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happy friday + a little peek…



Happy Friday guys! I'm a couple weeks away from our due date and thought it would be fun to share a little peek at the baby's room for you. Here's a little corner of the room with the shoes you may have already seen. We found a pair of these awesome vintage dressers on Craigslist {thanks to a tip from Kara}. They're seriously amazing…with seven different colored drawers and gold hardware! I'm feeling so much better now that the room is ready, and I'm eager to have her come into this world whenever she's ready to make her debut. I'll be sure to share photos of the full room once she's here! {Oh, and check out this fun paper doll blogger version of me thanks to Erin and Victoria!} Have a great weekend all! — Joy

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. As a grown woman, I am jealous of your baby room. And of your little girl’s shoes! The colours here are delightful.

  2. Those are the cutest dressers I have EVER seen. Baby Cho is one lucky little gal … do you think she’d want a roommate? haha 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, it’s so pretty, Joy. I love the coloured drawers and don’t get me started on the levels of adorable coming outta that little chap sat upon it!

  4. what a wonderful moment for you and what a stylish child you’re about to have. Thrilled for you! And taking notes for future reference 😉

  5. The same style of “awesome vintage dressers” is what I grew up with in my bedroom. And they were new at the time. The fronts of mine were all painted purple. When they eventually got passed down to my nephew his mom painted the fronts dark blue.

  6. Cute!! I actually have that humidifier and it’s really wonderful. If you use distilled water, you won’t get any chalky residue that some humidifiers can give you.
    And, I totally saw those dressers for sale on craigslist! Glad someone awesome got them!!

  7. So freakin’ cute!!! The colors are even better than I imagined. Can’t wait to see the rest of the room and the new little bundle : )

  8. So beautiful and cheerful! This will inspire creativity in your little one, no doubt.
    I found a dresser exactly like this two days ago (though all white) in a junk shop, but it was missing one of the brass handles. Finding that exactly pull deterred me from the purchase….Any idea where I can find one of those?
    Thanks very much and good luck to you and your cute family! 🙂

  9. @Elizabeth — try searching for “campaign dresser pulls.” A quick google showed a lot of promise. Good luck!
    And Joy, I am dying like everyone else over that dresser! So perfect for your little girl. Can’t wait to (internet-ly) meet her!

  10. As a child, I had a dresser with handles like that! I can’t remember the dresser exactly but I certainly remember the hardware.
    Wishing you the best!

  11. Thanks guys! And yes, youre right, it would be a great DIY project. I was just lucky to find them already painted.
    Will show you more soon 😉

  12. omg. i had that dresser (the set, actually) growing up as a kid. But instead of that nice off-white lacquer, it was wood MDF. It looks so much better in your incarnation!

  13. I discovered your blog right before I had my baby girl in August and have been enjoying following your pregnancy. I love seeing this peek! All the best to you and your about to expand family.

  14. i had that dresser when i was a kid -except mine was white and yellow…just brought back some serious memories for me!

  15. great minds think alike…i have the room service menu from the parker framed as well! i couldn’t leave without it! 🙂

  16. seriously, this is too good. i can not believe you found such a gem on craigslist! and i really can not wait to see her room, i’m sure it’s going to be amazing!

  17. That is an incredible little find, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the room. I love that your blog is slowly dropping in some baby products and mommy hints. It’s nice to get all my interests covered in one blog 🙂

  18. What a cliffhanger!
    I simply can’t wait to see the remainder of the room and cannot figure out how ‘other’ people, (never ever me), find such wonderful things on Craigslist!
    Good luck with the imminent baby arrival:)

  19. So cute and so unique! Any tips from you or Kara where can i possibly get my hands on this this a-ma-zing dresser of yours??! Congrats Joy!

  20. Hi Maggie,
    It’s by a company called Clive Sunshine but I bought it maybe 10 years ago so I am not sure they are still making them.


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