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sweet & tiny bites in {west hollywood}…







Over the weekend, I went in search of some last little food adventures before my next month is consumed with other new {baby-like} adventures. Very fitting for the tiny things that are about to come into our lives, we stopped by Früute in West Hollywood for some tiny tarts. These mini tarts were displayed and packaged beautifully and, to my surprise, more tasty then I expected. Sometimes pretty things are all looks with no substance, but each one is full of a distinct flavor and personality. I was delighted to find that each packed a punch despite their tiny size. I ordered a mix of eight different flavors with my favorites of the group being the Yuzu, Araguani, Apple Crumble, and Black Pepper. {Oh, and they deliver locally, too. These be such a fun gift to send to a friend in LA!} The exotic flavor combinations were some of my favorites and made the process of indulging so much more fun with the mix-and-match options…— Joy

{top and bottom photos by Früute, other photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Those are the most beautiful little sculptures! Perfect timing for this post (for me, anyway!). We’re taking our nephew to Disneyland, then we are showing him around Los Angeles. Pit stop in West Hollywood now!

  2. I drove by fruute the other night on the way to dinner and at first thought it was a frozen yogurt place, but then saw that it said tarts! I was contemplating going back and trying them, but I definitely will now!

  3. Oh wow, these look amazing! Next time I’m out in LA I’ll definitely need to stop by, I love the look of some of these flavor combinations. Yay for them tasting as good as they look too, I hate that feeling of disappointment when the aesthetics don’t match the flavors.

  4. I heard one of the founders of this company speak at a design conference this weekend, and thought to myself “I wonder if Oh Joy knows about this place?” because it seemed like a place you would love! It’s a collaboration between two sisters and their mom — the mom is the chef, one of the sisters is a graphic designer, and the other is a fashion designer (she’s the one who comes up with what the tarts look like). So glad you found them! The woman speaking at the conference also runs ferroconcrete, a design studio in LA.


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