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I'm excited to share the launch of Hatch Collection…a collection of fourteen chic, timeless, and comfortable wardrobe staples to wear before, during, and after pregnancy. As a currently pregnant lady, I really limited my "maternity" wear to just a handful of basics since I knew I wouldn't get to wear them after the baby comes. So, having pieces that can be worn and look great in the non-pregnant stage too, makes you feel like you can really get the most bang for your buck. The draping is gorgeous and the pieces are so lovely and timeless…and a portion of every purchase benefits Every Mother Counts, to improve the lives of girls and women worldwide. 

I'm also thrilled to be serving as the Content Director of the Hatch Collection's blog, Out & About. So, come find me there where I'll be posting various inspirations, outfit ideas {both pregnant and not}, and collections of things for the Hatch girl. — Joy

{photos by Hatch}


  1. these are really beautiful pieces! that orange/red dress is fantastic. i found it so hard to convince myself to buy something that i knew i would only wear for a few months. especially since i was spending all my money on cute baby clothes (that i now know they only wear for a few weeks!) so it is great to see things that you can wear after baby. x

  2. I love this, I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I sometimes justify buying an article of clothing because it will also work when I get pregnant. haha

  3. I find this collection quite hideous. All of these pieces involve HIDING the pregnancy, when a woman is most beautiful when she is pregnant, and she should wear pieces that support and complement her bump, not leave it hanging and cover it up so that no one can see it. Major disappointment.

  4. Hi Cat,
    Sorry to hear you feel that way. I agree with you that the belly bumps should not be covered during pregnancy, but I personally think that the bellies are being shown in these pieces beautifully. Keep in mind, some of the women in these images are not pregnant and some are because the point is that both can wear them. And when youre pregnant, the bump/belly becomes the highlight of the piece.
    Thanks for your note,

  5. Oh these pieces are so beautiful! It always makes me happy to see chic, stylish maternity clothing for when/if my day ever comes. And bonus that they can be worn before and after.

  6. These are all super beautiful pieces. Good looking maternity clothes are almost always ridiculously expensive which is why when I was pregnant I refused to buy many clothes. These are pricey but at least they can be worn after as well. I would especially love the draped dress as seven weeks post partum I still have a few pounds to lose before I can fit into most of my clothes.
    Oh, and here is a good one for you to look into now (and maybe do a post about?); cute breast-feeding clothes. Should you decide to breast-feed there is a lack of clothes out there that work for this. Deep V-necks and button downs work, otherwise you have to wear a nursing tank under something else which just looks bulky and ugly. Although since we are going into the fall you can probably get away with some tanks under cute sweaters. Can you believe this rain we are having today in L.A.?!?

  7. I love these dresses and the idea, but I have to ask, how do these dresses fit on petite Asian women? Would love to see it modeled on women 5’4 and under — or perhaps a petite specific line.

  8. Hi Janice,
    Im only 52 and will be trying some of the pieces soon, so Ill keep you guys posted and also try and show some photos of me in the pieces 😉

  9. I’m currently 20 weeks and super excited to see this! These pieces are all lovely. I’ve been buying drapy, flowy tops that I can wear during and after pregnancy, which has been working pretty well. Splendid, Ella Moss, Three Dots, and Vince are all brands that I’ve found work for me while preggers and will work after as well. I can’t wait to visit this site. Thanks Joy!

  10. Beautiful clothes that both non pregnant and pregnant women can enjoy. Good luck to all those involved with Hatch – hope it’s a total success.
    I must admit, as a fashion concious woman, I have found it less hard than I thought to dress well during pregancy. Im 27 weeks with twins and to my surprise it’s been fairly simple to adapt ‘normal’ clothes to work with a bump. Like you Joy, I’ve simply invested in some basics (maternity jeans and a few vests to go under things) and then I’ve belted larger sizes etc to ‘show off’ the bump and create a shape that is flattering.
    Anyway, I’m blabbing now – but just want other women to know that you don’t have to resort to expensive ‘maternity clothes’ if you don’t want to. Zara, James Pearse, Topshop, H&M and similar have got me through, with just a couple of maternity additions from Isabella Oliver (and those were purchased on sale!).
    Thanks Joy, and good luck with the remainder of your pregnacny. Enjoying following your journey and looking forward to the nursery reveal!

  11. After watching the video I went to the site pleading with the internet that the prices would be realistic for those with a modest/realistic clothing budget.
    The pieces are all stunning and simple but also extremely expensive ($258 for a hoodie?). I could not even justify that for everyday post-pregnancy wear.

  12. I wish this line would have launched when I was pregnant last year!!! These are perfectly effortless pieces with a really beautiful sense of movement to them — so lovely.

  13. Good post. This is the best wardrobe collection during the pregnancy. And these all clothes are looking stylish and comfortable for the fashion conscious women.

  14. This line is beautiful. I love the look of the camel leather jacket and party dress together. Do you know where the leather jacket is from?


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