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{closet & casa} with bri emery…



We decided to switch it up this week and show you a few items from yours truly…here we go!

who: Bri Emery, Graphic DesignerBlogger, and Oh Joy contributor!

in my closet: These green leather platforms with de-bossed polka dots really captured my heart when I was strolling through Shareen Vintage one day. They sure aren't the easiest shoes on the planet to walk in, but they are displayed nicely on my dresser when they're not being worn.

in my casa: You know that White Elephant game that's played during the holidays as a fun way to exchange gifts? Well, these pink and gold vintage glasses were snagged by me in one very feisty round last Christmas. They are perfect for having girlfriends over for cocktails and when you're feeling fancy.


{photos by Bri, portrait photo by Angela Kohler}


  1. At last year’s white elephant I got stuck with a designer imposter perfume called sexy musk!… I’d much rather have those glasses. Do you happen to know where they’re from?


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