortlessness of the 70s. The Club Monaco collection is gorgeous!

  55. I love vintage dresses from the 50’s. They always show off your waist! I’m also completely obsessed with finding a pair of highwaisted flaired jeans inspired by the 70’s.

  56. i love the 70s – 70s style reflects love and acceptance and it’s an effortless look

  57. Right now, I’m really feeling the 80’s with colorblocking and neon. I’ll skip the side ponytails and crazy bangs though!

  58. The era that most inspires me is the 60s because it was youthful and fun, but still sexy and strong-minded. It focused on vibrant unique styles, spiritual advancement, vegetarianism, striking colors, pop art, peace, and love.

  59. i LOVE the 60s. Such a sweet time with classy ladies that continue to inspire my fashion choices today.
    love #2.
    [email protected]
    thanks! love this giveaway & would be thrilled to win!

  60. I’m a big history geek, and the 70s is such a cool era for clothing! While some may say the styles were too bland or perhaps even too far out, I think they represented a newfound sense of individualism for women and men’s clothing and their character and conduct. Oh, I could go on for days.
    My own fashion sense is going gaga over outfit #2! I love how classic it is! I think it could be representative of any era!

  61. ohhh so beautiful! I love the 70’s inspired outfits the best — those flowy skirts and muted colours are lovely.

  62. The 60s – figure flattering silhouettes, sky-high beehives & oversized Jackie O. sunnies – all amazing things that come from that era!

  63. I love the 60’s! I am pregnant (too!) and the soft flowy fabrics would be comfy AND cute.

  64. The Club Monaco collection of 60’s and 70’s inspired clothes is just so relaxing to look at during the warm summer months.
    The ladylike pieces mixed with the slightly crunchier outerwear is very me at the moment, as I’m donning dresses and edgy boots. I so hope to win the second outfit! The colours will be excellent to transition into fall, along with the clean lines and soft prints. Love love love!

  65. The era that most inspires me is the 60s because it was youthful and fun, but still sexy and strong-minded. It focused on vibrant unique styles, spiritual advancement, vegetarianism, striking colors, pop art, peace, and love.

  66. I am really loving the early sixties these days- perhaps because I have a slight Mad Men obsession. So fantastic!

  67. i am drawn to the style and culture of the 40’s and 60’s. clothing that played to a woman’s curves and music that inspired the nation.

  68. I’m really feeling the 70s right now. It’s all about the floppy, oversized HATS!
    The 70s looks are so relaxed with attitude. I wear a few of my mom’s things from the 70s…just feels like home…

  69. Both! I love the soft lines of the 60’s but adore the creativity abed free spirit of the style and mentality of the 70′ s

  70. Love the #2 outfit.. and I would say I’m most inspired by ’50s fashion. LOVE the dresses those housewives used to wear.

  71. This is so cool. I love those two outfits. I would say that I’m most inspired by the 70’s because of that era’s ability to be soft and edgy at the same time. I also love the approachable vibe it gives off.

  72. While I do like some looks of the 70’s, I’m definitely more drawn to the simple styles of the 20’s and 30’s. I don’t like too much flair in my outfit- I like to keep it simple and not too feminine.

  73. I love the 40s, 60s, and 70s. On the one hand I love the ladylike glamour of the 40s and the 70s, but I also love the shorter hemlines of the 60s.

  74. The 60s evoke elegance, grace, and timeless glamour that really sets the tone for me this fall. Prim, proper, and pretty!

  75. It’s hard to choose between these eras but my mood today is leaning more towards the 70s. Casually edgy. Loud colors and prints. Fashion and music intertwined beautifully during this time.

  76. Loving the inspiration from the 60s, especially with a bit of the mod look mixed in!

  77. I would have to say the 1910s/1920s walk the perfect line between easy/carefree and elegant. Yet, I feel it is the hardest era to subtle imply without looking like costume.

  78. Wow. Both eras were so inspiring–especially for women. I guess I’ll say the 60’s because that’s when women’s rights became such an important mainstream issue and the term “feminism” was born. So go 60s!
    I love the Karmen Shirt, Hayden Skirt, and Amanda Clutch.

  79. Looks like I’m with the majority in saying ’50s inspires me the most, but some of the classic looks of the ’70s are a close second. This collection is *beautiful.*

  80. Jackie Kennedy is my ultimate style icon so I would have to say I am most inspired by the 60’s

  81. I agree about the 20’s. I feel that the clean lines were just so lady like but still refined. Everyone looked so pulled together. Great giveaway!

  82. I love the 50’s and 60’s. The styles from Mad Men and An Education are my absolute favorite. I would love to wear either of these outfits!

  83. I think I’d go with the 60s. I like the silhouettes of that era better. And though I have a hard time pulling it off without looking childish, I love the mod style.

  84. The 70’s are too dreamy… Bianca Jagger, YSL Le Smoking, Ali Macgraw. Club Monaco, help me with that laid-back glam style!

  85. That trench is perfection. I wore a pair of Club jeans circa 2002 yesterday- their stuff is timeless!

  86. If I look to my closet, the 60s definitely inspires what I wear. Cropped skinny pants are great for showing off shoes, and loose mini dresses are so easy to just throw on and look polished!

  87. I at times crave the preppy look of the 1980s, but then I adore and crave the high glamour of the 1930s-1960s. I’m so excited Club Monaco was inspired by 1960s London! What an exciting time that was! I would love to have been driven around in Paul McCartney’s Aston Martin through the streets of London! Swoon.

  88. I’m smitten with the 60s…not only for its silhouettes and daring new fashion trends, but for its significance in social and political progress (Hello JFK and MLK Jr!). This collection is a beautiful way to celebrate an era.

  89. I love the graphic prints, mini skirts, black and white shifts, and twiggy-esque styles of the 60s. The rock and roll scene emerging from Liverpool and the grit of the British invasion created such memorable and distinct snapshots of that era.

  90. I’m going to go with the 70s because I just bought an amazing pair of dark denim flares that look great with a flowy top and wedges! Would love to add a little more Club Monaco to my wardrobe, too… πŸ™‚

  91. I think I’d have to go with the more flower child hippie 70’s era. I think perhaps just for the long wavy hair, daisy chains, and patches on bell bottoms.

  92. Absolutely lovely! I am in love with the 70’s era, the simplicity and effortlessness is dreamy. Both outfits are amazing! But i would have to lean towards the Jane Trench and Tamsin Dress, oh so beautiful and flowy.

  93. I never thought I was a fan of the 70’s, but I’m loving the simplicity, structure and touch of feminity in these 70’s inspired outfits!

  94. The fashion of the 70s is most inspiring to me. I love how relaxed and comfortable the clothes are cut, especially in this collection, and I am a huge fan of the warm color palette.

  95. I love the first outfit!!! I too am inspired by the looks of the 70s right now. I just absolutely love the ease and comfort and feminity of that decade. What a great fall collection from Club Monaco!

  96. I’m inspired most by the 60’s; late preferably because a 60’s styled skirt paired with a flowing 70’s inspired top would be the perfect outfit and perfect mix of two amazing eras!

  97. 70s without thinking, flowy and carefree just like the way I like to live & love. That clutch in no1# is beautiful. I see a purchase coming on.

  98. I am a 60’s girl all the way! I love everything from the polished make-up to the mod silhouettes and just the whole progressive, free spirit feel that the styles evoke! So of course I adore Club Monaco’s new collection! πŸ™‚

  99. I think I am most inspired by the 70’s – I cannot get enough of long flowy silhouettes (and my long loose curls fit with that decade well, too).
    Much love,

  100. Maybe it’s because _Midnight in Pari_s is still fresh in my mind (and because I read _A Moveable Feast_ right after seeing MiP), but I’m really nostalgic for the 20’s these days.

  101. i’m in love with the 70’s. growing up, i got to rifle through my grandmother’s classic 70’s wardrobe reminiscent of jackie kennedy. now that i’m in my 20’s, she’s slowing gifting it to me piece by piece. it’d be wonderful to win a modern take on her classic wardrobe

  102. Absolutely inspired by the 60’s– gorgeous silhouettes, bouncy hair-dos, and fabulous hats.

  103. Love 60s and 70s! Depends on my mood–clean and polished for work or more casual and interesting shapes for fun!
    I’ve always liked Club Monaco… love the new collection.
    Thank you!

  104. Personally, I can’t get enough of the 1940s/50s era styling…the classic silhouettes do good things for my body πŸ™‚ I’m definitely loving these Club Monaco outfits, though. The trench coat is killer!

  105. I’ve always loved the 70s … the colors and styles are so much fun! But I think styles from the 50s and 60s are more flattering on my body πŸ™‚

  106. Oh so inspired by the seventies. Makes me long for a road trip to Cali and long flowing hair… These pieces are all perfection!

  107. It depends on my mood, I range from the feminine pieces in the 40s, to the structured classic looks of the 50s and 60s, to the flowy dresses of the 70s.

  108. I would have to say the 60s. I even have the “Betty Draper” haircut. It elevates every outfit!

  109. Love the new collection! I’ve always been partial to late 60s, early 70s looks. There’s also some styles from the 20s, 30s and 40s that appeal to me.

  110. I love the 50’s for the lady-like shapes, the girly vibes, and the pearls! What a great giveaway, I love both outfits. Thanks Joy!

  111. The 50’s. Such feminine silhouettes that really celebrate the beauty of all body types. I also love the patterns and the way they accessorized with hait, gloves, and jewelry.

  112. 40s and 50s certainly when women were starting to come into their own and getting jobs. The era has also great fashion. I also love the fashion of the 20s! Flapper dresses! It also inevitably makes me think of the Great Gatsby and lavish parties.

  113. The 60’s were such an explosion in terms of color, silhouette and cut after the somewhat restrained and sedate 50’s – I feel like for just the incredible leap across sartorial boundaries that the 60’s would be my favorite. They seemed to represent in clothing the changing shape of attitudes, lives, art and style across two decades.

  114. Love seeing a little London 70s rock and roll. Such a welcome relief from the 80s revival! (#1)

  115. Wow! Gorgeous collection.
    It’s hard to choose just one era, but I love love the early 60s. Glamorous but not over the top.

  116. I love any vintage style from different eras. My favorite has to be the pencil skirts because you can go casual and look like an work outfit. My favorite has to be the jackets, they are so lovely during Fall and keeps you all cozy and make you look very classy around college campus.
    These outfits will be added to my closet for this upcoming semester! Please support the college student in debt!

  117. I love to mix and match the best from all different eras!
    The trench above is to die for!

  118. Generally, I go for more of a 40s look, but given the choice, I love the tailored looks of the 60s. That first outfit is beautiful.

  119. HI! Thanks for doing the contest! I love the 70s style right now. Relaxed and easy but still very put together.

  120. I love the flow-y style of the first one (70’s?!)rather than the more structured of the second style, that look to me evokes confidence and beauty.

  121. Loving 60’s inspired fashions, they are sophisticated and feminine. Sexy without being trashy. Love it!

  122. I’m a lover of both eras! I love the feminine lines and silhouettes of the 60s, but it’s always fun to throw in a bit of 70’s flair.

  123. I am a 60s girl. Love the clean lines and timeless accessories. I’m currently rocking the Jackie O sunglasses, who doesn’t view her as a style inspiration?

  124. I like the creativity that came out in the 30s. Wartime forced women to remake mens clothes into something for themselves. The mix of masculine and feminine is something I appreciate.

  125. I like the relaxed and ethereal feel of the 70s and this line is just perfect. Would love to win the first look!

  126. I love love LOVE the clothes of the 50’s. If I could show up to work in a poodle skirt, cardigan and saddle shoes I would be in heaven.

  127. I’m always inspired by the style of the 70’s. The color palette and silhouette of that era are simply lasting.
    I love the second set of outfit. The feminine yet edge overcoat compliments the dress very well.

  128. I love Club Monaco, it is the only store I shop it!!! I love that Club Monaco is bringing back the 70’s…
    Highwaisted bell bottom jeans, sequins, leather & fur!!! Love, love, love it!

  129. usually, i would say the 20s/30s, but if i have to choose between 60s and 70s, i’d have to say the 60s…. 70s are still a little too close for comfort for me πŸ™‚

  130. I love the 20’s and 30’s the roaring 20’s was so iconic for fashion. I think this era was the epitome of class and elegance. It was when women started to be more expressive with their personal style and incorporate menswear inspired pieces.

  131. I love the 70’s. I love the colors, the drape, the comfortable sophistication of that decade. I also love remembering my mom in some very similar ensembles! -Thanks, Renee

  132. 60s inspires me more! Still a bit romantic, but moving toward mod. Gosh I love these looks, especially the first one.

  133. I am inspired by 20s for sure. The flapper was born! A new kind of women who after WWI was not ready to accept the social norms of the previous decades. And I love that first outfit, it’s kind of flapperish πŸ™‚

  134. Definitely the 60’s – the silhouettes are a lot softer and more feminine, which I love. Those silhouettes are classics!

  135. I’d have to go with the 50s, because everything was tailored and fit was important. Also,the 70s for freedom to wear whatever you wanted

  136. I am most inspired by the second outfit as it looks great with the socks thrown in! The trench coat and the socks add together makes the outfit chic and classy.

  137. I tend to dress a bit mod at times- there’s something elegant about the 50’s and 60’s that is so striking to me. I will say, though, that Club Monaco is making me take a second look at the 70’s for inspiration in my own work, though!

  138. I love the 70s! Totally anything goes, filled with so many completely new looks. Afros, bellbottoms, bohemian, macrame, huge collars… I could go on all day.

  139. Love the sophisticated, yet artsy flair of the 70s and most importantly, I love love LOVE Club Monaco!!

  140. I base almost everything I buy on the 1940’s and 1950’s. I can’t help but fall in love with conservative femininity. I think showing less is sexier and more empowering.
    The Club Monaco line has embraced fluid motion with light and airy fabrics. Great for the working woman and a fall island trip!

  141. While I love the look of 60s wear I never feel like I can pull it off well, more casual and flowy 70s tend to work better for me. However, I love both!

  142. For me is the 60s. Brigitte Bardot, Jacqueline Kennedy… Such an elegant and glamorous decade for the fashion world… From the introduction of the miniskirt to the Beatles… Love the 60s fashion.

  143. i would pick the 20’s – that era embraced drop waists, sheers, and pleats. plus i have an extremely long torso so those drop waists are perfect for me!

  144. The 60s are most inspiring to me because it was an opportunity for women to look fashionable without looking formal. It was a push from the traditional looks of the 50s into a more innovative style. And who can turn down a mini skirt?

  145. I love the 60s for the shapes and patterns and overall fit. My most favorite looks come from the 40s, but I’m an equal opportunity person when it comes to fashion eras — take the best from each!

  146. beautiful clothes!! i’m definitely inspired by the 70’s right now….beautiful flowy shirts tucked in to high waisted pants. super easy to wear and looks effortlessly chic!

  147. i love the 60s (leading into the 70s) era, when the dresses were playful yet classy – even the accessories that accompanied the simple chic silhouettes as well as the simplicity of hair and makeup.
    i love the first look.

  148. I love the 70’s for both the glam disco and the free-spirited boho looks that the era gave us. They are both so fun to play around with.

  149. During the fall I tend to dress a little more on the 70s era side. It’s the season I embrace the most! I don’t have long (or lean) legs so I’m mostly sporting flare trousers and a silky top with a huge sparkly necklace. Its funky but still works for my office casual environment.
    I would choose the second outfit for my upcoming fall engagement session. Those shoes completely make that outfit!

  150. Love the 70’s…so utterly cool and romantic in a Boho sort of way. This collection from Club Monaco really brings the era to a new life!

  151. The 60s will always be my favorite for their mod fashion and the invention of the mini skirt!

  152. I love the 70’s! Can you imagine standing in your closet in the 70’s trying to decide what to wear to work or to fondu with friends, all of the lovely colors and open shapes- what a great decade to have a closet full of designer clothes!

  153. Definitely more of the 70s these days – but only a modern interpretation of the styles. Love these looks

  154. I would have to say the 70s. I watched the Shining the other weekend and the clothing reminded me so much of Club Monaco’s lookbook. Bang on what I want to wear this fall.

  155. I really love the 60s, with all the bold colors, optical patterns, and flattering silhouettes!

  156. The 60’s, for its combination of the polished 50’s and the beginnings of the free-flowing 70’s. This is when things started to get really interesting…

  157. I always loved the classic era of 70s and 60s. Always shop at CM and RL because of that. Owned three trench coats from CM, and still would love to have the grey one up there. Both of the outfits are lovely, would love to have any of them.

  158. I would say the 50’s and 60’s, since the clothing really enhanced femininity. It was good to be ladylike!

  159. Jane Trench and Tamsin Dress…for me all the way. All eras inspire me, fashion has a way of repeating itself. πŸ™‚

  160. i love the silhouettes and tailoring of the 60’s. they bring out both the strength and grace of women at once!
    the teens and early twenties i also love. feminine with a touch of boyish. i love a little tension in a style. it creates a certain mystique.
    nadine set is lovely! here’s to hoping, thanks!!

  161. It’s hard to choose. For casualwear, I love the boho glam of the 70s, for formalwear the feminine shapes of the 50s and for sheer eye candy, the fringe and flair of the 20s.

  162. Probably the sixties, because it’s clean and structured but really fun. Or maybe just because I love a good micro-mini skirt and wish I could wear winged eyeliner everyday….

  163. I completely envy both- but the classic, feminine looks in the 60s are timeless and the colors and styling are just perfect. I will also blame my MadMen obsession for this!

  164. After seeing The Help, I’m really inspired by the housewife style of the 50’s and 60’s. Although it’s unconventional for our current lifestyle, I would love to wear colorful, floral dresses with gloves each day. How classy!

  165. I adore the first outfit! I’d go with early 1960’s – so the elegance of Jacqueline Kennedy, before miniskirts came in…unless I get new legs to go along with my decade of choice!

  166. I’m definitely a 70’s girl! Love the loose flow of the clothes, yet they always look tailored and put together. So happy 70’s fashion is making a modern day come back. That trench is beautiful and classic.

  167. I’m most inspired by the 70’s era. I LOVE the flowy solid/pattern looks. All the layers. So sexy and chic.

  168. The late 1950’s throughout 1960’s really inspire and speak to me, so I think I’d choose that second option! In this era, sophistication and etiquette still had such clear meaning, while counterculture and social revolution played out their beginnings. Style icons that pop into mind like Bardot, Hepburn, French Nouvelle Vague film stars, and Jackie-O still seem ephemeral. And I love the modern day presence of designers from years past (Ferragamo, Vivier, Quant, CourrΓ¨ges, Cardin, ect) on the runway and on the streets. Yes, long live the 50’s-60’s!

  169. I think it *is* hard to pick one era, I often find inspiration from many different ones. To choose just one, I would have to say 60’s.
    Would love to win that trench coat and the dress!
    Thank you!

  170. I’m drawn to the 60s ‘mad men’ style and I’m having fun integrating this style of clothing into my work wardrobe. The rock and roll adds a bit of edge to my wardrobe as well.

  171. I love the fluid, unstructured styles from the 70s (…not to mention the early 70s is when DVF’s wrap dress first appeared! :]) but I also love me some sharply tailored looks (total opposites, right?!). The second of the two looks is perfect for me! A sheer, flowy dress and a classic trenchcoat. J’adore!

  172. Definitely the 1960s… the beautiful, feminine lines with just a bit of a twist. You can almost feel the change that is immanent in the close of the decade. Love.

  173. I love the sixties because of the elegance and the confidence that was starting to show through. Refined yet stronger than before.

  174. I always need inspiration when I need to dress up, so the 60’s rock vibe is a great way to up my style without straying from my normal style. Thanks for the giveaway!

  175. I’m most inspired by the 70s because I’m reminded of the photos of my Mom around the time she graduated from college and got married. She was kind of a pioneer in her family, the only kid to go to college, and I just love looking at those pictures of her. She looked free and brave and she wore the most adorable platforms and flared jeans and feathery soft hair.

  176. I’m completely inspired by the aesthetics of the 70’s and so glad it has surfaced again in the fashion cycle – good things come to those who wait! To me 70’s design embodies a wonderful freedom and creativity. Such a wonderful menage of imagery – pre-rafaelite locks, early punk rock, maxi dresses, Halston and so much more. Above all, I think of all those beautiful pictures my friends and I have of our mothers holding us babies in beautiful peasant blouses!

  177. I love the 1960’s and 1970’s and lately am a little obsessed with the 1920’s too! I know Mad Men has inspired a whole revisit of the 1960’s but I love that Club Monaco is the European interpretation of fashion in that era! Oh pick me, I love both outfits!! xo

  178. The 60’s because it had the sexiest outfits for a classy downtown life. LOVE the Tamsin Dress!

  179. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  180. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  181. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  182. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  183. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  184. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  185. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  186. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  187. I am a huge fan of the 60’s & 70’s American Folk/Bohemian style. Being a textile artist, I am enamored of the ways in which fabrics from all over the globe were utilized in shoes, bags, dresses, belts, etc.
    The fact that nothing was off limits color & texture-wise made for a lush & whimsical self expression.

  188. I love the early 60’s!
    Women’s clothing was still very flattering, but changing into more modern and sleek silhouettes.

  189. the 70s have the free-spirited aura of the 60s, but slightly more refined, i think. thanks for this great giveaway!

  190. I know most people hated the 80s but I’m a big fan of it and still find it inspiring! I love how fun it was and all the bright colors!

  191. I love how the 70s clothes look comfortable and relaxed, but polished, which is totally the style that I’m striving for!

  192. I love the 50-60’s. Full womanly dresses as seen on Mad Men, I would wear a different one everyday!

  193. love love LOVE Club Monaco!!! I especially love the 70s… reminds me of early photos I saw of my mom when she was in her late teens/ early twenties… wish she kept some of her clothes, especially her bags/purses. Too bad I can’t fit into her shoes!

  194. Love Club Monaco!! I would say that I am most inspired by the 70s, the soft shapes and natural looking hair and makeup always ring true to me.

  195. With my house glass figure, I’m a 50s girl! I sometimes feel that modern clothes don’t always suit my bodyshape, making me look frumpy. When I find dresses from that era, they always fit me perfectly.

  196. def the 70s, as a furniture design. laid back bohemian…… lots of brass, natural woods, textures and muted colors. i love club monaco’s new collection and esp the long white elvie dress. it’s one of those dresses that you just put on and go….needs nothing to look great.

  197. Right now I am all about 1950’s when it comes to my work wardrobe–so very madmen and loving it. AND I love Club Mon I WISH they would open a store in Denver. I am going to Miami next week and this will be my FIRST stop!! xo

  198. Definitely the 50s- waist definition, full skirts, and feminine details are a huge part of my personal style. Although I love that in this day and age you can pull from styles all over the place.

  199. I love the second outfit! πŸ™‚ Awesome!
    What inspires me… mmm…Even though I currently am rocking an 80s My Little Pony shirt, I think I’d say the 50s… even before Mad Men, I loved wearing pencil skirts…

  200. I gravitate toward the 60s. My grandmother was in her 20’s and 30’s during this decade, and I love looking at pictures of her back then.

  201. 70s. I’m sorta tiny, so giant wooden platform clogs and long flowy jeans help me in a big way. I think that first look could be super with some giant cognac-colored platforms. Or that top with some bell bottoms and a huge belt? UH, yeah.

  202. I love the 60s but the early part of the era with the straight lines. I would love a chance to win the trench coat, since I’ve been looking for one.

  203. the 70s were a great era! style seemed to become more experimental and lots of great color palettes and patterns were produced.

  204. 60s because the clothing is so tailored and beautiful! What an awesome giveaway!
    LOVE that trenchcoat!

  205. Both are lovely..but the 60’s definitely has that romantic, soft, yet very much alive ambiance. the aroma and mood of those times seemed kinda classy, natural, a bit subtle, and go-with-the flow-beautiful. Just like that first dress picture by Club Monoaco, to wear anywhere dressed up or down – though you’re bound to look great either way.

  206. Honestly, I’d have to say the 20’s and 30’s. I recently saw ‘Midnight In Paris’ and absolutely adored the costume design. In terms of the 70’s– how could I not love the styles my Mom wore when I was growing up. I think of it as an everlasting fall- warm earth tones, soft denim and drapey blouses. Sign me up!

  207. I would have to choose the current era. Lame, I know, but the 2000’s are such a hodgepodge of previous eras that it makes for intriguing reinterpretations and combinations.

  208. i’m smitten with the 50s – i’ve got the kind of curves that need well-formed, super-structured clothes to look fancy. and i LOVE looking fancy!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  209. The 70s have always truly inspired me. I love the carefree musically influenced lifestyle as is captured in each of these classy outfits. I would ‘rock’ anything from Club Monaco!

  210. I’m really loving the 70s. It’s been wonderful digging through clothing my mother kept from her college days.

  211. wow how lovely. the 50’s inspire me, the happy colors, the conservative and preppy necklines and coverage… also the architecture (mainly) the big huge windows and sometimes garish decor that is actually funky and great. I could go on and on. Doris Day inspires me as well.. it’s a mix of simplicity and glam. ADORE. Thanks!

  212. I love both, but would go with the flowy, relaxed yet elegant look of the 70s inspiration. LOVE the print in that dress!!

  213. I’m a late 60’s- early 70’s girl myself. I loved the transition from the tailored Jackie-O look to more flowy and romantic shapes. Love rocking the long skirt and stacked heeled boots!

  214. Which era inspires me the most? Between the 60s and 70s I’d have to pick the 60s. I love Mod, and the early Beatles look. Breaking out of the restrictive 50s conservative styles but before the lazy, grungy 70s style. Dare I say Mad Men?

  215. That second outfit is me all over. Love the yellow dreamy dress and that sharp trench. Ouch, so cool! I’d say 60s style inspires me most.

  216. I just love the 70s, the natural makeup and hair with the relaxed boho vibe is perfect! And who doesn’t love a touch of Studio 54?

  217. I love the 60s because the shapes are ladylike and pretty but becoming more fun, lively, and exciting than 50s fashion. I love that Tamsin dress!

  218. I love the 60’s! The classic silhouettes and effortless chicness need to be apart of every woman’s wardrobe!

  219. I also go for the graphic prints, mod black and whites, and shift dresses of the 60’s! Love love the British invasion and all things Twiggy-esque!

  220. I love the second outfit. The 1920s are nothing but inspiration for me. Those women were so glamorous!

  221. I love the ease of the 70’s collection. Since I have a 2yr old and a 12 week old the word “ease” is necessity.

  222. I’m going to have to go with the 60s just because I’ve been a fan of the 70s for so long, I think it’s time for a change and am kinda boho’d out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  223. I love the silhouettes and romantic feeling from the 20s and 30s but I’ve got more of a 50s sort of body.

  224. What a dreamy sexy dress! My husband (we just got married) would drool. Like I am now.

  225. Definitely the 60s… The clean cuts and simple geometric shapes of that era always look so fresh!

  226. definitely love the 60s because of the clean classic lines. also, the 60s marked the dawn of the miniskirt and the minidress!!!
    club monaco’s new collection looks great. would love to win.

  227. I love the 50s and 60s, flirty skirts and crisp necklines. I like to dress with a hint of 80s grunge when I go out dancing, dangly ear rings and tight pants.

  228. I am totally inspired by the 70’s, especially when it comes to accessorizing. I love a funky scarf, or a bunch of fringe to punch up an outfit. I really adore the second outfit here, the trench is uh-maze-ing!

  229. I think the mid to late 60’s is the best. I like the clean lines and the beginning of bell bottoms. fingers crossed and thanks for the giveaway, L.

  230. I’ve been obsessively watching Mad Men and love the fashion of the 60s. Recreating the looks with these beautiful pieces would be divine!

  231. lovin’ the 60s right now. i guess it’s from watching all those Mad Men episodes. Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. I love the 70’s! That second outfit is amazing – I have been looking for a trench just like that.

  233. I love the early 80’s preppy look. It has men’s clothes with feminine tailoring (oxford button-ups, blazers, etc.)β€”I feel most comfortable in a mix and match like that.

  234. Everyday is a brand new and any look goes!
    But normally I strive for a understated glam look inspired by 20’s and 60’s.

  235. I love the feel of the 70s. Once upon a time I had a perfect pair of Calvin Klein jeans that had a high waist and flared out in a wonderfully 70s feel. Too bad I’m no longer a size 0, because I would still be wearing them today!

  236. I am most inspired by the 60’s (although it is so hard to choose just one era) but the sixties have that perfect mix of girlie flowey outfits and tailored masculine clothes. A great balance

  237. im not going to even front, i love the 80’s!! im a total sucker for nipped waists, with huge shoulders and tapered pants!

  238. I definitely prefer the 60’s inspiration and love the #2 outfit – that trench is delicious! However the backless, 70s-inspired full-length dress in the new collection is kinda to-die-for. And I love the lighting design for the whole profile.

  239. The 60s had such great silhouettes. But 70s are more laidback, which I like. Depends on my mood! Love that second outfit – the dress & trench. Really classic.

  240. I love the late 60s, early 70s simplistic look. Tank tops and full skirts with a great pair of wedges. I love fall line from Club Monaco!

  241. I love the Doreena dress! Its a piece that is so versitle. I can picture adding a belt to it or a really colorful scarf πŸ™‚ I also love that all the girls in the photos are wearing socks with their heels.

  242. I would have loved to live in LA’s Laurel Canyon with the musicians and artists of the 70’s

  243. Love everything mid-century feels retro but classic and feminine in a modern way. I love Club Monaco’s fall looks!

  244. Gotta love the 60’s for fashion inspiration, that decade was fabulous. Although I’d certainly toss in some feminine 20’s looks as well. Gorgeous!

  245. Love the Jane Trench and Tamsin dress! Firstly, that is one of the most perfect trenches I’ve ever seen, and I’ve been searching for a lovely one for years. And Tamsin just reminds me of a hilarious actress on a UK show called Black Books. Watch it. πŸ™‚

  246. I love the 60’s palm beach era (think Slim Aarons’ photos). Classic silhouettes with gorgeous colors.

  247. I’m mad about the 60’s! I love the hair, the music, the shape of the dresses – that women had an edge and were on the verge of freedom!

  248. The forties are my personal favorite, but right now I can’t get enough of that 60’s collegiate look!

  249. I love the laid back, rock and roll vibe of the seventies, hands down! I’m dying over that first outfit, though. I’d LOVE to win!!

  250. Definitely the 60s, especially in London! The allure of op art (and it all its fabulous patterns) is just too good to resist.

  251. -The 60’s…edie sedgwick, brigitte bardot-dark eyes, bleached hair, bombshells and the androgynous

  252. Even tho I wasn’t born in the decade, I’ve always been a child of the 60s. When I was younger I thought that to mean lots of hemp and homespun clothing but as I grew up I realized there was a whole nother side to the decade’s fashion.
    All that said, I’d go with #2 β€” Jane Trench and Tamsin Dress…

  253. I love the women’s fashions of the early 60’s (Mad Men!) – all the clothes they wore were so feminine and beautiful.

  254. I love the 60’s! The skirts and prints from that era are so amazing, but the 70’s lines in Club Monaco’s newest collection are so gorgeous as well.
    Thanks a bunch for the chance to win!

  255. I often find myself inspired by the 20’s, especially when it comes to accessories. There was a decadence and attention to detail that I truly appreciate.

  256. I find myself inspired by the 60s when I get dressed for work but always seem to go with a 70s vibe on the weekends.

  257. The 60s definitely inspire me the most, I am in love with all of the feminine details. Loving this Club Monaco collection!

  258. Ohh how do you choose?! One of my favorite fashion quotes is from Coco Chanel in the 60’s about mini skirts and how they are the “most absurd weapon woman has ever employed to seduce men.” Although I love both, Id say Im most inspired by the youth driven 60’s glamour! Club monaco nailed it…love the new line!

  259. i love the 40s and the 70s mainly because of the contrasts in style as well as the fact that my grandmother and mother wore the style of their respective decades so well

  260. love the 60’s mod look but can’t get enough of the laid back 70’s style for everyday. that trench coat is amazing!

  261. I love 60s and 70s inspired clothing–the juxtaposition of the flow-y fabrics with structured cuts is so feminine and beautiful. And I love the versatility of the looks, dressed up or down, you can’t go wrong.

  262. I love the 70’s influence in the lookbook. There is an eclectic, bohemian feel to some of the looks.

  263. I love both eras, but the ’60s are my absolute favorite for its classic silhouettes with great fit. I love a modern, elegant ’60s style dress – it’s my signature!

  264. These looks are both so fantastic, but I have always found the laid-back, natural 70s style to be irresistible. Love it.

  265. i am always inspired by the dresses of the 50s — the shapes of the era flatter my body best and are so feminine!

  266. I am currently inspired by 1930s and 40s menswear– i have been incorporating more long blazers, hats, pocket squres and prominent buttons into my wardrobe; I love playing around with masculine pieces and mixing them into more feminine outfits

  267. I’ve been watching Mad Men, recently… so I’m really digging the 60’s right now.

  268. I prefer the coat & dress … a little romance with a hint of reserve makes for a winning combo:)

  269. I’m pretty inspired by the ’30s. I love classic looks that are feminine yet comfortable. I love old-Hollywood glamour but am perfectly happy in a pair of boyfriend jeans and a loose blouse.

  270. Wow! The Club Monaco fall collection is awesome. Love the peasant blouses and maxi skirts from the last 60s/early 70s.

  271. I love the 70’s influence right now, as I was born then and remember it the first time around! I absolutely love the first dress, it has an ease and flow that is darling!

  272. I would say late ’30s – mid ’40s, or 1940 – 1954. In the ’30s and ’40s, a lot of it was just making do with what you have, which is more or less how most of my childhood (and now, ha haha) was. Things had simple, clean lines, and clothing had structure. I cannot express how much I dislike clothing with no structure – that second outfit is so lovely. Good trenches are few and far between!

  273. What a beautiful collection they have this season! I know where I’ll be doing my shopping for fall. I love the 70’s for it’s easier laid-back feel and find that it inspires my daytime looks. And the 50’s and 60’s is where I head for a dose of girly nighttime inspiration.

  274. hmmmm, I love a good mix of all, that way it seems fresh and modern and not dated, but if I had to choose I would say 60’s there is still something left over from the 50’s and you can feel some of the 70’s creeping in.

  275. For some reason, fall always reminds me of 70s fashion. The earthy colors, bell bottoms, macrame and cream lace. The 70s was also my parents’ fashion heyday — I love looking at their old photos and wedding album! πŸ™‚

  276. I have to admit that I don’t know my fashion eras. I do know I love soft, fluid, flattering lines and shapes. Love the new collection!

  277. Can i just have one of each? Gorgeous looks. Love CM!
    I think i’m really inspired by the 70’s-80’s because that’s when my mom was young and looking at all the amazing photos of her looking gorgeous when she was my age (and before). she’s such an inspiration to me.

  278. I love the colors and styles of the 60s…I’m always envying the fashion of the earlier eras. Both outfits are gorgeous though!

  279. I love the art deco style of the 1930s. The era’s use of linear geometry and ornament is the perfect combination and is inspirational to me as an architect and also in my style choices. My fiance gave me an antique engagement ring from the 30s and I’m in love with it!

  280. The 60’s only because the silhouettes really flatter my figure. I’d LOVE the second outfit!

  281. The 70’s – styles look effortless and remind me of old pictures of my mom. Both outfits are great!

  282. The music of the 60s was (and still is) amazing and so was the 60s silhouette. I also love the colours and the fabrics of that era.

  283. I love the 20s-40s. I have a very heart-shaped face, which was a lot more “in” then than it is now. I love how feminine much of the clothing was.

  284. I love the laid-back, carefree, come-as-you-are feel of the 60s, and it certainly helps that some of the best bands ever started then!

  285. I’m totally inspired by the feminine “mad men” style of the 1960’s. And you really can’t argue with the much shorter hemlines, meow!

  286. So funny – we are actually having a 60s-themed party in a couple of weeks, so I have to say 60s. The clothes there are SO beautiful, though, they really do defy the “60s” “70s” etc. labels!

  287. Ohhh, look #2 with that trench coat is spectacular.
    I’m a child of the 70s – so I lived it, but didn’t get to really experience the disco part of it… I plan on stealing a bit of that vibe this season – as a grown up. πŸ™‚

  288. I love the 50s for the classic feminine flair. I love both of those outfits, but really love a coat, so I think I’d go for # 2!

  289. I’m not particularly proud to admit this, but my closet is full of clothing that seems pretty ’90s-floral baby doll dresses are just the tip of the iceberg!

  290. I’m going to go with the 60’s for now. We’ve just finished a Mad Men marathon, which is probably fueling my decision. love those ultra feminine dresses!

  291. The 60s, especially Audrey Hepburn in Two For The Road. Classic and modern at the same time, unfussy.

  292. Between the 60s and 70s London rock scene, I’d have to go with the 60s because there was a bit more innocence in the fashion. Overall, I’d have to say fashions from the 20s to 50s for more all-American styles and feminine menswear. Great classics. (Let’s just say I wear a lot of JCrew.)

  293. Outfit #2 is lovely! I think it totally pulls of the beauty of the 50s which was that you could really looked pulled together and still feminine in masculine pieces such as a trench! Thanks, Joy!

  294. The 70’s because the styles feel so personal after seeing so many pictures of my parents during that time, and how young and stylish they looked!

  295. The outfits are so gorgeous and flattering! I am inspired by the casual yet feminine styles of the 70s. I love the earthy tones and playful mix of materials and textures in their lookbook. Lovely!

  296. After watching a documentary on Woodstock, I’m a 60’s girl at heart, but a product of the 80’s. I’d be the girl running around with a white tank (probably sans-bra), big floppy hat, no shoes and bell bottoms of course.
    The Club Monaco collection is absolutely gorgeous. Fall is going to be stylish.

  297. Love Club Monaco, and love the new collection! I definitely like the mix of both 60’s and 70’s in a wardrobe, but that second outfit is beautiful!

  298. I LOVE the trench!!! Late 50’s-early sixties- I love the combination of cut, color and pattern from that period. And the hair- oh, the hair!

  299. Really love the tamsin dress in the second outfit picture. I would have to say I love the 70s with the chiffon blouses and high waisted trousers. But most of all for the music scene.

  300. It’s a tough decision, but I’ll have to go with the 60s. You can’t beat the fashion a la Jackie O.

  301. I love this era because it was the time when my mother was young, carefree, and wore bright print dresses and wore hip jackets. It is the era before she became a frugal mother and stopped buying beautiful clothes for her.

  302. Definitely the 60s! So much fun, less stuffy than the 50’s and a little more structured than the 70’s.
    I love this collection by CM and am in love with outfit #1 – I’m surprised to learn that it’s actually a top and a skirt – but it’s definitely one I want in my closet!

  303. Personally, I find the 20’s such a glamorous time period. But how can you choose just one? I’ve been loving club monaco’s newest collection ever since it came out.
    The second outfit is so fabulous!

  304. ohmygoodness!!
    though both looks have been put together seamlessly, i think that the second look is much more interesting – pairing light, gauzy fabrics with classic utilitarian pieces, like the timeless trench, or metallic heels (!!) gives an outfit true edge and personality.
    i love how club monaco continues to keep their outfits full of class and character. mmm… i love the figure-flattering style of the 60’s; cocktail dresses of that era are works of art. but the 70’s had a casual style that club monaco seems to work well with – they know how to work a silhouette!
    so lovely!! <3

  305. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  306. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  307. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  308. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  309. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  310. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  311. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  312. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  313. Oh it’s too hard to decide! My mom was a teen in the 70s so I think it’d be fun to play dress up from that era :o)

  314. Oh! I am in love! The second outfit is to die for! I really like the 70’s right now- flared jeans, floppy hats; what’s not to love? Thanks for the giveaway!

  315. I am really a hybrid of the 1940’s and the 1960’s, I love the structured clothing, gloves, hats, red lipstick, amazing hairstyles, men in fedoras. People just don’t dress up like that anymore. I love the 1960’s because they were so fun and bright and carefree and a lot of great style icons were born ie Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Shrimpton. Both of these decades make me wonder if I was born in the wrong era.

  316. I would say the beauty and feminity of the 60’s. Both outfits are so lovely! What a great giveaway!

  317. The 70’s have always inspired me because of all the crazy, unique, and sometimes quirky, handcrafted styles. I love looking at all the DIY stuff that was popular back then, and want to wear it now!
    Their new collection is beautiful; I am especially loving the second photo, with the lovely flowing lines of the dress contrasted with the structured jacket.
    Thanks for the fun contest!

  318. 60s because it was so transitional. It began with very ladylike, tailored pieces, ventured into mod territory, and then ended with the loose, free-spirited vibe that set the tone for the whole of the 70s!

  319. The 60’s do it for me. Though the 10’s into 20’s was also really beautiful. Oh the amelia border jacket is another kind of divinty. difficult to make someone choose.

  320. I’d have to say the seventies–the early seventies, when it was all about organic, handmade, laid-back earthiness but with a little structure hiding beneath all that breeziness and blonde waves. Gorgeous outfits (I’m dying for that trench!) and great giveaway!

  321. The 60s for sure. There was so much diversity! I love the fact that the 60s debuted both the audacious bikini and the demure pill box hat. I think of mods in skinny jeans and hippies in psychedelic tunics.

  322. I love the 60s minidress. I’m not so well endowed on the top, but like my legs, so minidresses are my summer thing!

  323. 1960s !! I never get tired of looking at images of wild eye makeup, big hair and bigger earrings .

  324. definitely the roaring 20s for its cultural and artistic energy β€” jazz, art deco, speakeasies, hemingway, fitzgerald!

  325. i’m loving the new collection. definitely the 70’s for the long silhouette and romantic ambiance.

  326. I never thought I’d say this but I am craving me some 70’s cuts right now! Oh please, Elvie dress, won’t you be mine? The 70’s styles feel fresh again, vibrant and just down right cool.

  327. I love the 60s – classic tailored shapes segueing into new influences in youth culture and social revolution with more casual atttudes, daring hemlines, and bright colors.

  328. I’m definitely most inspired by the ’50s and ’60s! I have a very curvy figure, and I’ve found the fitted waists and flared skirts from that time period to be incredibly flattering.

  329. I;ve been watching Mad Men repeats on Netflix Instant all summer so I’d have to say the 60s

  330. Love that skirt/shirt & clutch combo! It looks comfortable and effortless, but ultra glamorous.
    Choosing an era is so hard! I think maybe the 30s & 40s could be my favorite, because there were nice tailoring details and strong lines, but not as elaborate as some earlier eras and not as “puffy” as the 50s & early 60s!

  331. The era which inspires me most is… the one which we are in right now! I feel like people are so open minded about modernizing the best aspects of the past fashion eras into something very personal. I wouldn’t ever want to be somewhere else than where I am right now.. except maybe in that trenchcoat πŸ™‚

  332. I love the silhouettes from the 50s. Everyone was just so classy and feminine. Plus, I’m a sucker for all things high waisted (except maybe those 90s faded mom jeans).

  333. Remember the way you felt when you first watched Singles–the loose fitting floral dresses seemed so chic, so “big city!” And then a few years later, Clueless swept right in with vibrant plaids and . . . do you recall the satin blouses? I remember my first satin blouse, I was only in high school at the time, but it was so rich, so luxe, and it made me feel so sophisticated.
    Sure in some ways the 90s were a beautifully random mash-up of grunge and Mary Janes, shiny button downs and pencil skirts, layered sweaters and blazers with mini skirts. But thinking back, wasn’t that such a great time to grow up–to play dress up, and to just barely begin to define your style? I really think it was.

  334. I love the 60s because there is still the refined tailoring plus the new expression of freedom and women’s rights. I would love #2!

  335. The Shawn sweater and Gwen skirt. That is the perfected stripped sweater for fall and I just love their skirts!

  336. oh! I love the 60’s and 70’s!! The classic lines and great style! And that trench coat is the loveliest thing I’ve ever seen!

  337. i’ll always be a breezy 70s girl at heart. i love the way club monaco’s modernized the prints & shapes!

  338. i’m pretty darn obsessed with any and all things 70s-related now. especially my high-waisted, wide-legged, bell-bottom-y blue jeans. can’t really blame me after that description, now can ya?! πŸ˜‰

  339. I absolutely love the influence of the 70’s because of the lines but also because of the flow and comfort of the pieces. I could wear them all the time!

  340. #1 and the era that most inspires me is this one, the present. It’s great to be able to draw inspiration from so many different eras at the same time, break the “rules” and mix and match patterns, day-to-evening wear and seasonal staples. I’ve filled my closet with classics: shift dresses, pumps, black and white — but love adding in a fascinator, a mini dress, funky bell-bottoms, and a few comfortable full skirts too.

  341. I adore Club Monaco and these two outfits are gorgeous. I love the idea of London in the 60s~ The Beatles, Soho, Mary Quant, minis. These outfits are feminine and modern but with a nod to the 60s. Love them!

  342. I get inspired mostly by the ’60s because there were so many breakthroughs in that era, and many of the mod fashions had a sharpness to them. But I also like the ’40s and ’50s for their elegant dress silhouettes! I love clothes that carry a sense of structure!

  343. Hard to choose, both eras had their charm! The 60’s were more refined, and the 70’s more laid back…I like mixing both, guess that’s why I’m loving everything at Club Monaco right now!

  344. Ah the 70’s…bell bottom jeans and flowing tops. All those great scarf skirts, boots and wide belts. How I longed to look like Stevie Nicks.

  345. I often wear my mum’s old clothes from the 70s. I particularly love her light mustard skirt with white polka dots and her black shirt with lace.
    I also really love the turn of the century until the 20s, though. IΒ΄m in love with the whole dandy-esque and laid back classiness of that era.

  346. I love the feminine looks from the 30s and 40s… complete with red lips and nails, hats, and gloves. But both these looks in the contest have me rethinking the 70s!!

  347. My favorite style era would have to be the 60s and 70s. You know they were doing it right when styles keep popping back in style today.

  348. Definitely the 60s, I love the put-togetherness of that era. People *dressed* then, you know?

  349. Since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by the 60s both for the style of the time as well as the various political and cultural movements. It seems like a time when people stood up for things they believed in (and looked good doing it) and I find that incredibly inspiring!

  350. The 1930’s are so inspiring, with the understated dresses and suits that reek of elegance when combined with those hairstyles and accessories, perfection.

  351. I have always had an affinity for the 70’s – mainly because that silhouette is the most flattering for my body type. Love the billowy boho blouses & high-waisted flare-leg pants & jeans!

  352. Oh the 70’s definitely — probably because I was lucky enough to come of age during that era and cut my style teeth on those lines and those drapes. The hipsters today have noticed & are doing a great job of incorporating those style points in updated pieces.

  353. I love the free-spiritedness represented by the 70’s look. As a busy mom, I’d LOVE that trench to make me look effortlessly polished! The Club Monaco ‘look book’ has me anxiously awaiting fall.

  354. The 50s are my favorite! Such s classy era with such beautiful style!

  355. I love the 70s for everyday wear. I would have to say I am influenced by the 80s when I bring color into my looks, but I am avoiding shoulder pads.

  356. I’m most inspired by the 1920’s. The timeless glamour and fashion of the flapper girls never fails to amaze me! Not to mention – The Great Gatsby is my favorite book of all time.

  357. the 70’s. the billowy blouses are appropriate year round and are flattering on so many people.

  358. The roaring twenties! B/c of what the changes in fashion signified: both freedom from the bondage of corsets and society’s rigid norms. I try to incorporate that bold mindset…

  359. i love the bohemian look of the 60’s and the pretty way the light fabrics flow. club monoco did a great job making these styles modern with the color pallet

  360. I’m most inspired by the 60s – there’s a classic elegance in the shapes of the clothing. There’s also a sort of smoky aesthetic in photography from the era that makes it feel magical and mysterious.

  361. Lately I’ve been most inspired by the relaxed style of the 70’s. When I moved from Wisconsin to New York City, my new friends called me Annie Hall. At first it was just a funny nickname, but I sort of grew into my role as Annie! I love her slouchy menswear inspired layers and big floppy hats. I mean, whose butt doesn’t look good in a worn in pair of high waisted bell bottoms?

  362. i’m totally into the 50’s-fitted bodices with big skirts, cute cardigans, etc. part of the appeal of ‘madmen’ for me is looking at all the clothes!

  363. I love things about both the 60s and 70s, but if I have to choose right now I would say the 70s, because of the loose, flowing style of dresses and tops. Love the new Club Monaco collection!

  364. who doesn’t love short shorts? going with the 60’s for their short dresses and big hair!

  365. 60s! there was such a strong pop culture and fashion influence – embracing the shorter hemline, simple relaxed silhouettes, and color block details – definitely a huge step forward in fashion that is inspiration to all of us today.

  366. Today’s woman inspires me the most — we can be anything and wear anything – picking and choosing from the best of past generations.

  367. I adore the sixties for the colours and the gorgeous shapes that it provides for any shape of any girl!

  368. I have to say I like the color palette of the 60s better, but find the longer lengths of the 70s to be more flattering. No 70s polyester though!

  369. Love, love, love London rock ‘n roll! Sometimes I don’t feel like I have quite enough edge to pull it off, it’s super empowering and fun.

  370. I’d have to say 60s. I really like look #2. It looks like it took the classic noir-ish silhouettes of the 30s and re-imagined it with 60s hemlines and subtle flair.

  371. I love the first dress, the exposed shoulder was so risque at the time! The prints of the 60’s and 70’s with new modern twists are so inspiring!

  372. Love the girly dresses of the 50’s and 60s! Plus love the 70’s neutral color palettes or greens, ochres and burnt oranges.

  373. I love the 50’s and early 60’s. I love the emphasis on structure that makes the clothing so crisp looking.

  374. i love the 20s, but also the 60s…for their strong eye makeup and streamlined looks!

  375. I need that Jane trench! I would pull together all of the other outfits I have ready for fall and make this frazzled mom look polished. For once.

  376. Oh geez louise! I think I would have to go with the 60’s. I mean ever since I was a little kid my mom thought I was a flower child reincarnated. I love the look of the 60’s with loose, flowy clothing and natural color schemes. However as I am getting older I am also liking structure to hide the box of doughnuts I ate the other day…;)

  377. The 60s! What beats the mod look? nothing! But i would also like to live in the 20s, that would be grand… dress in gatsby-like fashion, oh lala!
    anyways, I adore Club Monaco and would love the chance to have some of their amazing clothing πŸ™‚
    Ciara Hart

  378. I think I am most inspired by the 1950’s. I’ve always been kinda girly and romantic, and absolutely adore the circle skirts and dresses, the feminine florals, and loads of lace that adorned women during that era.
    But, after seeing some of the Club Monaco 60’s interpretation, I think I might have found a new era to start my style…

  379. The 60s are definitely where it’s at. I love mid-length skirts, pleats, and those fancy up-do’s are to die for.

  380. While I love the 60s, the 40s style of women’s clothes-the strong shoulders, women in pants (!), and the elegance of clothing that highlighted a woman’s best assets without being sleazy makes it my favorite.

  381. I’m most inspired by the Victorian Era all those huge elegant dresses- 1840s-1900s love! pmgiglia at yahoo dot com

  382. I’m a huge fan of both the 60’s and 70’s for the peace and love look of the 60’s, and the rock and roll of the 70’s. The fashions were both liberating and fun! I love that second look!!

  383. i love the 70s era with the long bell bottoms and nice blouses! also the colours (oranges, browns, yellows, etc) — something about them that i love about them.. They’re neutral and don’t pop out too much and are subtle!

  384. Truth be told, I love them both, but I am most mad for the 60s. In fact, though I never actually experienced this magical period, I myself live in a sort of time warp. I listen to Dusty Springfield and the Beatles and find myself wishing for that timeless trench to wear with a subtle cat eye and extra long lashes. I love the style range withheld by the sixties which grew from ladylike and refined to romantic and carefree.

  385. I love the 70s. Truly ugly colors, patterns, and fabric choices that when paired together somehow look fashionable. That is art.

  386. I’m in love with the Jane Trench and Tamsin Dress. It really calls back to the 70’s vibe of luxe basics meets functionality, with a little bit of a feminist edge! The era has always spoke to me with it’s great, independent women- DVF, Jerry Hall, Liza Minnelli, and yes, Jean Shrimpton! I’m so glad the strong look of the 70’s is back with it’s high-gloss ease and simplicity.

  387. I think I was meant to live in that era. I just love everything about it. The style of photos, the people in them, what they wore…just makes me happy! If you aren’t giving away a time traveling jet-pack….beautiful clothing is the next best thing!

  388. I’m digging the ’70s. You can make so many chic office looks with ’70s-inspired fashions. Sure would brighten a day in the office with that beautiful orange dress!

  389. I love the feminine style of the 60s fashion, with all the life it exudes through bright colour and print.
    Its inspiring since it references the early age of feminism and the balancing act between being a lady and being an independent woman.

  390. I love the 60’s – I simply can’t get enough of the mini’s and the eclectic prints.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  391. I’m inspired most by the late 60s, because that’s when women started dressing up sort of like men, wearing pants and more masculine cuts, while still embracing their femininity.

  392. I love the 60s, the swing skirts and feminine dresses. In short, classic, much like Club Monaco’s style!

  393. If I could, I would live in the 50s/early 60s because of the classy, yet vintage style. It’s a timeless look & hope it never dies. I would have liked to have been best friends with Audrey Hepburn, Lucille Ball, Grace Kelly wearing all things cute & classy.

  394. There’s something about the soft lines of the ’60s, combined with large hats, stripes and mixing black and white with different shades of browns.
    High-waisted skirts with bold patterns are beautiful in both the fall and spring, making the ’70s look rather inspiring as well.

  395. Hard to pick between the two they both seem so laid back but I guess i’d go with the 70s which seemed to have an earthiness feel. Sort of like rich, brown, and velvety.

  396. I am both inspired and fascinated by the 90s and the 20s. Style in the 90s is very much defined by irony, perhaps characterized by people mismatched to the clothes? It’s almost as if people were defying their inner voice that told them: “Uh, you can’t wear that together, or like that” by responding with “Watch me”!
    Then, there’s the magic and sparkle surrounding the 20s. Glamour was a question of shapes and fabrics… to combine perfectly with the era’s music.
    A merger of the 2 styles in the years to come would be spectacular.

  397. You can’t get any more iconic than London in the ’60s! Hello, Carnaby Street! Well done Club Monaco for picking out such great inspiration – the fall line is amazing.

  398. I LOVE the 40’s. They looks were elegant and strong; Feminine, with mens-tailoring inspiration.

  399. My style generally falls into the 60s, but I find myself so much more inspired by the 70s era because it was so artistic, rebellious, and groundbreaking. It reminds me of old pictures of my mom, who aspired to work in fashion during the late 60s and 70s era and, not being able to afford much, made all her own clothes. She born and raised in a country in southern central Africa but was so obviously inspired by the American and British looks of that time. My dad is American, so I almost feel like that cross is a representation of my own heritage and style. That era was also coming off of the U.S. Civil Rights Movement of the 60s, which amazingly inspired her native country’s fight for independence which is a whole other story. The 70s was, like many eras, totally uncharted territory. So many intersections between different cultures, positive and negative, and through it all the fashion was so hot and remains relevant today! (Sorry for the mini-dissertation!)

  400. I would choose 70s for inspiration. The lines are more simple and it places more focus on the materials.

  401. honestly i will have to say this era because you really can pull things from the past and make it your own!

  402. The 60’s with their inspirational dresses and the freedom for women to be sophisticated while wearing less.

  403. I have always loved the warm autumnal colors of the 70’s, as well as the use of pattern during this era. The slightly loose, organic feel of the pattern on the beautiful dress under the trench, is a lovely and modern update. I would love this dress and the trench as well. I think a classic trench can move across many eras. This outfit would definitely help me perk up my post baby wardrobe the fall (I’m due in Oct.). Yay! Thanks for the great givaway!

  404. I definitely identify with the 60s era more. I love the minidresses and everything Jackie Kennedy! She epitomized fashion and is a real role model for me. It inspires me because I think it’s when women started to push the line of what was appropriate. They really paved the way for the rest of us now. It’s more about feeling beautiful than looking proper all the time.
    It’s so hard to choose between the two, but I like outfit number #2.

  405. I am definitely drawn to the 70s! I love the soft and flowing lines that can create either a casual or glamorous look by using different fabrics and textures. I love how a flowing blouse can be casual with a sweet bow and a cute print. But on the other side, a flowing blouse with shimmering fabrics that drape just so can be the ultimate glamorous look.

  406. I love the 70s looks. I think the styles remind me of pictures I’ve seen of my mom when she was younger, so beautiful!

  407. I love anything ladylike… the 50s are big for me, though there are some 70s looks that I love (such as wide leg pants!!)

  408. I love the flattering/slimming and sophisticated cuts of the 60s. That tamsin dress matched with the trench is darling!!

  409. 40s-era Kate Hepburn will always be the style time period and person I attempt to emulate. Poorly, but hey.

  410. I’ve always been inspired by Art Nouveau. Its romantic, magical and feminine. I like Club Monaco’s Fall 2011 women’s lookbook because i can see some of that inspiration in some of the pieces along with a 70’s feel. Its great to see a slight combination of both.

  411. I really believe I should have been around during the 40s. Women dressed like women. They were a combination of feminine style with a bit of a come and get me kick!! There was a mystery and romance to the 40s that I love.

  412. Eep, I pushed the post button before adding that my favorite era is the 40s!! All those old Hollywood movies make me swoon!

  413. Right now, I’m loving the silhouettes from the 60s and 70s. (By the way, I love both of the outfits that are featured, but I especially adore the beautiful CM trench!)
    Thank you Joy!

  414. definitely the 70s for me. the bomber jacket juxtaposed against soft, flowy fabrics draped loosely into skirts and ruffly blouses just oozes perfection. the Amelia bomber would replace my pleather bomber nicely…just what i’ve been looking for!

  415. Loving the more tailored 60’s looks, especially that trench coat, and the silk blouse and trousers from look #9!

  416. I have developed a crush on all things 70’s lately….can’t wear enough huge sunglasses, rompers, and beautiful prints that evoke the bohemian glamour we all think of when we read or hear about the era –love club monaco

  417. I am inspired by fashion across time, but have always romanticized the WWII era and therefore the ladylike full dresses that came with it.

  418. There are so many great fashion eras to choose from! Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from post-WWII 1950’s.

  419. I love the effortless breezy feeling of the 70s which is a perfect match for Club Monaco. The flowy silks and chiffons are perfect for transitioning into fall!

  420. Honestly, I’m more of a fan of the modern interpretation of the 70s. I feel like it is more refined. That being said, I love the pop culture of the 70s. As for the clothes, trench coat all the way. Kate middleton and Emma Watson have definitely paved that road and I am more than happy to follow. Thanks for the opportunity Joy!

  421. I love the 1920s and that Art Deco style with its highly stylized geometric forms – very simple yet still glamorous =)

  422. I definitely think the 2nd look would be a fantastic add to a wardrobe as it would work with so many things, day or night. The coat really makes it look pulled together but not uptight.

  423. 70’s! My parents met in 70’s and I get just romantic by seeing anything 70’s. I guess it’s personal inspiration, but it does work for me.

  424. 1950s, how divine! For style icons Audrey, Grace, Elizabeth and of course my fabulous grandma.

  425. The 60s glamour is definitely my cup of tea. Bold and striking while still retaining a mature and clean cut look!
    It’s a hard pick, but I’d choose outfit #2. I really want that trench!

  426. I love the look of the 60/70s. Such a stylish era with flowy lines. The big hats, and bold prints grab me. The 2nd look with the streamlined jacket over the feminine dress is a great look!

  427. I love the 70’s because they incorporate some of the 60’s in the look. I also love some of the 70’s furniture.

  428. I think my favorite era is the 1920s. Early Chanel and women dressing and styling themselves with more freedom and ease. The hats! The dresses! The knickers! The bobs!

  429. Very pretty! I prefer the 40s-60s fashion. I love putting a modern edge to stuff like that.

  430. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  431. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  432. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  433. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  434. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  435. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  436. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  437. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  438. i’m most inspired by the 20s. while i don’t really translate that into my wardrobe much there’s just something about that time that calls to me, perhaps it’s the hats! maybe i need to start wearing flappers and hats around the house!

  439. I am loving the 60s/mod look right now. I do not quite have the slight figure to pull it off, but I love it just the same.
    Outfit #2 is STUNNING!

  440. I think the 20’s was a really great era for fashion. It was when women abandoned their constricting corsets and long hemlines for more comfortable silhouettes. The 20’s was also when masculine figures on a woman (like a flat chest, thin hips, etc) became okay to have.
    The emergence of art deco style of art is also something that I especially adore with its clean lines and distinctive style.

  441. In love with the 1960’s, especially style icons like Twiggy (my namesake!). Chic short skirts and bright on-the-go outfits are the best!

  442. i adore the 60s! the simple structured dresses. the bold colours. the hats. the colour blocking.

  443. loving the 70’s rock n roll look. my mum went to see the stones while she was pregnant we me, i swear i remember hearing it!

  444. Oh, I love both! So much has happened in fashion from ’61-’69, and from ’71-’79. They’re both huge! I love the movement in the fabrics from the early ’70s, but nothing beats the sexual allure of the ’60s.

  445. The 50’s and 60’s are my favorite with their circle skirts, dreamy colors and lovely patterns! Their just so feminine. Thanks for the giveaway!

  446. Amazing giveaway! I don’t think I’m strongly influenced by any one decade, but I do love the flattering feminine silhouettes of the 50’s!

  447. I would say the 70’s. Still soft lines in the early 70’s and I think it’s when my mom reminds me of me most. Beautiful lip shades and I just loved the hair. Love this collection! Would love option 1.

  448. I love Club Monaco—it’s my favorite store. I love the 1940s/50s for the structured, ladylike silhouettes. But I’m starting to appreciate the resurgence of the 1970’s and the modern takes on it.

  449. I love the 70’s because my mom always tells me stories from her “heyday.” I also love the fact that pictures of her from the 70’s look so much like me now, I often catch myself saying “I don’t remember taking that picture!”

  450. Late 70s/early 80s– I’ve been drawing inspiration from pictures of my mom in that era… moms were the original hipsters! She worked a New-England-prep-via-thrift-store vibe like no one could.

  451. I’m kind of in love with the 20s right now (have you seen the Govenor’s Island Jazz Age Party photos? Wow, enough to make a girl swoon!)
    But I do love the inspiration they’re taking for their clothing – fabulous.

  452. I love that first dress….gorgeous styling! I typically wear 50’s style but these are really making me want to branch out.

  453. There is something to glean from each era. between the 60’s and 70’s, I choose the 60’s!! but outside of those two I adore the 20’s. …the hair styling, the hats, the flapper dresses…. uh, love it all!

  454. I love the 70s it reminds me of my mom. She was a very sophisticated lady. I wish I had her clothes. I would choose number 2 because I love the material and how conferrable the model looks. The fall color pallette looks amazing. I cant wait to get my hands on the trench coat!

  455. I love the late sixties and early seventies myself; the British rock musicians and Janis Joplin, but tones down to something more comfortable and sophisticated. Both outfits are beautiful, particularly the first photo!

  456. Dreams and desires of memories to be made. The look and feel of yesteryear seeping through vintage silk, rekindling warm thoughts, reminding you of love.

  457. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  458. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  459. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  460. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  461. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  462. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  463. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  464. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  465. I LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this post! I think these looks are inspiring. I think that the 60’s are inspiring in SO many ways- colors, free lifestyle, and innovative looks.
    I like like both of these looks, but if forces to choose, I would say No. 2 is more my favorite. You can never go wrong with a good trench and dress, right?

  466. I love the 20s. Flapper girls, mens sportswear, all things that are classy and sexy today.
    I am in love with the trench/tamsin dress combo. How feminine and chic!

  467. Inspired by the 70s. It reminds me of the old pictures of my Mom in her youth. Her style was awesome.

  468. Love all the Club Monaco styles so this was a tough one but I will say the ’60s. Sophisticated, lady like, and so chic!

  469. Oh the 70s! Those long leg lines and the edgy/functional aspect of the vibe really appeals to shorty little me. Plus who doesn’t want to embody that hot rocker-chic vibe?

  470. I’m loving the luxe look of the 1970s right now. The women just look so beautiful in the high waisted pants and rich colors.
    These are beautiful outfits. I would love to win!

  471. I prefer the 70s for its spirit of general mayhem. I love punk music and am amused by the scene, but I never did look like a punk (even when I was, cough, young). I love the trench.

  472. I really love the 60s. Maybe I’m biased by Mad Men and JFK, but it just seems like such a cool era.

  473. torn between both era. i love the silhouettes of the 60s but when i think of the 70s, a picture of my mom in that era pops up.

  474. Gotta love the 70’s shapes and prints. The second outfit would be a dream… a trench like that would be mindblowing (also beyond my student price range…)

  475. I have to say the flowing dresses and mellow fashion starting in the late sixties is a favorite of mine, who wouldn’t want comfort and fashion at the same time?! Anyway, Club Monaco does an amazing job incorporating this pretty style πŸ™‚

  476. A Poem titled, “I Want to Hold Your Hand.”
    The sixties, yeah, they ruled rock n roll,
    My favorite is known for their β€˜Abbey Road’ stroll.
    They sang like no other in their crisp fitted suits,
    It’s no wonder Club M fashions their grass roots.
    This season’s LookBook is dreamy and fresh,
    Comfy, yet chic… such a beautiful mesh.
    A simple nice walk through the cold London fog,
    Is almost as hip as their Culture Club blog.
    I yearn for Fall colors, straight from the land,
    While also humming, β€œI Want to Hold Your Hand.”
    β€œβ€¦I Want to Hold Your Hand.”

  477. The romantic, yet edgy style of the 70’s call back has to be my favorite of the two. They are light, yet combined with a stronger element such as the trench which truly brings out character in the lady who dones them.

  478. I like representing a different era every day, though my favorite dress is one I found in an antique store–from the late 50s, early’s blue and pleated and perfect for playing a chorus member of Bye Bye Birdie.

  479. It’s the 60’s for me…ever since Mad Men premiered, I’m all about those cute little secretary’s dresses and skirts with high waists.

  480. I love the throwback to such an iconic cultural style with a contemporary twist. Very elegant!

  481. I LOVE the glam casual mix of the 70’s. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed the long-legged, small-chested body or silky straight locks to pull that look off. When the 90’s Guess-girl look comes back around, I’m golden! Regardless, I love Club Monaco’s fall clothes, and I’ve already selected a few for my svpply account. Put a big belt on #1, and I’d totally rock that!

  482. Gotta be the 60’s. I’m imagining Mick Jagger, the Beatles- I’d totally be a groupie.

  483. I definitely love more the 60s. My choice would go for this great set of dress+trench I can already figure out so many ocasions to wear them…

  484. It is quite difficult to pick between the two, though I am loving the “bonnie and clyde” esque styling of the nadine pencil skirt as well as the lace skirt paired with a tissue tee, those gorgeous green ankle socks and slightly gold dusted heels. The whole collection is great because each piece could hang as a staple in anyone’s closet.

  485. Elvie dress — love it. I also like the Nadine skirt (and not just because my name is Nadine),

  486. I’ll go with 60’s.. the cloths started to reflect personality and spirit rather than being just cloths.. the hair and accessories like scarves were perfect.. the colors were so vibrant.. yet the whole combination still soft, classy and chic.. I was so impressed by the colors in this collection, the colors remind me of the colors of leaves in the fall.. warm and moving and so aware..

  487. Two words: Linda McCartney.
    The Elvie dress embodies the free spirit of the 60’s and the beauty of simplicity.
    Moments after Paul and Linda were married a reporter asked her:
    “How does it feel to be married to one of the most eligible bachelors in the world? To the envy of all the ladies?”
    Linda simply replied:
    “It feels wonderful to be married.”

  488. i’m most inspired by the 60’s. the shapes of the dresses and cuts of the jackets are amazing and very flattering to my shape. i also love the bold bright colors!

  489. I’m definitely shaped by the 70s and 80s. I love the freeform of the 70s and the 80s? Well, who doesn’t remember scrunchies, neon and gummy bracelets with fondness and laughter? : )

  490. my personal style is inspired more by the 70’s focus on natural fabrics and comfort more than any other decade, but i love a bit of the 80’s rocker edge for nightwear! for formal wear i think the 30’s had it all right with the couture, feminine dresses and flattering lines.
    wonderful giveaway! thank you!

  491. I’m all for the 70sβ€”there was an established freedom of expression that translated into clothing, and anyone from hippies to punks could shine.
    The new collection is a super chic translation of those 2 decades! My personal favorite is outfit #2!

  492. 60’s for sure. Love love all the dresses. Have been watching lots of mad men for inspiration. Love everything Club Monaco has…it would be hard to pick which outfit!

  493. love 60’ssssss….
    is so much fun : )
    …….Do anything that you want to do, but uh-uh,
    Honey, lay off of my shoes
    Don’t you step on my blue suede shoes.
    You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes……
    Elvis Presley

  494. The 60s or the 70s…that’s like choosing amongst my children! If I had to choose, I would say the 60s, because it was all happening then, and even with change on the horizon, fashion and design still had a pristine quality — a perfection.

  495. The ’20s is always inspiration for a lot of classic looks. It’s easy to make looks contemporary and edgy by taking pieces from the ’20s era and combining them with a modern wardrobe.

  496. I’m inspired by the 60s! I love how the outfits conveyed strength and femininity at the same time, and how every woman looked so confident.

  497. I love the roaring 20s for the freedom it gave women! Accomplishments made in the women’s rights movement were fully expressed in fashion. Finally women could sport bobs and short ‘dos and wear more comfortable, looser fitting clothing (and asymmetric skirts!). There is incredibly feminine about women wearing more masculine clothes and ditching their corsets — something that makes women’s fashion what it is today.

  498. Definitely loving the 70s looks that are out right now. I adore the contrast of masculine and feminine, sort of “Annie Hall” style. And adored that first Club Monaco outfit when you initially posted it as a preview. Would be so happy to win it! Thanks for the chance!

  499. I’m fascinated with the flapper era of the 1920’s and the cowboy culture of the 1930’s.

  500. I’m a huge Twiggy fan and would have to say the 60’s because of the clothing shapes, thank goodness for the A-line dress! I would go with the second outfit.

  501. While the 70’s are definitely coming back into style (paisley, bell bottoms, browns and tans), I absolutely adore the 30’s.
    With the end to the prohibition came the start of amazing fashion! Two words: fascinators & flappers.

  502. I love both the 60s and 70s! But i’m more inspired by the 70’s classic yet feminine look! The trench definitely completes it. Beautiful!

  503. I just love the mod 60’s look: scooter and shift dresses, mini skirts, pop art prints, and big, big eyelashes!

  504. I guess I have to pick the 80s (late 80s, to be exact), because the photos of my mom during that time are super inspiring. She had such an easy, elegant look, and beautiful glow in all the photos with her kids. She wasn’t afraid to be a little experimental with her palette and accessories, and to this day she remains a super stylish lady (minus the shoulder-pads).

  505. I love ladylike styles and femininity of the 50s and 60s! I live in dresses and skirts and love the clean lines and romantic feel!

  506. I have a strong affinity for the 50s and 60s. While the 50s are so feminine and structured, with the hardcore waist lines and A line silhouette, I also love the boho freedom of the 60s. Can’t choose!