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oh joy wallpaper at home…



My college buddy, Jason, recently sent over this photo of his family's dining room where they used my Lovely Leaves wallpaper! I love seeing how the wallpaper gets used, so if you've used some Oh Joy wallpaper yourselves, please email me a photo as I'd love to see… — Joy 

{Thanks Jason and Deirdre! Also, you can see photos of my wallpaper in my own home here and here!}


  1. I don’t have any wallpaper yet but I’m planning on using the Blooms paper on one wall in my bedroom redo in the coming months. The prints are just fabulous.

  2. It looks great! I love your prints…And now that we are seriously decorating in a home that is at least semi-permanent I am ready to look at wallpaper! xoxo

  3. Joy, I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time and look forward to it every day. This is my first time to comment: I just HAD to after I looked at your wallpaper! I absolutely l.o.v.e it! I’m in a rental house, so wallpaper is not an option for the walls (bummer!), but I would love to get some for the back of a bookshelf of bottom of a lucite tray. Congratuations on your little one!

  4. This is beautiful! I love seeing how people take what you’ve created and incorporate it into their lives…I’ve seen that happen with my sculpture and love how even the same piece will seem totally transformed in different homes!


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