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a {this & that} fall giveaway…



Get ready for some cooler temperatures, fall treats, and the last of outdoor picnics with this Brooklyn Cruiser bicycle {choose from black or orange} and that set of Terrain goodies {2 mugs, 2 napkins, and a whole bunch of tasty goodies} to fill your bicycle basket…

To enter, simply visit Brooklyn Cruiser and Terrain, then leave a comment below stating where you'd ride to have a little fall picnic. Entries must be posted by this Friday, September 30th at 9am PST*, and one winner will be chosen at random.

As an extra bonus for all Oh Joy readers, both Brooklyn Cruiser and Terrain are offering a special 15% discount from today through October 31st. Simply enter the code OHJOY at check out for either site. Good luck! β€” Joy

UPDATE: Congrats to #975 Emily R. from Dallas for being our winner this time!

{*Sorry, limited to US residents only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $660 total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after. Good luck!}


  1. I would load up a toddler seat on the back and take my little guy to a park on the river for a little picnic and some fun.
    Thanks for the chance, Joy!

  2. I’d bike to Prospect Park from my new apartment in South Park Slope (moving this weekend)…will definitely need a new bike now that I’m further from my favorite picnic spot!

  3. I love cruisers and I could definitely use an upgrade from my 1960s Sears Freestyle. I would ride to Mom’s Deli, pick up a mom’s special and a lemonade and head to the park. I love picnics!

  4. So cute! We have an amazing waterfront park near our house, I’d love to cycle down there with my beau and have ourselves a little picnic!

  5. Fall at the beach is my favorite, so I’d transport my bike to the town where my boyfriend grew up in Massachusetts. I’d ride through the harbor to the neighboring town to pick up lunch and prosecco, then head to the beach with a wooly blanket, bundled in a scarf and sweater and jeans and enjoy the salty, cool breeze.

  6. Love the bike πŸ™‚ I would ride it down the street to a park in my town, it has a nice sized pond…I’d definitely picnic there!

  7. I would ride to our local farmer’s market then to our center-city park. Lovely giveaway, thank you.

  8. I would ride around the city of Madison and stop at Picnic Point, a perfect spot to enjoy beautiful Fall views of the lake while snuggling with my love! πŸ™‚

  9. I would pack a bag full of breads and jams and cheeses and then set off for the countryside (I live in Iowa so that’s pretty much everywhere!) and make sure that I had friends along to share.

  10. I live 3 blocks away from a beautiful lake that has a Saturday morning farmers market, newly laid grass and renovated park benches. Perfect for biking around to enjoy the sun, having a picnic among the geese, and toting my fresh produce back to my kitchen!

  11. Awesome giveaway!
    Since Southern California weather is still pretty much beach weather, I’d ride the bike along the San Gabriel River bike path all the way down to Seal Beach!

  12. Even though I’m in Los Angeles, I’d love to ride my bike all over north Oakland, ending with a picnic at Mountain View Cemetery. It’s not spooky, more of a really amazing park with sweeping views. Love it!

  13. I love the bike!I would take my bike to Galveston and ride along the seawall then head to the strand!
    Thanks Joy

  14. Oooo love those bikes and looovvee Terrain!
    I would ride that sweet little cruiser down to the river and picnic in full fall foliage w my Toto + Boy.

  15. This bike would be perfect for a picnic in Balboa Park! The picnic supplies from Terrain are adorable and would be the ideal components to a perfect park meal!

  16. I’d definitely ride over to Teddy Roosevelt Beach in Oyster Bay – my favorite spot in the world, and the cutest place for a picnic!

  17. i would bike down to the strip- i could have a picnic in “Rome” (Caesar’s Palace) or “Paris” (Paris Casino) or even Hooter’s! πŸ™‚ Oh, the benefits of living in Las Vegas?!

  18. What a perfect bike to take up to Julian, near San Diego for a fall picnic So-Cal style. That basket is just calling out to be filled with red and green apples!

  19. What a wonderful giveaway! I’d ride to my favorite spot in the world, by the Mighty Missouri River! It’s where we fell in love and got engaged. We still visit their weekly, and take our little baby girl there too!

  20. I would ride up through the palisades (NJ) and take a picnic break overlooking the city skyline intermixed with fall foliage. Great photo opp. Nice giveaway. That bike is Killer!!

  21. I would take this lovely bike on a cruise down the bike path in DC along the monuments and eat a fine picnic with Terrain goodies!

  22. Ah, what a lovely giveaway. I would put my toddler in the back (in a seat of course) and ride to a beautiful field near our house that overlooks acres and acres of land. Maybe we would get lucky and see a cow. I hope I win!

  23. so lovely!!! i remember biking from conshohoken to the philadelphia art museum with my dad close to 10 years ago now. i’d love to do that all over again and picnic on the museum lawn!

  24. I’d like to work up the nerve to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge and picnic in Sausalito. However, maybe I’ll opt to bike the couple of blocks to Golden Gate Park on a Sunday when they close off the streets, pick a sunny (wishful thinking) spot to eat and people watch, then say hello the bison :).

  25. Ooh! We just got a rental for the next year at a place I adore on the Chesapeake Bay. I’d pack a picnic for me & my almost 3 year old to the yacht club & watch the sailboats in the sunset:)

  26. First, I’d build a ramp, then fly ET-style across the moon. After a safe, hard landing, I’d night picnic with friends and fireflies (and a bottle of wine).

  27. I live in Maine, so I would bike to the beach and enjoy theses last few days of warm afternoon sun before it gets too cold!
    Great giveaway- thanks for the opportunity!!

  28. I would ride my bike down to the beach (I live in Florida) and have a romantic picnic with my honey. πŸ™‚

  29. I would ride that cruiser all over Charlotte, NC, where I live. Charlotte is full of bike riders and I currently feel a little left out!

  30. Fall is my favorite season! I would probably bike to the Berkeley Rose garden for a picnic. I don’t know why everyone thinks flowers are only beautiful in the spring when the color is such a wonderful contrast to darker skies.

  31. I would ride from my home in Park Slope to Brooklyn Bridge Park for a picnic with amazing views of Lower Manhattan. What a great giveaway!

  32. Mmm, this collection conjures up memories of the end of a Swedish summer. I’d wrap up in my favorite tasseled scarf, slip on my biggest sunnies, strap my picnic basket to my bike and then, “ding! ding!” pedal off towards a quiet, breezy spot in DjurgΓ₯rden.

  33. I would definitely ride to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Watching the sunset over the Financial District, Governors Island and the Statue of Liberty while enjoying a late afternoon snack is one of my favorite fall activities!

  34. I would bike over to the Zilker Botanical Gardens here in Austin and picnic by the koi pond. Even though it’s technically fall it’s still pretty hot here!

  35. I’d ride through Ohiopyle, PA to see the western PA fall leaves turn colors and munch on a fall-ish lunch!

  36. There’s an abandoned apple orchard in my town. You can go down there in the late summer and early fall, lay under the apple trees and find a few good ones to munch on. That’s where I would ride a bike to have a picnic.

  37. If I was in NY, I would definitely take the adorable bike across Brooklyn Bridge. But since I’m in California, I will take it to my library to recreate the picnics I had there when I was younger πŸ™‚

  38. First of all, I absolutely love the black and cream cruiser! Very retro!
    If I had this adorable cruiser, I would definitely ride it to the big lawn in the middle of my college campus. This is the perfect place for a fall picnic and the best place to experience the best of fall!
    After the picnic in the Admin Lawn, I would cruise around campus to show off my cute new bike!

  39. i would ride on a trail that goes alongside a creek shaded by willow trees, with the smell of wildflowers in the air and picnic in the greenest of meadows.
    OH, wait. I live in Los Angeles…so, I guess I would ride alongside traffic, congested streets surrounded by buildings and the smell of asphalt and pollution.
    BUT then I would picnic in my living room in front of the fire with my sweetheart πŸ™‚

  40. The local Oliver Winery near my home-humble town of Bloomington, IN. The rolling hills and draping vines are a spectacular setting in which to enjoy some fruit and cheese. And the lovely vineyard folk actually invite picnic-ers!

  41. I’m going to ride down to the Charles River – there’s a dock to plop down on, downriver from the boathouse. It’s the best place to be on the water, and I love watching the sailors while the river is still unfrozen – because winter is a-comin’!

  42. I recently found a little secluded beach area near Brooklyn Bridge Park. I’d take my boyfriend there and tell him I’m ready to move in together πŸ™‚

  43. I’d take the bike up north to my favorite orchard and ride around until I found the perfect spot!

  44. Oh my goodness, what a sweet giveaway.
    Okay, if I won this awesome bike and fixings, I would ride to the Franklin library and picnic under the big old trees.

  45. Awesome giveaway!! I just moved from NYC to Columbus OH and now live a block away from some great biking trails that are surrounded by fields perfect for fall picnicing!

  46. I’d bike down from our house in Fairmount to the Azalea Garden in Fairmount Park, Philly. I love living near the Philly Art Museum!!

  47. I would stop at our local bakery, Seven Stars, and grab some pastries and coffee, and then ride to the nearby beach with my baby boy for an early morning breakfast picnic!
    He loves nothing better than to crawl around and explore the sand, and dip his toes into the ocean. He comes to find me only when he gets hungry!

  48. I would pack a lunch and meet my friends and what we call the Chewacla House because they have a nice big open front yard and some of my dearest friends live there.

  49. I am new in Boston, and I’d love to bike along Charles River, especially this fall when the college crews are back and practicing in the river.

  50. What a lovely bike and picnic!
    I would ride to the nearby Princeton battlefield – a huge lawn with memorials to the Revolutionary War, where George Washington fought and defeated the British. It’s a beautiful area where people regular stop with picnics, frisbees, and friends & family.

  51. I’d love to take the bike to Sonoma on a sunny day, bike through Dry Creek and Alexander valleys where I’d be surrounded by vineyards, country homes, and bright green hills. Picnic would be enjoyed under some redwood shade πŸ™‚

  52. Oh Joy, how long I’ve wanted a bike. I’d take my cruiser and explore LA in a way I’ve never been able to do (by bike) πŸ™‚
    β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

  53. I need a new bike! I’d ride this beaut just a little up the PCH bike path in Huntington Beach to the cliffs/ dog beach area and spread out for a romantic picnic with my beau.

  54. Love the entire Terrain product suite, and the beautiful cafe on-site, would have to ride my new bike down to Gettysburg national park to scope some fall foliage!

  55. oh my! i would most certainly ride my bike to the cute little park near our new home with my mister!! we are newlyweds are have been dying for a relaxing picnic date. i am certain this would do the trick! πŸ™‚

  56. I would bike around Claremont while the leaves are turning and have a picnic in front of the Bridges Auditoriums!

  57. Where wouldn’t I ride to?! If I had to pick one destination, it would be the newly opened (and totally stunning) Jane’s carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  58. What an amazing give away! Come spring, I’d ride with my hubby to the wildflower preserve near our neighborhood for a picnic in the park.

  59. Ohh Ohh Ohh!! I really want this!! I would drive to the local college campus, UK, and “tailgate” before a big football game! You can’t drive anywhere on Game Day and I live a little too far away from campus to walk. This would help me lose weight too! πŸ™‚
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  60. A bike, a picnic basket, and a dream!
    I would love to ride to and have a picnic at the Woodend Sanctuary, part of the Maryland Audubon Naturalist Sanctuary where my husband and I got married 2 weeks ago.

  61. I have been wanting a new bike! It is just so cute. I would ride down to the lake with my best friend and enjoy the day!

  62. I’d ride up to one of Connecticut’s vineyards, but a bottle of wine and have a picnic on the grounds. The wine might not be the greatest in the world, but the fall views are terrific!!

  63. i would go where i go almost every day – to golden gardens to watch for whales. i’ve never seen one but i know they’re there.
    last time, though, a baby seal pup was resting on the sand while i watched. supercute.

  64. I would ride out to somewhere along the coast for a seaside picnic with my husband and our very nosy hound!

  65. Well, first and foremost an orange bike would be a dream (hello! it’s SF Giants colors!) and I would surely ride out to Chrissy Fields for a picnic on the shore, overlooking the gg bridge and the boats sailing by. And I would most definitely take the Pendleton Motor Robe from Terrain to spread out on the lawn, of course! Happy Autumn!

  66. I would cruise along Skyline Drive in BEAUTIFUL Duluth, Minnesota with the hubby to Enger Tower to enjoy the fall colors while enjoying the yummy picnic!

  67. Oh goodness, I would love to take this bike for a spin into Rock Creek Park by the old mill and picnic along the creek with my husband!

  68. Oo! I’d ride around Ladew Gardens.. which happens to be RIGHT around the corner from Terrain! What better spot to see the changing leaves!

  69. I love this!! I just moved downtown Columbus and I’d love to ride to Goodale Park and have a picnic with friends!

  70. I’d head over to the Presidio and have a picking overlooking the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

  71. i would ride to the neighborhood park tucked off the main road and have cold pasta salad and wine with my man!
    ps – i need this bike in my life.

  72. i’d pack that bike basket with gourmandy snacks and ride it to my sister’s house (she lives 20 minutes from Terrain and is getting married there next month!!) and have the best autumn picnic EVER.

  73. I’ve been dreaming about a bike all summer! I would ride my bike through the streets of Carmel and picnic along the seaside.

  74. I’d ride it probably to the beach and all along the boardwalk early in the day because then it would be too cold. A picnic with cheese, grapes, sandwiches and hot tomato soup. Some olives for my son, too.
    Great giveaway πŸ™‚

  75. Would take the lovely bicycle for a ride down the National Mall and stop at the Tidal Basin for a picnic!

  76. I’d put my dog in the little crate so she could ride with me to the park…I’d also bring a sandwich for me and some turkey bacon for her:)

  77. OH JOY! I would have to ride this beautiful bike through downtown Milwaukee to Lake Michigan and watch the nippy waves entertain the trees changing color. Thanks for the giveaway!!!!

  78. Oh wow….holy cow this is a beautiful giveaway! πŸ™‚ I would pack up a yummy lunch and pack up my girls and our dogs and head to the reservation nearby. We could explore and eat ( and definitely have dessert) and create a memory we would never forget! πŸ™‚

  79. I would throw a sweater on and a blanket over my shoulder and ride to Lincoln Park to creep on all the dogs!

  80. i would ride to golden gate park, and i would be stylin’
    (you know you have the best giveaways ever, right? my word!)

  81. I would ride it straight to the nearest nature park to enjoy a damp forest and the sun shining through the leaves. Some of that crusty bread on the home page of Terrain wouldn’t be so bad either πŸ˜‰

  82. There is a long ride up to the Chicago Botanic Garden that is just lovely at the peak of fall. I’d bundle up with soup and cakes baked into mason jars and pick a few apples along the way to have with my sweetheart.

  83. Hooray for bikes and yummy snacks!! I’d ride that lovely bike to the Bainbridge Ferry, get off on the other side and bike to the beach for a picnic.

  84. Where wouldn’t I ride to?? To work, the grocery store, the farmer’s market, the library! For a fall picnic I would take a long bike ride down to Pemaquid Beach, a lovely place to hang by the ocean and also watch the Autumn leaves fall!

  85. I’d take a short ride to Logan Square- an awesome ride, picnic and amazing people watching, what could be better?

  86. How lovely!!! I would load up for a ride to our Botanical Garden for a picnic in the grass with fall colors changing all around. What a delightful giveaway. Thank you!

  87. My husband and I live in San Francisco and love to spend afternoons in Golden Gate Park with a picnic and a Scrabble board. Even when the temperatures start to drop, we just bring blankets and a thermos of hot cocoa (with Bailey’s).

  88. Best giveaway ever!! I’d ride over to Crissy Field and picnic with a beautiful view of Golden Gate bridge in the background.

  89. How much do I love that bike? I love that bike. The black with white wheels is so incredibly chic.
    We are lucky to live near a stretch of the Erie Canal and it’s easy to ride from town to town along the bike path – so I’d probably take my kids to the gorgeous park in the next town over and swing on the swings. Always wanted to do that.

  90. what a FABULOUS giveaway! I’d ride my cruiser for a picnic in Cheeckwood — a lovely park in Nashville with a great view of the city… and where my husband and I got engaged πŸ™‚

  91. what a pretty little give away! my husband and i would take a nice picnic lunch to the lawns surrounding our city’s museum district πŸ™‚

  92. what a pretty bike! i especially love the front rack on the ladies’ model. i’d ride the 8-mile legacy trail out of lexington to the kentucky horse park, and picnic in rolling hills of bluegrass. oh, and i’d definitely bring some carrots for the horses!

  93. I would ride this lovely bike to my family’s winery and have a picnic out on the lawn overlooking the grapevines and enjoy the autumn colors.

  94. Adorable! I would definitely cruise over to Balboa Park here in San Diego to have a picnic. Sounds a little cliche, but I love the scenery there!

  95. Wow, wow, wow! I was just talking about my need for a cruiser in my new (bike-able) neighborhood. This bike will go great with my new house. πŸ˜‰

  96. I’d ride all the way up to the Cloisters and the Fort Tryon Park, past the little red lighthouse in Fort Washington Park. It’s really beautiful up there and I’m always amazed to still be in Manhattan.

  97. I would leave my 18 month old at home with her daddy and take my six year old little girl who just got rid of her training wheels for a spin around the neighborhood with a stop at Ben and Jerry’s for her favorite mint chocoalte chunk ice cream cone treat.

  98. I would take my husband and our bikes up to San Francisco, ride across the Golden Gate bridge and picnic at Crissy field. What a lovely giveaway!

  99. So exciting! I’ve been looking for a great bike! (And Terrain is amazing!) I would take my bike all over urban Atlanta. We’d visit the Art Beltline and Candler Park and swing by Whitespace Gallery. I’ll teach that bike all the wonderful curiosities of cultural Atlanta!

  100. Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I would ride the bike to the local farmers market, load up on cheese, jams, fruit and bread, and take my sweetie (and puppy) for an afternoon picnic by the lake.

  101. I would ride that cute bicycle to Zilker Park in Austin Texas! I am new to Austin and have heard that it is a great place to hang out and have a delicious picnic!

  102. I would bike to Scripps Institute of Oceanography and have lunch on the beach by Scripps Pier. Perfect.

  103. What a beauty! I live in Chicago, and there is a little patch of goodness right near Lincoln Park that makes you feel like you’re right smack dab in the middle of the country. I would ride there and soak in the fall colors!

  104. oh me, oh me, please pick me pick me pick me!
    I would ride that lovely, lovely bicycle to Knights Park (in Collingswood, NJ) where the leaves will just be starting to turn.

  105. in my dreams i’d ride to cinque terre, italy. in reality i’d ride to the park next door and chill with the ducks in the lake πŸ™‚

  106. i would ride down allen parkway in houston because it’s my favorite. it’s magical at sunset and it’s the perfect place for a picnic.

  107. ooo I hope I’m picked! I would ride that cute bike with my husband to the quaint little park where we had our first date!

  108. In Chicago, there are many beautiful public parks. My favorite is Oz Park. It is lined by beautiful Lincoln Park homes, trendy boutiques, and it is pet friendly! I love to come to this park. Why is it called Oz Park? Because it celebrates The Wizard Of Oz! Statues of the Tin Man, Scarecrow, Lion, and Dorothy and Toto are scattered throughout the park. The playground is called “Dorothy’s Playlot” and the garden is called “Emerald Garden”. What is not to love! By far my favorite place to spend an enchanting afternoon in Chicago!

  109. I live in Alexandria, VA and would love to bike down the Mount Vernon trail for a fall picnic with this!

  110. what fun! great sites and products! I would ride my bike to the park a few blocks away from my apartment! I would also use it to bike to campus!!

  111. I’d ride it across the Ohio River to International Friendship Park for an afternoon picnic.

  112. i’d ride to the upper reaches of central park where it’s a little quieter and have a lovely picnic =)

  113. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  114. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  115. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  116. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  117. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  118. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  119. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  120. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  121. I would ride down to a pick-your-own pumpkin farm to choose a few for my new front steps! Excellent giveaway!

  122. Beautiful bike. I’d love to ride it around the beautiful roads of Sagaponack, NY past tree lined streets and corn fields. The Hamptons are most known as a summer destination, but fall is an especially beautiful (and less crowded) time of year.

  123. Wearing my favorite tweed jacket and jeans, I would bike to the park where my husband and I got married to celebrate Fall with friends and family!

  124. What a great giveaway! My husband has been dying for my to get a bike so we can cruise together around town. I would take my picnic and bike down to our beachfront park and celebrate the last warm bits of the season.

  125. This is a picnic collection that dreams are made of! I’d bike to the park by the river and watch the rowing teams.

  126. I would love to bike to a covered bridge near where I live in Vermont and have a picnic under the changing leaves.

  127. I would bike down to Shipe Park in Austin and enjoy a sunset picnic while watching the evening yoga practitioners.

  128. Oh my goodness that bike is gorgeous and the thought of onion jam has me salivating! I’d love to pack up an elegant little picnic and bike over to a local park with the hubs. Sounds like a lovely afternoon.

  129. I was just talking to my best friend about going on a picnic last night! She thought it would be fun to do it on the lawn of the Americana just to be different and get stares from the shoppers. I would like to do it by the La Brea Tarpits. I think it would be nice to eat next to a wooly mammoth!

  130. oh how I am yearning for it to truly feel like autumn! i’d love to take this on a ride down by St. Mary’s by the Sea, a lovely path by the water’s edge in my neighborhood. maybe hear the crunch of the leaves beneath my tires?

  131. I would ride to Devil’s Lake State Park in Wisconsin to look at all the pretty fall colors! Thanks!

  132. I would gather a bunch of my favorite Washingtonians, pick up some goodies from the local farmers’ market and ride over for a wonderful waterside picnic at Gasworks!!

  133. I’d hop on the train with my fabulous brooklyn cruiser and meet my friend just across the border in Vancouver and we’d cycle along the seawall to the public market and buy a baguette and cheese and wine and lay about in the gorgeous fall weather. Perfect day!

  134. We live not too far away from the Smokey Mountains, which turn ridiculously gorgeous shades once fall arrives. We would take our bikes up to the national park & go for a ride & picnic on one of the trails. Thanks!

  135. The Bradley Estate, just outside of Boston.
    My husband tried to take me on an anniversary picnic to our wedding spot, but there was a wedding happening when we arrived! We could ride together for our anni celebration redux!

  136. super.
    w/my love and stepdaughter (also my love), we’d bike down to the berkeley marina and have a picnic dreaming about sailboats.

  137. biking over to the Park a few blocks away from my place and picnicking with my boyfriend (with benadryl) would be a lovely thing to do if i could actually turn properly when riding a bike =) having a bike of my own would help this dilemma greatly – thanks for the chance! i love your blog!

  138. i think we’d have a little picnic right off of the gw parkway, near the airport. you can watch the planes take off and land, gaze at the monuments; yet their is still an airy, light, natural element to the area. ahhhh.

  139. Swoon! We live in Atlanta but I dream about living in a small town and owning a bike just like this! For now, I would like to have a little fall picnic somewhere in the New England area…

  140. Ohhhhhhhhh Ohhhhh oh! This is literally my dream bike! I am actually bikeless right now and it pains me, so this would be just amazing! I would ride the bike with my fiance to this beautiful clearing in the woods off the bike trail that is near our house! Hope I win!
    Thanks for having this giveaway!

  141. I would take this lovely bike to Madeline Island and ride around with my husband to celebrate our 3 year anniversary…a beautiful and relaxing trip with a picnic on the beach!

  142. Eeep! So pretty. I’m shopping for my first bike (ever!)too. The prospect of learning how to seems less daunting on this cool bike. I’d be jumping on and heading to the Cloisters in Upper Manhattan.

  143. I would love a reason to go for a bike ride in malibu where I can take in ocean views and picnic with friends.

  144. I would love to ride the bike to my Mom’s house and treat her for a Mother-Daughter Picnic! The best way to dine in my opinion!

  145. I’d pack a delicious picnic of jams, honey and fresh bread and bike over to the National Mall for a festive Fall afternoon. After, I’d make my through all the monuments, with a special stop at MLK Jr.’s new diggs.

  146. i would ride to finch arboretum (in washington state) and picnic underneath a beautiful weeping willow tree–with my husband, of course.

  147. I’d ride along Philly’s Schuylkill River Trail towards beautiful Boathouse Row and have a picnic along the water. xo

  148. Gorgeous cruiser! I would love to take the bike up the West Side Highway, then stop at the High Line for a fun afternoon. That Terrain set is amazing too!

  149. I’d ride to Georgetown, pick up picnic supplies at Dean and Deluca, and then take the Capital Crescent Trail to some little spot in Rock Creek Park!

  150. I would be the belle of the ball on Chicago’s lakefront path on this bike. It and the Terrain goodies would make for a perfect picnic right outside the Lincoln Park Zoo:)

  151. What a great bike! I haven’t owned one since Jr. High! I would ride around the neighborhood behind my daughter πŸ™‚

  152. If I had this beauty, I’d ride down to Minnehaha Falls (Minneapolis) with some friends and have a picnic next to the roarin’ falls.

  153. I just moved to Philadelphia a few months ago. I would ride the bike everywhere, but a crisp Fall ride to Washington Square or Rittenhouse Square for a weekend picnic would be heaven. xoxo

  154. I would love to ride my new Brooklyn Cruiser up to Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes, a charming and adorable town in the Eastern Sierras in CA! Nothing would beat a ride through the forest with a picnic lakeside with my love! Throw in a bottle of wine and I would be in heaven!

  155. That’s a sweet looking bike! I would ride it around through downtown San Diego and take it around the bay to a little picnic at Spanish Landing Park! πŸ™‚

  156. As a Massachusetts expat living in Southern California, I desperately miss the fall! If I could, I’d like to ride all the way back to the little orchard near my parents’ house for a beautiful autumn picnic.

  157. Love this and love how totally fall it is. To take a little fall picnic, I’d bundle up in a sweater, load my basket with this gorgeous little set of goodies and pedal out toward Oregon wine country, with the warm oranges and reds and yellows spreading out across the Willamette Valley. Love fall!

  158. I would ride to our farmer’s market and fill up the basket on the bike to make an awesome picnic for my husband and son.

  159. Fantastic giveaway! I’d like to ride with my husband and a few of our dear friends around the grounds of the Storm King Art Center in New York, and share an afternoon of delicious snacks and great conversation.

  160. I would ride my snazzy cruiser to Golden Gate Park this weekend for the free Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival. I’d bring a hunk of cheese, a few crisp fall apples and a sparkly beverage or two. Heaven!

  161. I would pack the bike and picnic in the car and head up to Maine to ride around, see the foliage, and have a truly New England fall picnic. Great give-away!

  162. Oh what a lovely giveaway! I have adored both of these shops for a while…
    I would so dress up for this picnic, and ride my bike to a park nearby with my bf and my dog. Gingham or tartan style picnic blanket, a cute picnic basket filled with pretty dishes from terrain and some home made goodies…this would be one stylish picnic!

  163. Love it! I live in Denver, which is gorgeous in the fall (and every season)…so I would take a nice little jaunt with my man to Wash Park and lay in a big pile of leaves…

  164. We live close to a darling park with a waterfall & would love to make a habit of picnicking there regularly. What a lovely giveaway!

  165. first, i’d have to convince my husband to get on his bike for the first time in years! then we’d stop by jeni’s, grab a couple cones, and head to the park of roses in columbus, ohio. the fall colors would be lovely there this time of year!

  166. Oooh I would ride with my boyfriend to the Red Hook Lobster Pound, grab a couple of lobster rolls and sit by the water πŸ™‚ … Then maybe get a key lime pie at Steve’s!

  167. Amazing! Such a beautiful bicycle. I would pack the basket with picnic supplies and ride this bike to the lake a few blocks away, with my husband and daughter. We’d bring along some bread for the swans and ducks and watch the sunset.

  168. I just moved close to downtown Dallas and have been wanting to check out a new urban park. I’d first ride over to the farmers market to get all my goodies and then head to the urban oasis!

  169. I’d bike to Torrey Pines State Park, and picnic on the bluffs (so I don’t have to ride back up that killer hill)!

  170. OMG, amazing! I’d ride to Tilden Park in Berkeley. And if I’m feeling really brave, go up the crazy hills to the botanical gardens.

  171. oh, so beautiful!!! i would pack up a baguette, a chunk of cheese, and a bottle of something bubbly and bike over to the field with the fabulous views in our nearby park to watch the deer play while the sun sets. sounds like the perfect fall evening to me…

  172. Such a cool give away πŸ™‚ I would ride over to Burton Chace Park in Marina del Rey. Boats, sea lions, and dog-friendly. And the best part…wearing fall coats instead of sweating it out in the summer!

  173. i’d ride to mount vernon, george washington’s estate, and stop for a picnic somewhere along the potomac river!

  174. What a great giveaway! I’d love to ride this bike around with my boyfriend. He lives near all these trails, parks……and Target (!) so i’ll be picnicing and riding to Target very often. First thing is getting an awesome basket!

  175. Seriously?! This is the best giveaway EVER!!
    In college, there was a state park nearby called Perry Farms. It was filled with acres of bike trails, open fields, and woodland walking paths… I’d love to have another picnic there for old time’s sake πŸ™‚

  176. These look amazing! I live in Atlanta and would definitely bike to Piedmont Park. Makes me want to go now…

  177. these bikes are beautiful!!
    i would ride my bike alongside my husband to our favorite little lookout above downtown birmingham to look at the beautiful skyline.

  178. Adorable! I live in Brooklyn, so first I’d ride over to BKLN Larder to pick up a selection of delicious and stinky cheeses and a baguette, then I’d down to the farmer’s market at Grand Army Plaza, then through Prospect Park to meet up with my friends at our usual picnic and grilling spot in the Nethermead. πŸ™‚

  179. We have a nice greenway about 15 miles away with plenty of little sneak-away spots next to the creek (and even some lil’ waterfalls).

  180. Oh my gosh, this would be amazing. I would bike around my new town, Cedar City, Utah. To the farmers market and stuff πŸ™‚ There is also a really awesome trail just outside of the city and it is GORGEOUS out there.

  181. I’d love to cycle up in the foothills of where we live in Los Angeles and have a sweet picnic with my husband. Great giveaway!

  182. best giveaway ever! i’d ride the bike all over san luis obispo and of course to the beach for a picnic! i love living on the coast! thanks so much for the amazing opportunity joy!

  183. I’d ride down my dirt road with my dog following and stop in the spot where the vineyards overlook the lake. This time of year you can smell the grapes wafting through the Finger Lakes.

  184. I would ride my Brooklyn cruiser to the beach because I am by far way to lazy to walk the 2 miles and who really wants to drive a car to the beach when you live in cruising distance? Plus when people ask me where I got my “RAD” new cruiser I get to say, “I WON IT! I never win anything!”
    Thanks Oh Joy! for keeping me entertained with great posts everyday!

  185. I would go alongside the east river all the way down to Battery Park, or even to Nyack and enjoy the beautiful autumn trees πŸ™‚

  186. I live in Los Angeles but would take my beautiful cruiser to Nantucket to enjoy the last days of summer in the east!

  187. I’d ride the bike anywhere for a picnic! It’s so sweet and definitely a looker. More specifically maybe the park down the street from our house. Love Terrain too, thanks for the chance to win.

  188. I’d ride to the farmers market, pick up some bread, fruit, and cheese then head over to a nearby park overlooking the beach! πŸ™‚

  189. wow! amazing giveaway. i would ride with my husband to belle isle, an island park in the middle of the Detroit river overlooking downtown Detroit and Canada.

  190. I would ride to a park on the river near my house to picnic! …And also along the waterfront downtown…to the restaurants nearby…so many options! We cruise around a lot since we live in a very walkable neighborhood, this would be fantastic!
    Great giveaway! Thank you, thank you!

  191. Wonderful giveaway! I live in center city, Philadelphia, so I’d ride down the Schuylkill trail and have a picnic in the Wissahickon park!!

  192. I’d bike to the park down the street. There is nothing better than our neighborhood park…perfect for fall with the changing leaves.

  193. i would use this bike to explore all of the beautiful fall scenery, picnic, and pick wildflowers outside of philadelphia city limits! thanks for the giveaway contest!

  194. What a fabulous collection of goodies! I would tote them down to the park down the street for a fabulous fall picnic πŸ™‚

  195. My favorite place to picnic is the sculpture garden in Fairmount Park on Kelly Drive in Philadelphia. You have the option of sitting on the cement edge near the water or on the grass near the sculptures. I love the smell of the trees in that area. It can be romantic since it is tucked away from the traffic and you are also near this amazing rock tunnel that people sometimes rock climb on. My bf and I usually grab a big bottle of Chimay, a fresh baguette from Metropolitan Bakery, and whatever cheese we’re in the mood for. Its great for an afternoon or evening!

  196. I would cruise out of the city – maybe to Beacon and visit the Dia museum then afterward, have a picnic on the water!

  197. What a beautiful bike! Also, I am so in love with everything Terrain has.
    If I had this bike and if wishes were fishes, I would ride with my best friend to the Pike Place Market in Seattle for a picnic of mini-doughnuts, samplings from various vendors, and lots of people watching.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  198. I have been dreaming of a new bike all summer. mine has past on to a better place. this one is a beauty–i love the vintage inspired look oh so cute! i would definitely ride this bike to the lake, michigan that is, for a fall picnic on the beach amongst the beached sailboats to watch the waves come in.

  199. I would bike over to Zilker Park and picnic. It’s still so hot here we could take a dip in Barton Springs Pool afterward!

  200. I would pick up some treats on Pearl Street then head up to Chataqua park in Boulder for a nice picnic under the Flatirons!

  201. I’ve been coveting a dutch bike! If I win this, I’d also get the Pinch Bike Stand so I can show it off in my apartment.

  202. What a great fall giveaway! I would love to ride this bike to the Dallas farmers’ market. It’s lovely this time of year.

  203. I would ride around Green Lake, WA for the day and invite all my friends to picnic by the lake with whom I’d share these treats with! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  204. If I had a bike like that I’d cruise along the LA river bike path and have a picnic in Griffith Park. Thank you for the giveaway!

  205. What an adorable bike and set of picnic goodies!!! I would ride the bike to Prospect Park in Brooklyn to have a picnic with my husband and puppy!

  206. Between Terrain and Brooklyn Cruiser there is so much prettiness in this post! I would love to ride down to the river for a little picnic.

  207. I’m moving to San Francisco in days and I am beyond excited about cruising and exploring the city. A new bicycle would be icing on the cake. Yes, please!

  208. This might be my favorite giveaway to date! There’s a private museum with the perfect lawn for a fall picnic just a short bike ride away!

  209. I would peddle down to the dog park with my sweet little fur baby, Nigel Barker (cutest Shih Tzu ever!), tucked into that beautiful basket.

  210. Oh my goodness this bike is so pretty! I would definitely take a ride to Shurz Park on the upper east side of Manhattan and have a nice little picnic overlooking the East River with my hubby-to-be.

  211. Oh my goodness, that bike is SO cute!!! I’d ride it along Chrissy Field toward the Golden Gate Bridge for a picnic. Forget fall — we’re finally getting SUMMER here. Perfect for an ocean-side picnic!

  212. Amazing! I would take a ride in Santa Cruz by the ocean before it gets too cold! Or search for some golden/orange foliage in CA!

  213. Incredible giveaway! We love to picnic at a local park that has hiking trails all around it and private benches to share a snack (or a kiss). My husband’s bike broke recently and we need a new one! To be honest, id take this adorable one and let him ride mine. That’s fair, right?

  214. I’d ride to the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, MA — my favorite place to picnic! I’d probably sit near the amazing bonsai collection.

  215. I would take a bike ride through Yosemite Valley and then stop in the meadow for a picnic lunch to watch the turning leaves and the waterfalls!

  216. I’d ride around the beautiful homes by griffith park and then stop by Trails cafe, grab some goodies and then find a good spot in the park!
    such a great giveaway! thanks!

  217. I would explore a nearby bike trail that I’ve been meaning to visit, but have not yet gone to since I’ve moved to the area 4 years ago. What a great giveaway idea!

  218. What lovely things! I’d hop right on that cruiser and head out for the perfect fall morning breakfast at our favorite local bakery. Followed by a little jaunt to the farmer’s market, of course!

  219. What an amazing giveaway! I’d cruise on over to City Park in Denver and find a spot on the hill behind the science museum overlooking the the trees and the city.

  220. Oooh no you didn’t! Best giveaway Ever, Joy! I would definitely ride the bike around my part of the neighborhood in Philly–probably not beyond that because I would probably be run over by angry drivers. Then I’d stop at Rittenhouse Square Park for a little picnic … thanks for the opportunity to win this! & the discount is a nice bonus, as well!

  221. If I were being realistic, I’d bike to a Long Island vineyard… a long ride, but doable. If I were a champion biker, I’d go all the way up to Maine or Vermont. So pretty up there!

  222. Love this bike! I’d bike to the Cascades – a park that has a small waterfall and a long, winding stream adjacent to the road. There’s also a bright yellow meditation center that goes perfectly with the newly changing leaves. Ah, want to go now!

  223. Oh the places, I’d go… But if I had to pick just one picnic place, I’d love to ride through Griffith Park to the old LA zoo – it seems like such an neat place to have lunch and explore!

  224. What a dream. I’d bike over the Ashley River Bridge to downtown Charleston, take a shortcut through a cobblestone alley, and end up at Waterfront Park for an autumn picnic. Yup, that’s what I’d do.

  225. 101. I would take a ride through LA’s Franklin Village / Los Feliz and head to Griffith Park for a picnic in the Hollywood Hills.
    love your blog, joy!

  226. There’s a bike trail near my apartment that runs all the way to Buffalo Bayou park in downtown, but it’s just a little too far to walk. If I had a bike, I would ride down and have a picnic on any one of the nice flat spots along the bayou.

  227. I’d ride down the LA River bike path to the Betty Davis Picnic Area. There are plenty of picnic tables and lots of tress, and the proximity to Griffith Park and the Equestrian Center means lots of photo opportunities after our meal. Who could ask for anything more?

  228. I would ride my super cute new bike to the Eastern Prom (Portland, Maine) and have a fall picnic overlooking Casco Bay. heaven!

  229. i would LOVE to ride that bike across the Colorado bridge… and look at all the beautiful trees that fill the valley below by the Rose Bowl… that certainly would be a lovely fall day!
    fingers crossed!! thanks for the beautiful blog, Joy!!

  230. i would cruise over to the new brooklyn bridge park and have a relaxing fall picnic and stay until the stars (well maybe lit up skyline) come out.

  231. I would bike down to the Peggy Sue Nature Museum in Chicago and have a picnic in the park along the side of the museum!

  232. My husband is from Holland so we love cycling around town! These cruisers remind me of the ones in Amsterdam! I would love to be able to cruise around Winter Park and have a picnic at my Alma mater Rollins College! Thank you for offering this wonderful giveaway!

  233. These are beautiful!!
    I would take my fall picnic to the small town of Warwick, NY.
    At a short distance from the City…it has lots of great picnic spots, and even more beautiful fall foliage to truly get that autumn feeling!!

  234. Now that the temperature has cooled it’s the perfect time for a cool bike ride to my favorite picnic spot, Roosevelt Island in Washington. It’s covered in trees that will be the most beautiful shades very soon!

  235. i’d walk out of my apartment, jump on my bike and cruise through the city streets, off the pavement and through the forest to Hidden Beach; a retreat in the heart of Minneapolis. It’s October and the leaves are golden and the air is crisp and clean. I find a spot with friends and we sit by the lake, talking and picnicking all the while thinking how calming and exhilarating it is to know that just over those trees, there is a city humming with life.

  236. Fantastic giveaway. I would love a bike for school, and I would bike with a few friends to the local park overlooking the river valley for a picnic!

  237. I would have to go to my favorite spot in prospect park, brooklyn! or perhaps take the ferry over to governor’s island!

  238. I would pack up a baguette, a bottle of red wine,and my kindle and bike down the west side path and then park my self down for a little picnic and reading on one the grassy piers.

  239. this is an incredible giveaway! i would petal this beautiful cruiser over to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, to view the falls and the changing leaves while I enjoy my goodies!

  240. what an incredible giveaway! I would petal this beautiful cruiser over to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis, and watch the falls and the changing leaves as I enjoy my goodies!

  241. Oh I would definitely be riding this sweet bike to the oak tree me and my husband got married under. We try having picnics there a few times a season.

  242. Ahh! Where I wouldn’t go with this bike! For a fall picnic, specifically, I’d ride to Pershing Square for an outdoor urban lunch. πŸ™‚

  243. From my apartment in Brooklyn, I’d ride it across the Williamsburg Bridge, up along the Hudson on the west side, loop around to Central Park, and wander until I find the pefect picnic spot.

  244. I’d pack up my cat and picnic in Rittenhouse!
    (That is, if my cat were a traveling cat. Maybe I could train her?)

  245. swoon. i would scoop up my poor roomate who has been having a crap time of it, make a delicious pile of chocolate desserts and ride down to brighton beach to have a quiet afternoon of relaxing by the water.

  246. We just recently moved to Seattle and have come to realize that this is a biker’s paradise! People are out there riding all the time…rain or shine. I’d love to use this bike to explore the city; in a perfect world today would be a crisp (but dry!) fall morning; I’d grab my husband and we’d make our way towards Greenlake. This is the perfect spot to lay down a cozy blanket, pop open a thermos of hot coffee and people watch! Yes, please; sign me up!

  247. Oh! I’d love to bike to the local farmers’ market, pick up some fresh bread and then head to the closest park – blankets and books in tow!

  248. As a Berkeley gal, I would ride this gorgeous bike to a picnic in Willard Park, and then I’d bike up to College Ave to have a delicious scoop (or two) of Ici Ice Cream for dessert!

  249. I’d ride to my favorite picnic spot- Ravinia! It’s a music venue in the suburbs of Chicago, where people go all out with their picnics. A beautiful night, music in the background, delicious snacks and great friends- what more can a person ask for!?

  250. I’d bike to Prospect Park, once I’m done apartment searching in Brooklyn and find a place to live! Thanks for this opportunity!!

  251. oooh la la! i would ride this beauty to the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh breakfast crepes and strawberries.. and then have a romantic picnic w/ the hubs down by the creek πŸ™‚

  252. I’d ride the bike trail of the Palisades state park along the hudson river in NY enjoying the fall foliage.

  253. I’d ride this bike to beautiful Forest Park in St. Louis Missouri, for a gorgeous fall picnic! oh my goodness–both Terrain and Brooklyn bikes are to die for!

  254. I would ride the bike down the Jones Beach then picnic on the sand, with my better half. Fall is the best time to be at a quiet beach relaxing away from the world.

  255. I would hop over to the Kingfield Farmer’s market in South Minneapolis and then head for an afternoon of sailboat watching at Lake Harriet. Sounds wonderful!

  256. After stopping at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park for some goodies, I would take a ride up Lake Michigan and enjoy the gorgeous views of Chicago that I have been missing out on!

  257. What a fantastic giveaway!
    I would take that bicycle along the reworked railroad path that leads from the ocean into the hills further north. Really, who are we kidding? It depends entirely on energy (cough, cough, fitness, cough) level – flat or hilly?

  258. I’d ride to Forbidden Trail in Wissahickon Park, and people watch, and watch people watching. Love fall!

  259. I live in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn, so I would ride the gorgeous Carroll Gardens Ladies bike to Prospect Park over by the duck pond (that really looks more like a duck lake!). I’d bring my book some delicious cheese and prosciutto, and forget that I still have a job!

  260. I would ride to the new Race Street Pier with my best friend to picnic under the Ben Franklin Bridge and enjoy the fall breeze off the river.

  261. I would take that lovely cruiser to my favorite organic farm stand, and fill up the basket with loads of veggies!

  262. Since I live in Philadelphia I would ride out to Terrain. But I would give the bike to my husband as a gift!

  263. What an awesome giveaway! I would ride my beautiful black cruiser to Vasona Park in Los Gatos and have a picnic of the blaack onion jam, some cheeses, crackers and if I’m feeling naughty some wine too! I can’t imagine anything more romantic than a picnic with my (almost one year married!) husband on a homemade quilt with the autumn sun filtering through fall leaves…

  264. I would Love to ride the Sea wall in Vancouver Canada and have a picnic at second beach while watching all of the people pass by. But if I was looking for a place closer to home i would ride along the LA river and having a loverly lunch in the abandoned zoo at Griffith park.

  265. I’d love to bike to Race St Pier Park in Philadelphia – It’ll be simply gorgeous on a crisp fall day, with the wind from the water and warmth from the sun.

  266. Wonderful giveaway! I’d ride to this park overlooking Puget Sound at dusk and watch the sun go down wearing tons of layers with warm blankets.

  267. Oh boy! These things just scream fun Fall picnic… I would for sure ride the bike down to our farmers market, buy some amazing food, and sit around in the pretty little park next to it. πŸ™‚

  268. I’d love the dutch bike to ride to the local farmer’s market and then to the nearest park for a picnic.

  269. This adorable bike would be perfect for taking my nieces to the local park to enjoy a picnic in this fall weather!

  270. I’ve been dying for a new bike! Would love to ride this to George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate in VA. I’ve lived in DC for a year and still haven’t been. Thanks!

  271. I’d bike our nearby trail that leads to Massapequa State Park. A winding stream and gorgeous fall foliage is with you the entire ride. I can’t wait to bike!

  272. I have a fall picnic planned this weekend! I’d love to bike from my apartment in Queens to Soho, to pick up a cheese basket from Murray’s. Then alllll the way back up to Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park. This bike is sure to inspire envy through the isle of Manhattan.

  273. Crissy Field and Fort Point at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather is absolutely perfect right now!

  274. Oh this is an AMAZING giveaway! I would ride to this little spot along the White River here in Indiana. My beau and I could watch the leaves fall on the water then float by us…sigh…

  275. What an inspiring giveaway! This weekend, I’ll ride down with my family to the park by the library, and pack some fall goodies – sweet potato pie, pasta salad, and a apple cider cocktail of some sort. Sitting amongst the falling leaves and feeling the cool autumn breeze will offer some sublime and much needed relaxation. Thanks for putting together such an inspiring prize!

  276. i’d ride it to the grocery store, pick up some octoberfest and snacks to take back for a picnic on my roof.

  277. I would bike and picnic in the woods near me and do some hiking afterwards. A perfect fall jaunt! Thank you!

  278. What a great giveaway! I’d love to take my boys (two of whom are learning to ride; the grownup husband is already quite proficient!) to the Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle.

  279. What an inspiring prize! I’d ride down with my family to the park by the library, and pack some fall goodness – sweet potato pie and warm apple cider to start with. Sitting amongst the falling leaves and feeling the cool autumn breeze would offer some sublime relaxation and good times with the family. Thanks for putting together such a lovely prize!

  280. What a fantastic cruiser! I would take it down to our local lake and find the perfect spot under the shade of a tree for a fall family picnic.

  281. I love this bike! I would ride it up with my brunch gals up to the cloisters for a sunday picnic brunch. of course picking up some of these tasty goodies too!

  282. My husband and I don’t have a backyard as apartment dwellers in Baltimore City, but we take advantage of having the one of the country’s largest urban park — Druid Hill Park — right across the street. I’d love to ride this bike through our neighborhood and over to the park for a Saturday morning brunch picnic by the reservoir.

  283. I will ride around the beautiful scottsdale greenbelt with my prince, stop for some tacos and beer, then stretch out on the grass and chillax!

  284. I would ride down to Audubon Park in New Orleans to the giant oak tree by the horse stables. Beautiful, tranquil, perfect.

  285. I am in love with that bike! I could use one so bad and havent been able to find one I really like; but this one is perfect! Awesome giveaway!

  286. Beautiful, beautiful bicycles! I can feel the breeze blowing through my hair now!
    I think I would take this bike back to my hometown – Nampa,ID and ride it along the local greenbelt. Then settle in for a picnic with my husband at the train depot with lots of snacks to satisfy this ever growing pregnant belly!

  287. After moving away and back to the West Coast, I’m headed back to Brooklyn in October… and I can’t wait to pack up a little picnic, wrap up in a warm scarf, and head into Prospect Park on my new bike and waste away the hours… in the way I used to take for granted.

  288. Oh I’d love to take a brooklyn cruiser bike out of the city, down the crushed limestone path, and into the woods to hunt for paw paw fruits.

  289. Hmmm, I think would ride up to Lake Hollywood and take pictures with the Hollywood sign and then continue on to Griffith Park to see the old trains at Travel Town Museum and have a picnic.

  290. What an amazing bike, I would have to take it to the beach! crisp fall air, salty sea and a nice picnic with the love of myp. Life, my son!

  291. My husband & I would ride up to Mt. Tabor park in Portland Oregon. We would stop at the base of the park and grab an assortment of treats from the cheese bar & then feast away on our little red Pendleton blanket!

  292. There’s not a lot of natural beauty in Dallas, but we are lucky to live close to White Rock Lake with a bike path around it. We have a bike trailer, so I’ll strap in our two toddlers and take them for a picnic lunch!

  293. I would ride to the park near my house, and then make up a hundred other errands to run so I could be on it all day! GREAT giveaway!

  294. I would drive up to Flagstaff {since it won’t be fall in Phoenix for another 3 months}, and bike around downtown with my best friend. Then of course have a picnic at the park downtown!

  295. 488 comments. oh, my. my husband and i want to move out of LA to portland, oregon. i have dreams of biking to the farmers market and the grocery store, filling up my little bicycle basket with cheeses, fresh fruits, baguettes… and biking with my husband to the park for a picnic. πŸ˜‰

  296. As an enthusiast of picnics–I think I’ve ventured to most places in Washington DC. But I would take this cute bike on my anniversary trip to New York and be a little cheesy and take it to Central Park. I’ve only seen a bit of the park and this would give me the chance to really explore.

  297. Eek such an incredible giveaway… the bike is divine! I would have to ride this bike with my brand new husband just down the street to the park on the east river (NYC). Though we have lived a couple blocks from the park and walk there often we have never settled in for a picnic – I think it’s about time.

  298. !! this lovely bicycle would be perfect for a petit tour in Provence on tiny trails between villages and an off road picnic stop in a lush field of lavender.

  299. I adore this bike – I would ride it to New Salem State Park and have a picnic with my hubby next to an Able Lincoln Statue πŸ™‚

  300. I would ride to Druid Hill Park and have a fall picnic with friends by the reservoir! Such lovely bikes…

  301. I would love to ride through wine county in the Willamette Valley near my home in Portland. We just need the fall rain to go away!

  302. That is a lovely bike (and a great giveaway), Thanks! I have been talking about getting a much lighter bike since I have a toddler seat and a 30-lb. toddler. If I had this, I would install the seat, and the two of us would ride to the library!

  303. Niiiiiice bike! I’d probably ride to Dolores Park through the Mission in San Francisco since our summer has FINALLY started.

  304. I’d take a picnic in my town’s City Park, just down the street. It’s the perfect biking distance to my house.

  305. The bike is beautiful and every time I see a blog post about Terrain I want to hop up to Philly to see it in person. It’s a little far to hop though. Maybe someday.
    I would ride my bike all over the Big D because fall is the perfect season to ride bikes in Texas!

  306. I live right near the W&OD bike trail…so I will bike through scenic VA for a beautiful fall picnic with an awesome view! And those Terrain goodies will fill my picnic basket…along with some yummy cheese and bread! πŸ™‚

  307. holy crap that is one beautiful bike.
    We just moved from Brooklyn to Western Massachusetts so i would be riding and exploring trying to find the perfect spot for me and the kids to set up our picnic

  308. Love the bikes and I spotted a beautiful Pendleton blanket at Terrain that would be perfect for picnics after a fall bike ride! Thanks~

  309. I would ride that beautiful bike outside of the city (Madison) to the Driftless region where there are hills. Perfect spot for a picnic.

  310. I’d join my husband and our one-year-old (who has the cutest bike helmet ever) for a leisurely cruise along the Charles River and a picnic on the Esplanade.

  311. Beautiful bike and an even better name! Being from Brooklyn, I would ride my bike over to Prospect Park for an urban oasis picnic.

  312. I’d find myself a shady spot, invite some friends, and enjoy an afternoon of delightful conversation and delicious goodies.

  313. i would ride through the university in my town and have a picnic on the quad! fall is the perfect time of year for a giveaway like this – i love it!

  314. this is an amazing giveaway! i would love to attach a little kiddie seat to my bike for when my baby gets older & take him to all the local parks & playgrounds!

  315. I would ride this bike all around MPLS’s lake calhoun, find a lovely spot to picnic and enjoy those treats! what fun!

  316. We’d whisk away along the Potomac River and settle down for a lovely picnic among all the beautifully dressed DC Monuments.
    I can see it now.

  317. We’d whisk away along the Potomac River and settle down for a lovely picnic among all the beautifully dressed DC Monuments.
    I can see it now.

  318. This bike is so pretty! I would (carefully) ride over the Williamsburg Bridge by my Lower East Side apartment, and make my way south of Williamsburg towards Prospect Park for a leisurely, spread out picnic with some wine, cheese, and figs. Yum!

  319. Thank you for this opportunity. I’d ride down to Sunset Cliffs Natural Park and watch the waves with my husband and daughter.

  320. so cute! what a great give away. I would ride with my husband and baby to discovery green park to watch an outdoor movie and picnic!

  321. Oooo! We have a new rails to trails bike path that I have yet to explore! I could ride along the Susquehanna and have a picnic overlooking the river!!

  322. Wow, what an amazing giveaway!! Thank you, Joy!
    I would take my bike to the nearby Barnsdall Art Park, a cute little park in LA that has a sculpture garden. To the north you can see the Griffith Observatory. To the southeast, you can see the downtown LA cityscape πŸ™‚

  323. I would ride the bike to Brand Park in Glendale, picnic and then check out an art book from the library on site!
    That bike is the coolest bike ever!

  324. I would bike with my lil dude to the library and then to the fro yo place around the corner from our house….like everyday!

  325. I would ride the bike to Brand Park in Glendale, picnic and check out an art book at the library on site!
    Coolest bike ever!

  326. I would ride to the hidden gem of a park I just found the other day. I would love to have an excuse for another picnic with my husband which we havent done since he proposed!
    Thanks for the GREAT this & that giveaway Joy!

  327. I would ride to the lake by the president’s house at Emory University and have a picnic with my husband!

  328. wow! going on a bike ride tonight to a park about 15 miles out. This one I would bike around town with, try to use it each and every wknd to bike to the grocery!

  329. oh, love!
    i’d ride to brooklyn bridge park to watch the ferries float by at dusk while noshing on delicious goods.

  330. I would ride down the windy lakefront paths of Lake Michigan and picnic on one of the bluffs overlooking the fall foilage πŸ™‚ Picnic perfect!

  331. I would ride to Washington Park in Portland, OR and enjoy the new fall weather during a picnic surrounded by fall leaves!

  332. Oh this giveaway is so amazing!
    I would take a ride to ballard green, a park in my town where I can sit and eat with my boyfriend and dogs and check out the changing leaves as well!

  333. What an amazing giveaway! I would love to pack a picnic (I’ve got my wicker basket ready!) and bike to the sculpture garden at UCLA for a relaxing afternoon.

  334. I’d ride to Mt. Tabor park in Portland, OR for a picnic under the trees and an amazing view of Mt. Hood.

  335. I would cruise thru the main street of my town, pick up some delish subs and then down to the park to sit along the river with my two schnauzers and my wonderful hubs! thanks for the great giveaway!

  336. I’d try to get my butt up the big hill on my street and then ride to a cafe for brunch and a newspaper!

  337. I would cruise thru the main street of my town, pick up some delish subs and then down to the park to sit along the river with my two schnauzers and my wonderful hubs! thanks for the great giveaway!

  338. I would ride to the Dupont farmers market to pick up all the necessities for a picnic. Following that I would ride to my favorite spot on the Potomac to watch the boaters and enjoy the fall picnic.

  339. Oooh! I’d ride to the banks or the Mississippi River and catch some crisp fall air before the long, cold Minnesota winter settles in!

  340. WOW! I would join my husband in a ride to a wonderful park a few miles from our house where we can sit by the lake and admire the bridges and enjoy the art in the park! It is the PERFECT place for a picnic!

  341. How incredible! Everything is so lovely!! I would cruise along our canyon path to see the changing leaves and enjoy a little picnic!

  342. I would love to take a ride with my husband to the local botanical gardens where we got married for a romantic picnic and then over to Gail Ambrosius for some chocolates!

  343. Oh my goodness this is an amazing giveaway!! I live on Balboa Island in Newport Beach and would ride my adorable bike on the ferry and over to the peninsula and have a picnic at the the park overlooking the harbor. Fingers crossed I win!

  344. oh my what a fantastic giveaway. i would bike ride w/ my hubby on the natchez trace. the rolling hills of tennessee are beautiful this time of year!

  345. Our nearby park has an orange grove which would make a lovely little fall picnic spot. Fingers crossed!

  346. Hm… I would first give this bicycle to my new husband, then ride to our local city park (where he proposed to me and where his grandfather proposed to his grandmother) in Upstate NY for a picnic including yummy bread, wine, and cheese. How perfect if we could both ride together and enjoy the season!

  347. ooh. i’d love to take the bikes on the LIRR for a ride in Beacon for a day at the DIA, and a leisurely ride down the riverside for a picnic.

  348. I would ride to the National Mall and have a picnic while gazing at the Capitol and National museums. Or across the 14th St. bridge to watch the planes take off from DCA.

  349. This is honestly the best giveaway ever! I just moved to San Francisco, so riding a bike to Crissy Field for a picnic would be perfect πŸ™‚

  350. I would love to take a ride through my beautiful home city of Cambridge! There’s nothing more lovely than the banks of the Charles River in the fall…

  351. I would ride out to the Palm Springs Ace Hotel and have a lovely pool party picnic considering it is still far too hot out here to actually stay outside without a pool to splash around in!

  352. I love picnics, I have one every year for my birthday. I would transport to June in Central Park and have my annual picnic, arriving very stylishly on this beautiful bike!

  353. I would enjoy the beauty of our nation’s capital (and my new home!) with a bike ride down Rock Creek Park to check out the new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial and picnic near the Tidal Basin.

  354. Oh please pick me! I’m in Northern Virginia, and would ride the Mt. Vernon Trail up to Teddy Roosevelt Island. Great spot for an autumn ride.

  355. Oh my goodness, what a perfect fall giveaway. I am fortunate to live a town over from my childhood home (recently returned) so I would LOVE to take that bike over for a picnic in the park I played in as a child!!

  356. There’s a little park in our town that’s pretty in the fall (pretty by Louisiana standards, it probably doesn’t look like ANYTHING to those of you who have seasons). Very bikeable πŸ™‚

  357. There is a bike trail down to a park down by the river here. It would be a little chilly, so I would have to wear my sweater but it would totally be worth it for warm apple cider and sandwiches down by the water. =)

  358. I would ride the bike to the Esplanade in Boston and watch the sun set along the Charles River while I picnic! Thank you for the opportunity.

  359. Fall is my favorite season and I would love to ride one of these beautiful bikes through Northern Michigan, which is entirely gorgeous this time of year. I would do a scenic bike ride through the fall colors and hopefully end on Lake Michigan with a picnic lunch.

  360. amazing! i would ride to the sweetest little english tea house that just opened up a few blocks from me (yes, i could walk, but why would i if i had a bike like that?)!

  361. would love to ride through the forest preserve to Botanical Gardens on a Saturday morning for their farmers market!

  362. Oh just in time for fall!! I would ride with the hubby at the local parks around Austin πŸ™‚

  363. I would ride that bike around our city park and enjoy a picnic by the lake. Around sunset, of course.

  364. I’d head to our local market to pick up some salads and cheese, then cycle over to the fields at Chapman Elementary here in Portland. The Vaux’s Swifts have started their annual migration, and the elementary school chimney houses the world’s largest roost for the migrating birds. A pretty cool evening picnic spot.
    Thanks for another lovely blog post and a great contest to enter!

  365. I would ride with my husband to the local market/deli, grab some delicious fare, and head to one of our pretty Arkansas parks for a picnic!

  366. They recently built a beautiful meadow park near where I live in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles. That would be the first place I’d ride.

  367. my husband and i were just talking about how much we’d love to ride to the botanic gardens in chicago. i’d also love to ride through the zoo!

  368. it’s finally cooling off here in arizona. i’d ride downtown (just a couple miles from home), pick up a veggie goat cheese sandwich at my favorite lunch spot, and to a nearby park to enjoy the amazing fall weather.
    amazing bike!

  369. would love to ride my {new} bike around brooklyn with my husband to celebrate our one year anniversary. a cute picnic in prospect park for two. sounds lovely! {crossing fingers!}

  370. Woot! I would ride with my husband to Maymont Park, a couple of miles from our house in Richmond, VA, to the spot where he proposed to me almost 6 years ago and gobble down those terrain goodies with some champagne!

  371. I would ride with my husband to a park tucked away in my favorite neighborhood, and lay on a quilt and drink wine all afternoon.

  372. I’d bike down to the Mississippi River Park with my honey and have a picnic near the park where we got married!

  373. I’d load up my dachshund on the fabulous bike for a picnic on the beach to soak up some sunshine : )

  374. This is so exciting! I just learned how to ride a bike!(and at a mere 20 years old too…) I’d go to the tulip garden in Baltimore.

  375. This is so exciting! I just learned how to ride a bike!(and at a mere 20 years old too…) I’d go to the tulip garden in Baltimore.

  376. With a bike like this fab one, I would ride … everywhere! Trying a bit of everything from each passed road stop. I would see the world one peddle at a time.

  377. my little town has a tree-lined rail trail that is magical in the fall. i would cruise a little ways out of town and set up camp along the trail.

  378. I would ride to the local parks for a sweet picnic! There is one that has rescued animals called Bear Hollow. I like the otters they have there, and the bobcat and deer.

  379. What a great giveaway!
    I would ride my bike to the park by the Philadelphia Art Museum, on boat house row, and simple look out at the water while laying on a blanket and eating goodies!

  380. I’ve been wanting to buy a bike to ride the 3 miles down the street to the beach, so I’ll have to pick that as my perfect picnic destination!

  381. I would ride straight to Frick Park to watch the Little League games as the sun sets. I just love watching all the kids playing their hearts out as their parents cheer for them.

  382. I would take a ride down to the Rhododendron Gardens in Portland, and have a picnic with my two best friends. Then I would use the bike to get to my classes every day!

  383. what an amazing bike! I would ride to downtown Athens, GA to North Campus lawn at UGA! one of my favorite placees to go when I was in college.

  384. That bike and picnic set are the perfect match for a fall day in rainy Portland! I’d pack up a cute basket with a local picnic, hop on my new Brooklyn Cruiser bike, and head to Washington Park with my little family.

  385. that bike is gorgeous! i’d pack a picnic and ride over to the venice canals near my apartment. it’s the closest thing to italy a california girl can get! πŸ˜‰

  386. in the cleveland area, we’re lucky to be surrounded by parks. i’d probably head over to the metroparks, and picnic under the trees with family.

  387. What a great bike! I would zip down to the farmer’s market with that basket! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  388. We have a local park where all the kids play baseball and there is an amazing boardwalk through the woods to another park! We’d ride on the trail to the old water works (covered in grafitti) and picnic there!

  389. I’ve been looking for a bike, and my dreams may have come true! I’d ride down to the beach for a little early-Autumn picnic with my husband and kids.

  390. I live in Philadelphia, so I would take my boyfriend on a ride along the river down to the Waterworks. Or maybe we’d make it all the way to Terrain itself!

  391. ooooh, i would love go for a ride on the burke-gillman trail in seattle & have a picnic with my husband at gasworks park to watch the sailboats (this was where we had our first date years ago)! fun πŸ™‚

  392. I would attach a beautiful basket to the front of the bike to hold all of those delicious goodies and then ride to the Gravely Point in Virginia to watch the planes take off as I picnic (hopefully with a handsome man in tow).

  393. A stylish bike like this calls for an metropolitan staycation! I would go on an urban exploration of Brooklyn (where I live), meander among the brownstones and the bodegas, and end up at the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park for a lovely picnic with a scenic view of Manhattan! Cheers!

  394. I’d ride to the graveyard by my house. The city’s oldest graveyard looks out onto the water (Lake Erie) & it’s absolutely beautiful!

  395. I absolutely LOOOOVE this bike! And the goodies are almost too cute to use! If I win, I’ll meet my friends at the local Nature Center park for a picnic and a bike ride. πŸ˜€

  396. I would ride that adorable bike to Maymont Park here in Richmond, Va. and have my fall picnic on their beautiful grounds while the leaves turn!

  397. What a fabulous giveaway!
    If I were to bike to a fall picnic, I’d pick my favorite spot by the willow trees in Delaware Park here in Buffalo.

  398. I would take my sweetie to the wineries for a picnic and use the “Great River Road” so we can see all the beautiful Midwest fall foliage.
    What a great giveway! Thanks Joy!

  399. I would love to have a fall picnic in Dolores Park, SF! I would ride that bike 3,000 miles to get there seeing as I love in Boston πŸ˜›

  400. with bebe in tow…i’d strap him behind and we’d cruise around this reservoir in san mateo that we hiked around last weekend…then meet up with papa for a quiet picnic.

  401. I would ride to the local Oak Park Farmers’ Market to buy some Honeycrisp apples and freshly cooked cinnamon sugar doughnuts…and they’d fit JUUUST right into the bike’s wooden basket!

  402. I would ride down to campus (I go to University of Maryland), and enjoy a picnic on the steps, looking out at the red brick buildings and the leaves turning red and orange!

  403. I would ride that beauty of a bike to the Montpelier Farmers Market, stock up on cider & donuts and have a Saturday brunch picnic.

  404. So cuteeeeeeee!!! Would love to ride it to the Cloisters or even just around Central Park. Oh how I wish I would be the winner!!

  405. I would ride down to Spotts park in Houston to watch the sun set over the city & binge on delicious picnic foods with my close friends (& bf on skype since he is in Oregon). We would relax, sip some octoberfest, and just be happy in that moment. Such a perfect fall giveaway!

  406. I would love to have a little picnic with my husband and dog, Bailey, and then ride the bike path on Cape Cod!

  407. I’d grab my husband and kids and take a cruise to our nearby park that has a great play structure for the kids.

  408. Oh what a wonderful giveaway! I would definitely ride to the middle of a beautiful park in Pittsburgh after stopping to pick up coffee, baked goods, cheese/bread/olives, and wine for a beautiful fall picnic

  409. Oh wow! This giveaway is perfectly exciting! Thank you for offering it. I visited the sites. What gorgeous bikes. I especially like the colors of the tires…
    If I were to ride that on a fall picnic, it would be on a big dirt road in the Colorado mountains collecting aspen leaves. πŸ™‚

  410. This is the best giveaway! I would bike to the waterfront in BK to have a picnic and watch the sunset.

  411. I’d ride out to the farm near our house and have a picnic with my hubby amongst the apple trees. A thermos of hot cider would be the perfect touch, too.

  412. I am in love with this bike!!! I would ride to Golden Gate Park and have a picnic in the botanical garden. I have always loved the succulent section πŸ™‚

  413. I just moved to US and love it! I would ride through Rock Creek Park (the most awesome green space in DC!), continue along National Mall passing all the lovely Smithsonians and park this lovely bike inside National Sculpture Garden for a spot of picnic and jazz every single Friday! Dreams are made of these special little moments. πŸ™‚

  414. I would ride to the park with my boyfriend that is near our house. He has a bike and I have not found one yet! boo

  415. Either prize would be amazing! I just moved to the south west, so for a fall picnic I would definitely load up and go to a place I’ve heard about called the green belt. I need a little more green in my life!

  416. I would ride this awesome bike to the lake and set up a little picnic with my boyfriend by the water! Delightful!

  417. I am looking for a cruiser, this one is perfect! I would ride with my husband for a picnic at a nearby park, we do this every fall and spring πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the chance Joy.

  418. i would hop on my bike and ride down the hill to the beach, husband in tow, to picnic at the beach ~ it would be an epic day no doubt ~ thanks joy*

  419. Oh I’ve been eyeing that bike! I would love to ride around dc and go on a picnic at the arboretum when the fall weather arrives!

  420. There’s a fantastic park about two miles from my house (in El Paso). I’d likely go there with a nifty basket I bought over the summer strapped onto my new bike.

  421. Oh, I would definitely take a ride to the grass in front of the Conservatory of Flowers in SF and enjoy the beautiful fall weather we’ve been having!

  422. Oh, I know exactly where I would go with that sweet cruiser. Fort Collins, Colorado. Old Town Fort Collins is filled with amazing bikes (thank you New Belgium Brewery) and my best friend and I would have a fantastic time cruising around, shopping at all the quaint shops and, of course, pausing for a picnic by the river. P.S. Thanks for introducing me to Terrain. LOVE their lighting!

  423. ohh love this bike! i would love to win this and jump start bike riding again (its been about 10 years…) i would bike the beautiful country roads near my family’s house in southern vermont and enjoy the fall foliage, hopefully followed by a picnic with pumpkin beer!

  424. Along Lakeshore in Incline Village (Lake Tahoe)…this would be the perfect bike to keep at the lake!

  425. I would ride to Daingerfield Island in D.C. with my brand new husband. First, we’d ride to the Italian store in VA for sandwiches, or maybe A. Litteri (our neighborhood) then pack our food up and head to feast on the island watching the airplanes take off from dca πŸ™‚

  426. I live in community called Silver Lake – just east of Hollywood – and we have an amazing Bike Path and new park around the lake reservoir. I would absolutely LOVE to cruise around a few times on that gorgeous set of wheels! And then stop for a gourmet picnic in the park!

  427. I live in community called Silver Lake – just east of Hollywood – and we have an amazing Bike Path and new park around the lake reservoir. I would absolutely LOVE to cruise around a few times on that gorgeous set of wheels! And then stop for a gourmet picnic in the park!

  428. i’d ride around governor’s island, and picnic in the Colonel’s Row. ah, if only it weren’t closed for the season …

  429. Love the bike and Terrain. I’d bike over the the Woodlands Cemetery in Philadelphia and have a picnic overlooking the Schuylkill River. Definitely would bring some crusty bread for that black onion jam.

  430. I live in Philly now, so I’d ride up to Valley Forge and have a picnic with friends. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks to Brooklyn Cruiser and Terrain πŸ™‚ Heck, I may just ride my new bike TO Terrain!

  431. 1. farmer’s market
    2. secret dirt road
    3. even more secret swimming hole/waterfall right off the road

  432. I’d ride down West River Drive and into Fairmount park for my picnic and admire the river and the changing leaves!

  433. Wow! With cooler weather arriving I would take a ride over to the community farm in my neighborhood and take a lovely picnic at sunset!

  434. I would ride to Mt. Bonnell Park with the mister and take in the beautiful view of Austin and the Greenbelt from above the city. What a lovely give-a-way.

  435. Oooooohhhhh Joy!! This is amazing! I have been dying to get a bike so that I can enjoy long Sunday afternoon rides with my mister, but the budget just hasn’t allowed. I would take a different adventure each week to the park, to brunch and any where else the wind might blow…. Thank you for the chance at such a marvelous gift package!

  436. I’d ride with my main squeeze down to the nature preserve I just discovered in my new neighborhood and share a picnic and apple cider!

  437. I would love to have a picnic at Ravinia – the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s summer outdoor venue. My hubby and I moved away from Chicago 4 years ago and this is probably the thing we miss most about Chicago!

  438. Ah, how delightful! I’d head to Ike’s Place for a sandwich, pick up a good Belgium beer at Healthy Spirits, and ride on down to Dolores Park–all the while enjoying a sunny {hopefully!} day in San Francisco!

  439. I would ride to my favorite hidden garden in Golden Gate Park, and have a wonderful picnic surrounded by redwoods.

  440. I would ride out with my husband on the forest preserve path. Or perhaps along the lakeshore. Or maybe just to the park. There are so many choices!

  441. I would take a ride with my husband along the North Shore of Minnesota. There’s nothing like fall color on Lake Superior. Thanks for hosting a great giveaway, Joy!

  442. I would love to load that bike up on my little honda and drive to Monteray Ca and ride along the ocean. Picnic to follow with hot cocoa and lots of blankets!

  443. I’m pretty sure this is the best giveaway ever πŸ™‚
    If I won this bike I would ride around Smith Mountain Lake with my hubby and picnic on a patch of green or empty dock (with the lake as our view of course).

  444. Incredible giveaway! We live outside Boston, so I’d love to take that bike out for a ride around Walden Pond and nestle in under the Fall leaves for a picnic. Perfect!

  445. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for a great giveaway and your blog is great!
    Where my husband and I would ride would be around Old Town Pasadena then over to South Pasadena to have a picnic at Eddie Park!
    What a romantic fall day that would be!

  446. First I’d take my husband to get a bike as cool as mine, then we’d head down to Pazzo for some Gelato, and head back to Griffith Park for a quick ride on the carousel. Perfect day.

  447. OH EM GEE! This bike is calling my name! On a Sunday afternoon I would go on a ride with my husband and dog to a private lake in town, where he actually proposed to me!

  448. I’d bike to the apple orchard for a fall picnic under the ripening apples. And part of the picnic would be there waiting!

  449. I’m loving the feeling of fall and there is no where more beautiful than my Colorado Rocky Mountains. I’d ride through one of our great mountain towns like Vail or Breckenridge to some open space to enjoy a picnic!

  450. Oh my goodness how dreamy! I would ride through the streets of my new town (I’m moving) and look for nice parks where I can have a midnight picnic :).

  451. Since it doesn’t seem like fall will be coming any time soon here in Phoenix, I’m going to have quite a long ride up to Northern Arizona.

  452. Ohmygoodness. I would put my new pup in that basket and peddle down to our local riverfront park to watch the hot air balloons and sky divers.

  453. i’d ride that beautiful bike all the way from key west, fl to the madison, wi arboretum for an afternoon picnic, then up monroe street for an ice cream cone at michaels πŸ™‚

  454. I’d ride that pretty little bike anywhere…but it looks like it’s dying for a ride at the coast…sandy beach picnic, take me awaaaaayyyy!

  455. Such a lovely bicycle! I’d ride it up and down the beach on a beautiful sunny day for a romantic picnic with my husband =)

  456. there are so many lovely places for picnics in chicago (when the weather cooperates), but i think a picnic on the beach with cozy sweaters and something warm to drink would be perfect.

  457. Cruisers are for cruisin- New Orleans is the city to take your time and sit back and enjoy the scenery.

  458. I would ride up to the part of Central Park across from El Museo Del Barrio. It looks like something out of an English fairy tale.

  459. I’d ride my orange bike (that matches the fall leaves) for a picnic in my favorite meadow that’s surrounded by yellow aspens.

  460. Here’s where I wish I lived just a LITTLE bit closer to the city (DC) so I could hop on a bike and ride over to the national mall for a fall picnic. What an amazing giveaway, I am totally inspired for fall!

  461. I would love to ride along the waterfront to sit down for a picnic at Boulevard Park right at sunset with a warm blanket. Fall is the best time of the year for Bellingham sunsets!
    Thanks for the opportunity, Oh Joy!

  462. I would definitely ride over to Hendricks Park before the weather gets to rainy here in Eugene! =)

  463. I live in a meditation center in the mountains, in Red Feather, CO, so with a bike in hand I would ride through any of the countless trails around (probably Elkhorn Creek!) and stop at a spot away from everything to munch on jam over bread slices!

  464. This is such a lovely idea! I’d ride my bike to the beach for the last bit of warmth left in the fall for wine and lobster rolls with my husband.

  465. I would die for this! Not really because I would want to take it around Mirror Lake in beautiful Lake Placid, New York (the foliage is just absolutely amazing, breathtaking really) and have a picnic on the “grassy knoll” with my loveliest friends. I would have to go with the black because I am a simple kind of girl and like to be low key.
    This is just the BEST idea in the world. Ahh fall picnics πŸ™‚

  466. I’d hop on the bike for a ride on the Arroyo Seco path by my home and then into downtown to grab some food from Chinatown then on to picnic in Elysian Park. Fall is perfect to ride around Los Angeles in!

  467. I love seeing women ride classic bikes, its so adorable! Id throw my hubby up on the handle bars and we’d ride off into the sunset!… or down to our local park. Its the perfect picnic spot πŸ™‚

  468. I would love to ride that black Brooklyn Cruiser to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden here in Minnesota. Then I could use the beautiful Terrain goodies to have one last picnic before our big, bad winter comes!!

  469. i would ride to the pond at our local university. it would be the perfect spot for a fall picnic.

  470. I would ride The Strand (nickname for our beach bike lane) from Santa Monica to Venice Beach and contemplate the absence of Fall leaves. Just moved from the East Coast, I miss the colors already!

  471. This seems so dream-like! And both websites are so beautifully designed. I would love to cycle along route 101 from my house up to Carlsbad.

  472. there’s a nice, sort of hidden park in san marino (ca) that i’ve been to for birthday parties. not much car traffic or noise. i’d go there and read a good book while drinking good coffee and eating a morning bun.

  473. Oh my goodness, I loooooove the look of everything here! I would definitely be riding that beauty to work.

  474. What an amazing giveaway! I would take the bike for a detour along a waterfront path on the way to a farmer’s market for lunch.

  475. I would ride this bike everyday! and I would definitely use it to go on a picnic on the prairie because it is so beautiful in the fall. And of course shared with somebody special πŸ™‚

  476. i would load up that basket and ride to bird park. i would read and hang out by myself for an afternoon.
    thanks for the chance to win, but even if i don’t i took a very nice ride in my mind.

  477. So perfect for autumn! I would gather up my family, delicious food, picnic blankets, and head to an outdoor concert in the park.

  478. I’d bike down to an abandoned baseball field around here for one of the few places where you can barely hear city noises and actually see the stars.

  479. I would bike down the streets of Los Angeles, and through the San Fernando Valley. My first stop would be having a picnic at our local Balboa park with a blanket and a picnic fit for two.

  480. I would ride to a small grassy patch of land on the bike trail in my hometown. It would be a long ride for a picnic, but it’d be worth it. πŸ˜‰

  481. I would cycle to the farmer’s market in wayne, PA and put that adorable basket to good use…filling it to the brim with sustainable produce! xo

  482. lovely! I would bike from my house in downtown napa up to thomas keller’s ad hoc in yountville on a sunday for their fried chicken lunch at addendum. have to burn off that chicken somehow!!

  483. Oh, what a lovely bicycle! I’d put my Cockapoo, Muppet, into that front crate and ride through Texas Hill Country to Town Lake. Once there, we’d picnic with friends before playing catch and going for one last swim {the weather is still so warm down here in Austin}!

  484. I’d ride somewhere into the enchanted forests of Glacier National Park in Northern Montana, luring fairies with the elderflower drink.

  485. Gorgeous stuff! In my imagination, I would bike along the cape cod bike path and stop at a little pond for my picnic….as I actually live in nj… The local park will do πŸ™‚

  486. I would go for a ride through the New England forests to pick up my CSA fruit share, stopping to say hello to their 700lb pet pig, Cutie Pie!

  487. I would ride my bike along the new beltline in Atlanta, GA and end up at Freedom Park for a splendid picnic with all of my new goodies. I suppose I could attach a basket to the front and bring my pup Roxanne Roxanne along as well.

  488. I’d head out to Green Lake Park in Seattle (after I graduate) since it’s my favorite place in the whole world to ride around and people-watch next to the lake.

  489. There’s a lovely view of the city of New Orleans when you bike downtown and cross over the Mississippi by the ferry into Algiers. That would be my first place for a delicious picnic!

  490. I would ride through the Virginia countryside past the horse barns and fields as the leaves changes colors and stop by great falls for a picnic on the rocks overlooking the rapids. Its such a beautiful area for a ride.

  491. I’d wear an ankle-length skirt, pack suspenders for the boyfriend, a baguette, some soft creamy brie, a box of figs from trader joe’s, and we’d ride into the sunset and set up camp wherever the sunset leads us.

  492. I would take a ride around Prince Edward Island – my dream destination thanks to a lifelong obsession with “Anne of Green Gables.” I imagine it to be breathtaking in autumn.

  493. I’d take a bike ride through my neighborhood (with my helmet on of course) to The Silver Lake Meadow. I’d eat my goodies, soak up the sun, and enjoy a little down time.

  494. A new bike is on my fall list. I just moved to the San Francisco Bay area and live in the adorable city of Alameda. I’d love to ride my new uber fashionable bike down to the bay and have a fall picnic in the fading light. With my iPod speakers – listening to Iron and Wine of course…perfect fall music

  495. omigosh, my poor, poor bike was stolen from me and i’d love to win a gorgeous new one. my love and i would ride to the nearby spot in downtown LA featured in the movie 500 days of summer. i love that park bench!

  496. I’d go for a ride along the bike trails in the sand dunes on Cape Cod, and have a picnic on the beach. Lovely picks!

  497. i would ride to the beach with a picnic before these lovely fall days are past us πŸ™‚ what an adorable bike!

  498. My husband and I would pack up our yummy picnic and ride up to palos verdes along the coast and enjoy the afternoon sun while whale watching! amazing!

  499. I live in West Los Angeles and I always see a lot of Angelenos and Santa Monicans riding their beach cruisers to the farmers market, fill up their baskets with goodies and bike straight to the beach for a picnic. I would love to do that! Even in fall we still get lovely sun and breeze… perfect for picnic!

  500. Love the bike and the picnic essentials. Since I used to live in Brooklyn, this is especially apt. Sadly, in Eagle Rock there are a lot of uphills – I think I’d ride to Eagle Rock park for a final call picnic hopefully when there is a concert going on.

  501. wonderful old-school bike! i would take the bike to the beach and cruise around the beach in socal then enjoy a huge picnic of cheese, fruits, and desserts with me and my husband

  502. I would ride it along Venice Beach and stop to have a picnic and people watch. There’s isn’t a better place for it.

  503. I would ride on over to Zilker Park home in Austin and find a pleasant little spot for a sweet picnic!

  504. I’d love to ride it from Greenpoint down to Park Slope so I can picnic in Prospect Park! Or maybe the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, on second thought…

  505. What a gorgeous bike, and I’ve recently gotten back on a bike for the first time in more than a decade! Woohoo! I’d continue biking all over my town, dropping kids off at school, going to the library, to the cafe, etc.

  506. I would take a nice Santa Cruz cruise along the frontage roads – particularly in the Capitola area!

  507. the hubby and i LOVE going on picnics! sometimes we just walk out the back door and set-up right behind our apartment building, but when we’re feeling a little more adventurous we go out to the nature park a few blocks away. it’s so nice and peaceful to be outside with the person you love!

  508. Ahh!! i need a new bike!! on this rainy day, i would love to picnic on a nice sunny beach. i imagine riding down the board walk to a nice quiet spot!

  509. I’d love to win this… my bike was stolen this year. I’d definitely ride down to Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis and enjoy the falling leaves.

  510. Oh my heavens, I would ride this little number over to Belle Isle, which is an “island” that sits in the middle of the James River here in Richmond. You get there over a hanging bridge!

  511. That bicycle is so cute! I’d love to have one to ride around Chicago streets in the Fall. Our city is so beautiful during Autumn and I’d love to explore all the great neighborhoods and plop down under a tree for a picnic with my husband!

  512. I have been trying for months to save up for a bike like this! I would love to take my daughter on a picnic at the Boston Common, before it gets too cold.

  513. I would bike to a park called world end (hingham ma) where the world seems to be timeless with a long grass and rolling hills. A view over the ocean filled with sailboats and in the distance the beautiful boston skyline. Biking those dirt paths along with the horses and setting up a picnic rapped in a sweater and laying on a wool blanket seems absolutely perfect for a saturday afternoon in fall.

  514. I love picnics. I would ride this bike to Dock Point with my family for a lovely picnic in Valdez, Alaska.

  515. I would ride my bike to the Nelson Art museum and have a picnic in their lovely sculpture garden. I love that orange bike!

  516. I’d take a nice stroll through Chicago’s beautiful lake front. I’d smile at the jogglers and nod to the fellow bikers. I’d stop at my favorite secret spot on the much forgotten Northerly Island. Enjoying my Honeycrisp apple, crackers and cheese I’d observe the beautiful nature preserve juxtaposed against the Chicago skyline. Many people can’t believe I’ve been without a car for over two years but with this at my finger tips why would you need one?

  517. I’d ride to the beach with my husband and son, sprawl out on a large, plaid wool blanket and enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup from a thermos. Hooray for Fall!

  518. I would ride the SH*& outta that bike-Through the wonderful city of San Francisco with a big smile on my face, enjoy the simply pleasures of life and that moment! Please Pick Me πŸ™‚

  519. I would take my bike over to Roosevelt Island in the East River and bike along the water and then have a picnic at the tip of the island.