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Hope you guys had a great weekend! We had a super relaxing long weekend in Santa Barbara for our mini babymoon {pics to come this week}. I spent the time without my computer, didn't check email, and had no set plans or agenda…tough for a self-employed Type A…but so so needed. We stopped by the Santa Barbara Farmer's Market on Saturday, and I was excited to find some Yellow Barhi Dates from Flying Disc Ranch. They're only in season from September to November so it's been a year since I last enjoyed some. Picked at an earlier stage—before they have the chance to turn brown and dry—the crunchy dates taste like a mix of an apple and coconut with a bit of bitterness. They're crunchy, sweet, and delicious… — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy. Dates can be mail-ordered from Flying Disc Ranch or Shields Date Garden}


  1. Just the pictures of those dates makes my mouth water…then you had to go and add “coconut” to how they taste…Yummalumma!!!
    Congrats on a super fab babymoon!
    Enjoy your week and feeling the little life wriggle & squirm inside you! :o)

  2. As a fellow self-employed Type A, I know how hard that is! So rewarding though, when we finally get around to doing it, ha. Looking forward to seeing your babymoon pics!

  3. I’ve been noticing these in our local super market and have been wondering about them! I’m always too skeptical to buy them because I wasn’t sure how to eat them 🙂

  4. I love fresh dates that are just turning brown and squidgy in parts, so you can get the best of both worlds in one bite, crunchy and sweet and squishy and sweet! Heaven!

  5. I was introduced to these dates here in Sudan – my extended family has a whole grove of them! Though I do prefer to pick out the soft golden brown ones to the bitter yellows…leave those to a happy husband. x

  6. we used to plant these Barhi ones in our house in my homeland Kuwait. Their taste is devine and like no other fruit. Great alternative to cookies for those who love to crunch at tea time! 😛

  7. I love these yellow dates! I always wait for some of my mom’s friends to bring these dates from Mecca, and it’ll be always a pleasure to have these during fasting month! 😀
    I like it more when it gets a little bit ripened 🙂


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