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my new favorite breakfast sandwich…



I'll admit…I have a serious love of McDonald's Egg McMuffin breakfast sandwiches. They're always a treat I save for when traveling and at the airport during those early morning hours. Since having one regularly wouldn't be the best, I often make my own version at home. Currently my favorite versions includes an egg, sliced avocado, salt, pepper, and {an extra special ingredient} tzatziki sauce on a lightly toasted english muffin. With it's light, creamy texture and thin pickled cucumbers, the tzatziki adds the perfect extra kick! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. i love breakfast sandwiches. i just had an egg, cheese and turkey bacon on an english muffin and moaned through the whole thing. i think my cubicle neighbor thinks i’m insane.

  2. oh wow. this sounds good. I pretty much love any sandwich with avocados. add in some yogurt and eggs, and I’m done. this may sound gross but when I ate meat, I loved the sausage griddle. that salty sausage on that (medicine-y) soft bread. mmm.

  3. Hello!
    Since im greek-cypriot ill give you some hints on the best tzatziki ever…
    strained yogurt, grated cocumbers, some garlic, a bit of olive oil, salt and a bit of red vinegar
    add salt to tha grated cocumbers and wait for a few minutes for some water to come out and strain them, then add the rest of the ingredients and voila!
    tzatziki goes with everything!
    ….trust me….mark my words!!!


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