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{fashioned florals} raspberry and cream…



This raspberry and cream cake from Seven Spoons makes a perfect specimen to translate into florals, especially as the local flower market here in Austin had some incredible berry branches for the taking. Taking cues from the contrasting palette, I created this arrangement of crab apple branches, pink ranunculus, yarrow, cream tulips and the raspberry branches and tucked them into a unglazed ceramic vase to capture the modern-yet-rustic appeal. — Liz 

{left photo by Seven Spoons, right photo by Liz for Oh Joy}


  1. Joy, where do you guy for unique snazzy flowers here in LA? Farmer markets? I found the flower truck lady in Santa Monica, but now that I’m back in the valley I need a new spot that has great stuff like dahlias and craspedia billy balls.

  2. Beautiful! I love the combination of the two photos together, there’s something so crisp about the two. And I love the arrangement, those crab apples give it the perfect autumn vibe.


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