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a {this & that} winter giveaway…



Get ready for pops of spots this winter with this Virginia Johnson shawl {choose from violet, red, black, or olive} to keep you cozy and that set of polka dot tabletop goodies from Fishs Eddy {4 bowls, 4 glasses, 4 mugs, 1 milk bottle, 1 s&p shaker} to brighten up your winter wardrobe and your table…

To enter, simply visit Virginia Johnson and Fishs Eddy, then leave a comment below telling us your favorite thing about winter. Entries must be posted by this Friday, December 2nd at 9am PST*, and one winner will be chosen at random.

As an extra bonus for all Oh Joy readers, Virginia Johnson is offering a special 15% discount from today through December 6th. Simply enter the code OHJOY at check out {The discount won't show on the total, but will be applied during processing}. Good luck! โ€” Joy

UPDATE: Congrats to Hilary D. from Greensboro, NC (#684) for being the winner this time!

{*Sorry, limited to US residents only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $350 total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close and announced on the bottom of this post soon after. Good luck!}


  1. My favorite thing about winter is cozying up in my apartment with my boyfriend, lighting candles, drinking red wine and watching movies on a Friday night. When it’s so cold, you can’t feel bad about not going out!

  2. My favorite thing about winter is baking break and making soup… and long walks outside with my dog Remington! xo

  3. i grew up in california so i never experienced waking up to a snow day until i moved out here to DC. Snow and snow days are now my favorite things about winter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. The best part of Winter is fresh snow in the evening: fat fluffy snowflakes drifting lazily like feathers from the sky, and the quiet that surrounds.
    Also, catching up to the Netflix queue. And scarves!

  5. My favorite thing about winter is always having an excuse to stay inside so I can watch movies and read books while wrapped in blankets.

  6. I love layering patterns and textures for the perfect winter look…down, fur, leather, and gorgeous scarves like from Virginia Johnson

  7. My favorite thing about winter is waking up early on a cold and bright winter morning and having a hot cup of coffee!

  8. I was just thinking about my favourite thing about winter earlier this morning. I’ve decided, it’s got to be the chance to wear all my fun hatsโ€“I’m not a baseball cap type of girl, but as soon as chilly weather arrives, I’m wearing a different hat every day!

  9. My favorite thing about winter is that I get to go home to Maryland for Christmas to visit my parents and nephew.

  10. I love cuddling on the couch with my sweetheart and being wrapped up in a warm blanket while watching movies! Perfect winter evening. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the Virginia Johnson Shawl btw!

  11. My favorite thing about winter is those early morning Saturdays, when the bf and dog is still sleeping. You think about getting up to start your day, but the bite of the cold and the grey clouds makes you want to stay in bed just..a little.. longer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I thought that moving from the east coast to the west coast would destroy the holidays for me. But my new favorite thing about winter has become translating all of my traditions from the cold to the sunshine.

  13. Would love to win! I love winter when it’s cold and snowy outside and I’m warm and cozy inside with my family!

  14. My favorite thing is having a white Christmas! Though with 60 degrees days in late November, I don’t think it’s happening this year!

  15. Love this giveaway!!
    My favorite part about winter is cuddling by the fireplace with my love. And Christmas lights. LOVE Christmas lights.

  16. Besides Winter accessories? Curling up in my wing back chair with a book and a blanket in front of my decorative brick fire place and pretending it actually works.

  17. Favorite winter thing: comfort food, and eating it guilt free, since you know, it’s cold out and all. Particular favorite is anything covered in melted cheese!

  18. snow, but only because I can take a short drive to be in it but not have to live in snow. I don’t really like getting salt all over my shoes! ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. I love winter, especially now that I’m in sunny Colorado, because of how how happy everyone is! There’s always something to look forward to. Oh, and of course layering all my favorite sweaters, leggings, scarves, etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. My favorite thing about winter is snuggling down with my fiance, drinking hot cocoa on the couch, and holding our kitty ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. My favorite thing about winter is mitten-gloves, scarves, and hot cocoa!
    Oh, and living in a city, so I don’t have to shovel anymore.

  22. My favorite thing about winter is waking up after a snowstorm and seeing the world blanketed in white. And then, assuming I don’t have anything to do that morning, the next best thing is just being able to grab a cup of tea and snuggle up on the couch under a giant blanket.

  23. My favorite thing about winter is getting to wear all the amazing coats I’ve been staring at in my closet. Oh and the boots! Lotsa coats & boots!

  24. My favorite thing about winter is that living in LA means no real winter weather! I grew up in New England and I am so over snow and ice!

  25. My favorite thing about winter is Christmas morning! Family, hot chocolate and peppermint mochas, classic Christmas songs, and watching people’s faces when they open the perfect gift you picked out for them…what could be better? ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. how lovely! in winter, i love the feeling of being cozy and spending time on indoor activities like cooking, crafting and movie-watching!

  27. big family gatherings … the louder the better ๐Ÿ™‚ i also love an excuse to wear scarves and boots. but if i had to choose one thing, i would say that the reason i love winter is because its right before spring!

  28. my favorite thing about winter are the hints of christmas and the holidays everywhere you go – the music, the shops, the holiday drinks at starbucks, and everyone’s happiness that seems to exude during this time of year.

  29. My favorite thing about winter has to be the holiday spirit! I love hearing Christmas music everywhere, driving around seeing all the holiday decor and the extra excuse to bake a little something fun for those I love!

  30. My favorite thing is visiting family that live in cold climates and then coming back to the wonderful world of SoCal. I get just enough real winter and then I get to come back and enjoy the beach. It’s hard to beat!

  31. My favorite thing about winter is taking the opportunity to be more contemplative and calm, since I’m less active in the cold.

  32. My favorite thing about winter is when 30 degrees seems balmy! Living in MN all your life will do that to you ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the giveaway Joy!

  33. My favorite thing about winter is going skiing. And snuggling up with coffee. And warm soup. So many good things!
    Great giveaway. xo

  34. Our dog loves romping around in snow, so one of my favorite winter activities has become watching her leap through the flakes while my husband and I watch from indoors, fresh coffee in hand.

  35. What isn’t my favorite thing about Winter! There’s a reason Maria from the Sound of Music listed a grip of things in her song…I love layers and twinkle lights, grey beautiful skies, brisk weather, bubbly spirits…the list goes on and on!

  36. ooh I love polka dots!
    My favorite thing about winter is getting bundled up to go outside with my love and then when we come back inside having a cup of something warm.

  37. When it’s sunny outside yet chilly enough to wear a coat, that is my favorite part of winter ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. I’m from Minnesota, so winter is my favorite season, of course. My favorite winter activity is definitely playing in the snow. How can you not revel in the excitement of feeling like a kid again, covered head-to-toe in snow gear and barely able to move while attempting to leap into heaping piles of fluffy white snow…cold nose, warm heart ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. My favorite thing about this time of year is that holiday magic that comes with it…people smiling more and being nicer…and a very close second is hot chocolate!!

  40. I love cuddling in a blanket with a good book and a cup of sipping chocolate, after playing with my dog in the snow. ๐Ÿ™‚ Winter is the best!

  41. My favorite thing about winter is taking walks in the snow with my dog, Asterix. It’s hilarious to watch him run around and try to eat all the fluffy white stuff!

  42. My favorite thing about winter is those cozy days when you feel totally justified staying inside all day, curled up with with a coffee, some warm socks, a big thick blanket, my cat and maybe a special someone.

  43. I am obsessed with Fish’s Eddy. When we lived in NYC, I would go there all the time! My favorite thing about winter is Christmas time because the holiday spirit makes everything so special and fun. It’s always a good time!

  44. The best thing about winter is when you come from a cozy heated inside then you walk outside and you take that initial fresh breath of cold air that seeps through your hair and cools the nasal passages. It always reminds me of when I was 7 and came to America and I experienced my first winter!

  45. As much as I hate being in snow, my favorite thing about winter is snow. I love how it looks after it is freshly fallen and how it entices you to just cozy up with some hot chocolate and a snuggly blanket.

  46. Christmas/winter music in stores and twinkle lights – and the way everything looks so calm & peaceful outside when it snows.

  47. I adore Fishs Eddy jadeite cake stands! I also want every single shawl and scarf from Virginia Johnson. And the decorative pillows are too cute! My favorite part of the holidays are the non-stop cooking/eating that my family always does. The fire is burning 24/7 and we veg out all day! I love it!

  48. My favorite thing about winter is getting all bundled up to go outside, on a hike or skiing, and the warm and cozy feeling I get right as I walk inside.

  49. my favorite thing about winter is that my dog runs through the snow and absolutely loves it. it makes the months of snow bearable!

  50. I grew up in the Midwest where my favorite thing about winter was the first snowfall. Everything gets really quiet since the snow sort of acts like insulation and even at night the fresh snow glitters in the dimmest light. The best is being all bundled up and going for a walk around the neighborhood while the snow is still falling quietly.
    That being said, the best thing about winter in SoCal is that the weather is always bearable!

  51. My favorite thing about winter is sleeping in on weekends, and staying bundled up warm in my bed. Also getting to wear cute mittens and hats. Thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚

  52. My favorite thing about winter is getting snowed in and spending the whole day watching movies while cooking something that takes eons to simmer.

  53. My favorite thing about winter is the first snowfall! I haven’t experienced it yet in my city, so I’m still waiting! I love coming home and cozying up while mother nature paints a pretty picture outside ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the giveaway items, so pretty!!

  54. Amazing giveaway! This is my first winter living in a cold climate, so I’m looking forward to bundling up with beautiful scarves and trying to enjoy the cold!

  55. My favorite thing about winter is going to the Holiday traditions I’ve been attending since I was a baby – Holiday open house, Christmas Eve neighborhood brunch, Ice Skating on the pond, and New years dinner! I can’t wait to drive back home (blasting Christmas music, of course)!

  56. I love the Christmas part of winter — quiet snowy evenings, Christmas lights, decorated trees and garlands, candles, time with family, cozying up in front of the fireplace, etc.

  57. Love scarves year-round, but in the winter I don’t look out of place wearing one every day. And also the smell of cinnamon around the holidays, and the sound of a fire crackling in the fireplace.

  58. What a great giveaway! My fave thing about winter is snow, boots, peacoats, and scarves!! We don’t get much snow, so it’s always exciting when we do have to bundle up ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. my favorite thing about winter is making “stick to your ribs” dinners for my boyfriend, and snuggling on snow days! xox

  60. 101. My favorite thing about winter is being bundled up on my couch with a glass of red wine looking at the rain outside!

  61. Favorite thing about winter? Awesome boots, of course! [oh, and a die hard love of christmas carols!]

  62. Well now that I’ve moved away from Chicago, I don’t have to say that the thing I love best about winter is that it ends (eventually, sure, most often in May), but rather, I love love LOVE to wear hats and scarves. It’s driving me insane that it hasn’t gotten properly cold enough here in DC to roll out the winterwear.
    Also, the way the world looks the morning after an insane snowfall. Nothing more beautiful, to my mind.

  63. My favorite thing about winter is meeting friends for hot cups of cocoa and a comforting chat.

  64. I have two favorite things: all the christmas lights twinklin, and the small of woodstove fires from outside people’s houses. I like knowing my neighbors are all warm and cozy at home.

  65. i love both of these. my favorite thing about winter is cooking a warm sunday dinner. it’s too cold to go out and you’ve got all the time to make a nice meal.

  66. My favorite thing about winter is the coziness of the season. I love to settle in and get crafty or just snuggle up with a pet or cute boy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I think I’m in love with that polka-dot milk bottle!
    My favorite thing about winter is filling the pantry with groceries, baking warm cookies, and settling in to hibernate. Those days were jammies are completely acceptable all-day wear and Bing Crosby holiday songs fill the kitchen are the best. Hands down.

  68. My favorite thing about winter is spending Christmas at my grandmother’s in Maine. I love walking in the snowy woods and then coming back and warming up by the fire with hot chocolate!
    Ps. That shawl is so lovely!

  69. my favorite thing about winter is bundling up on the couch next to a fire, drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows on top. or a nice winter ale!
    i live in portland, so we don’t get much snow, but it’s cold and rainy–conditions which make me want to stay inside.

  70. I won’t lie – I love inclement weather. Being originally from southern California, I love driving around in a warm car looking at Christmas lights while it’s freezing cold outside (much better than it being 75 degrees).

  71. my favorite things about winter is playing around with all the layers of clothing you get to wear!

  72. My favorite thing about winter is getting to wear scarves. The only bad thing is that I’m limited to one at a time!

  73. Favorite thing about winter: walking around the house in slippers and making a big pot of soup every weekend.

  74. Sitting around the table with my kids drinking homemade hot chocolate with an avalanche of marshmellows

  75. my favorite thing about winter is that my 2 kitties can’t get enough cuddling! they curl up under my blankets, in the crook of my legs and even directly on top of me when i’m sleeping. call me crazy – but i absolutely love it!

  76. Pretty polka dots! Clearly the best thing about winter is that it’s foxhunting season. (No foxes harmed in the process, I promise. Think people on horses galloping through the woods following a pack of hounds following a scent). So high-speed and exciting, and a good way to spend time in nature with my horse!

  77. Oh my! I have quite a few favorite things to love about winter: cozy fires, the Christmas scent of fir trees, the glow of the snow and sky on a midnight snowshoe expedition, the crackle of ice when you step on a glossy frozen puddle, the fact that it is perfectly acceptable to indulge in hot cocoa on a daily basis, pond hockey and ice skating, sledding, snow forts, snowball fights and of course, the wonderful warmth of down jackets and cozy hats, mittens, scarfs, and shawls. But my number one favorite thing about winter is the bleak, quiet beauty of trees and vines all bare and silhouetted in a woods with fresh snowfall. It is the most silent, perfect, graceful thing ever.

  78. Little cloves in ruby red apples!!! What a fantastic and festive aroma to place by the hearth.

  79. One of my favorite things about winter would be all the holiday decor everywhere you look. I’m a big fan of twinkle lights. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. my favorite part of winter (a new one!): warm hugs from my almost two year old twins after a cold day out. it’s heaven.

  81. I love that during winter and the holiday season, everyone seems to act with more generosity, goodwill, and compassion. It brings such a warmth to the cold gray days!

  82. My favorite thing about winter is dressing in layers. In SoCal.. that’s limited to about one-month (february). So i guess my favorite thing about SoCal winters is the sunshine!

  83. Am I allowed to say that I don’t like winter? We moved from Boston to San Diego 4 years ago and I couldn’t be happier. The only thing I miss are the snow days when I was forced to stay home and work on crafts all day.

  84. My favorite thing about winter is SNOW! I love the beauty of it – not so much the shoveling – but oh well.

  85. My favorite things about winter are hot chocolate with real marshmallows, fireplaces, big snowflakes, cozy socks, and snuggling with my favorite people and pets!

  86. My favorite thing about winter is the rare treat of a snow day here in the South. In fact, it just snowed last night, and it’s gorgeous and glittery outside today!

  87. The best part about winter is all the planning for fun things! It’s all about cozying up to the fire and deciding how to decorate the house and tree, what to bring to christmas party or to get your sister. I love it.

  88. Oh my gosh…this is an amazing giveaway! My favorite thing about winter is getting into my sweats, sitting in front of my fire and drinking hot cocoa or making smores!!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  89. my favorite thing about winter is having the excuse to bundle up in cute and cozy sweaters.

  90. My favorite thing about winter is that I live in Phoenix AZ so I dont get snow or 110+ degree heat, while everyone else is scraping snow off their cars.

  91. My favorite thing about winter is hot chocolate and having an excuse to drink it – especially in a cute Fishs Eddy cup with a beautiful Virginia Johnson shawl!

  92. I especially love the December/holiday part of winter. Everything seems so magical, especially when there’s sparkling snow on the ground. One of my favorite things is to bundle up inside and bake in a cozy sweater, preferably while snow falls outside the windows.

  93. My favorite thing about winter is grabbing coffee at my favorite hometown coffee shop with my twin sis and chatting while we’re both back home for the holidays! (And, of course, my continuing obsession with scarves…) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. fav thing about winter – sitting in front of the fireplace wrapped in a thick blanket + catching snowflakes on my tongue

  95. My favorite thing about winter is the weather. I find it easier to coordinate what to wear: boots, skinny jeans and a coat!

  96. Thank you for the giveaway! My favorite thing about the winter in LA is that I can still go the beach!

  97. My favorite things about winter are the snow, the warm soups and breads I can bake, and being inside a cozy house with good Christmas music playing!

  98. My favorite thing about winter is tramping through the snow right after it falls, when everything is silent and sparkling white! (Reminds me of my foresty-rural childhood in New England)

  99. My favorite things about Winter: Cozy nights by the fire with Family and Friends,smores, Christmas movies and so much more!

  100. My favorite thing about winter is the sky, particularly in New England, where I live. After a storm, the night stars glitter even more brightly than they do in the desert; on sunny days in January, the snowy treeline against an azure sky is better than any day at the beach. There’s just something spiritual about the austere beauty of winter here, and I feel grateful to witness it every year.

  101. My favorite thing about winter is still snow days. My husband is a teacher and I work from home, so we end up getting an unexpected day together.

  102. My favorite thing about winter is all the cute winter accessories- of course! Scarves, gloves, hats, ear muffs, socks, boots…the list goes on and on. I live in Texas so for the few days that it’s actually cold enough to wear these, you must!

  103. My favorite part of the winter is snow days. When they happen it’s generally warmer that some of our frigid days, so we can drink cocoa, watch movies, play in the snow. In WI it happens every year!

  104. My favorite part about winter is walking around my Balboa Island at night with a warm coat and a hot coco while looking at all the amazing decorated houses on the boardwalk and across the bay.

  105. My favorite thing about winter is waking up in the morning to a thick blanket of snow covering everything with white. It’s peaceful and makes everything look beautiful.

  106. Winter is cold and miserable for us here in Illinois but I love playing with hats, colorful gloves, patterned tights and crazy scarfs, to make it more fun. I also love cuddling with my hubby drinking home made cocoa

  107. my favorite thing about winter is staying cozy in bed on sundays when its chilly out! =) you know, being lazy! =)

  108. my favorite thing about winter is making tamales on christmas eve with my family and drinking yummy champurrado (mexican chocolate drink) ๐Ÿ™‚ yum!

  109. baking. I find it too hot to bake much in the summer in Pasadena, but I get all inspired to bake bread and muffins and cookies once it gets cold.

  110. I love being able to light a fire and cuddle up under blankets with my husband.
    Oh, and the smells. Cinnamon, evergreen, vanilla… so calming and wonderful.

  111. My favorite thing about winter is keeping the thermostat as low as i can stand it and cuddling up with mounds of blankets and a book.

  112. My favorite part of Winter is spending time with my family- including my in laws! The traditions I grew up with are so different from the ones my husband grew up with, and it is so fun to experience both!

  113. Cosy cups of tea around the kitchen table after a brisk walk outdoors is my favorite winter activity.

  114. i love the first snow when it is not too bitter cold and the snowflakes find each other and fall slowly creating a floaty snow globe winter scene.

  115. My favorite thing about winter is seeing my adorable nieces and nephews in their big snowsuits, unable to even move their arms + legs from all the “poof”. Oh, and rosy cheeks, hot cocoa and roasting marshmallows!

  116. I LOVE the polka dot set!
    I grew up in a place where the coldest it ever got was 50F. Now that I live in the Midwest, -40F gets a little scary. My favorite thing is to wear thick knitted sweaters at home and feeling cozy under lots of blankets while spending time with the boyfriend. Of course, I also love the Starbucks winter drinks, but who doesn’t?

  117. My favorite part about winter is decorating for the holidays and spending time with my family! Such a lovely T&T giveaway, hope I’m the winner!!!

  118. My favorite part of winter is baking a lot of treats! Thanks to Pinterest, that list is growing! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  119. my favorite thing about winter is snow. i’m originally from LA and now live in the midwest. it’s still a novelty for me.

  120. I have so many favorites! One of my most favorite things about winter is the first sighting of a Starbucks red cup! It is the first signal that the holidays are not far behind!

  121. Toboggans. Hands down, best part of winter. (Although wrapping up in one of those scarves would also rank high on the list.)

  122. Those polka dots are so sweet! My fave thing about winter is how quiet my walks are because of the snow.. I also like the fun sports like ice skating and snowshoeing.

  123. Bundling up! Layers, layers, layers… especially if wearing them involves laying around, sipping a hot beverage, and watching cheesy Christmas movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. My favorite thing about winter is snuggling into my bed with all my blankets, but since it’s my first west coast winter we’ll have to see how cold it gets over here! ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. My favorite thing about winter is snow! I love living in the northeast and can’t wait for the first snowfall ๐Ÿ˜‰

  126. My favorite thing about winter is when small towns put their adorable Christmas decorations out … I’m in school in a small town and coming back after Thanksgiving is magical!

  127. my favorite thing about winter is that it becomes socially acceptable to wear so many layers of clothing – i’m always nice and toasty in winter.

  128. My favorite thing about winter is driving around the city with my fmaily while looking at Christmas lights, listening to good music and drinking hot chocolate. Those are the best nights!

  129. My favorite thing about winter is the shorter days…I might be alone on this one! It just feels cozier to see the homes on my street all lit up in the evening, and covered in holiday lights – and also, nighttime in Florida is about the only time that it gets cold enough!

  130. I am one of those freaks who truly loves winter. The biting cold here in Philly can be rough on my morning commute (I walk), but it’s just… beautiful. And special. And magical. The smells of fires at home and hot chocolate, of Christmas greenery, of holiday cookies and other foods. And all the lights! Sigh. I love it all.

  131. my fave thing about winter is spending time with the whole family… oh, and baking cookies ๐Ÿ™‚

  132. My favorite thing about winter is that it seems to quiet. Like soft quiet, not creepy scary movie quiet. It feels restful.

  133. I grew up in the midwest, so my favorite thing about winter is definitely snow days. The feeling of finding your school scroll on the bottom of the screen and then immediately putting on your snow gear for hours upon hours in the snow. Then, after being wiped out from the snow, I love to put on warm clothes, sip hot chocolate, and watch Christmas movies.

  134. As I live in the SF Bay Area, I love our 40 to 60-degree winter weather that’s perfect for a fashionable scarf, chic coat, and some great boots, but not East Coast bone-chilling cold. (Sunny days are much preferred over rainy ones too, of course!)

  135. My favorite thing about winter is the hussel and bussel of people out and about gathering goods for the holidays.

  136. my favorite thing about winter??!! ahhh! i can’t choose one~ maybe the cold hair and cuddling up with my babies on the couch and watching elf…or my birthday but this year I’m 30! ohmygosh. christmas. i just love christmas and the goodness that is felt and celebrated and given to everyone from everyone during this time. and so so thankful for Christ and getting to celebrate His birth. Man, ok I wayyy went over board. I guess I have more than one favorite…

  137. My favorite things about winter are cozy dinners by the fire, lots of colorful layers, and the beauty and wonder of a first snowfall.

  138. My favorite thing is making a big batch of soup with my husband and cuddling on the couch — as the windows rattle from the winter weather outside.
    Love Virginia Johnson scarves (they’re an addiction!)

  139. My favorite thing about winter is watching my kids and our big dog play together in the snow. They have a blast!

  140. Baking and all the wonderful smells coming from the oven – and relaxing in a comfy chair with a cup of tea and a good book with glances outside to enjoy the winter view.

  141. I love the smells of winter- a newly decorated evergreen, fresh and clean snow, hot apple cider with lots of nutmeg and cloves.

  142. I think my favorite things about Winter are hearty stews and seasonal spices. I love the cozy feeling that’s just hard to find in Summer.

  143. Bundling-up and feeling cozy! With chunky sweaters, wooly boots, warm fires, cups of tea, and plenty of cuddles!

  144. I love making the trip to Wyoming to see my dad’s side of the family. It is so gorgeous there – you can go for walks with snow on the trees without freezing like crazy.

  145. My favorite thing about winter is counting down the days until I can go home, see my family, relax on the beach (I’m from Hawaii), and not be at work for a whole week!

  146. What beautiful scarves and the dinnerware is so much fun!
    I have many winter favourites: cosy evenings in front of the fire; dinner parties with lots of good food and warm mulled wine; all those winter accessories you can brighten a gloomy winter’s day with; and all the beautiful Christmas lights and decorations. Hopefully we see some snow this winter!

  147. My birthday is at the end of January and every time I make super fun birthday plans to rally my friends to go out, we’re slammed with a huge snowstorm or freezing rain so most people cancel at the last minute.
    My favorite part is when that one person you never expect to show up braves the weather with the warmest coat and shows up….it makes for a fun, close-knit birthday party crowd! Winter birthdays are rough – you can’t even buy a cute birthday outfit; too cold!

  148. GASP! i love virginia johnson shawls – ever since you posted them before.
    my favorite thing about winter… is winter is socal is amazing! definitely not missing the cold from the other coast!

  149. I am in love with polka dots! The winter season involves all of my favorite things;accessories, decorating and gift giving. What’s not to like?

  150. Socks warmed by a radiating heat from an old steam heater, the smell of gingerbread, the tracks my pup’s paws leave in the snow, and snuggling up on a cold Sunday morning in footy pjs with my love and all my four-legged loves. These are my favorite things about winter.
    Every year, the list grows longer and winter gets better.
    I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! This blog inspires my design and keeps me current with colorways. I LOVE IT. You are amazing Mrs. Joy!

  151. I live in sunny Arizona and we only get a few precious cool months so I love actually being able to layer clothes and wear coats and scarves!

  152. What I love about winter is that I get to spend more time with my loved ones near and far. ๐Ÿ™‚

  153. My favorite thing about winter is sitting by an open fire. I love the crackle and pop of the wood. A hot cup of hot chocolate makes it even sweeter!

  154. The best thing about Winter is eating comfort food while its snowing outside! Oh and hot chocolate!

  155. My favorite thing about winter is when the streets of the city shut down after a big snow, and everything is untouched and quiet (for a moment).

  156. My two favorite things about winter are wearing cozy sweaters, boots and scarves and knowing that I will see all of my family real soon <3

  157. My favorite thing this winter is snuggling down with my husband, my cat, and this new little one in my belly–and looking forward to his arrival in January!

  158. I love being forced to slow down. I live in Minnesota and there is always a blizzard or two where you literally can not leave you house for a day. Its nice to have a day where you can relax and truly feel like there is nothing else you should be doing.

  159. i love the smells of winter — the cold air, the roaring fires, the warm spices, and pine trees.

  160. My favorite thing in winter… is waking up and finding out school is cancelled for a snow day and snuggling back in bed and reading away the morning while the snow falls.

  161. i love when it snows and everything seems quiet. How the beautiful and gentle snow muffles noises as it falls.

  162. My favorite thing about winter is rushing in from the cold outside into a cozy house, restaurant, store, etc… That first burst of warmness that instantly defrosts you always makes me happy! (I know you can feel it right now)

  163. The best thing about winter? Where to start?!? The whole world sparkles with frost and snow, the holidays are the best (Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day), and it makes us all grateful for the warmth and sunshine that we have!

  164. Planning our winter vacation. My wife and I like to avoid the family for at least one holiday, and we especially like going to a big city over New Year’s Eve.

  165. My favorite thing about winter is being snuggled up warm inside, reading a book and sipping at tea.

  166. My most favorite thing about winter is hot chocolate. I make it my mission to sample every possible chocolatier in the area!

  167. Christmas/holiday lights are one of my favorite things all year and something to look forward to each winter.

  168. I love waiting for December 21st, because then I know, from then on, every day will be getting just a little bit longer light.

  169. The best part about winter is the holiday season, where I get to see all of my family gathered in one place, my mommy makes delicious food, and we get to enjoy the time spent together!

  170. My favorite thing about winter is wrapping up in a cozy sweater, turning up the Christmas music, turning on the tree lights, and spending a long afternoon baking holiday treats.

  171. My favorite thing about winter is watching Love Actually on every count down date they have in the movie (two weeks before christmas etc.) with my roommates, hot chocolate, and usually fresh chocolate chip cookies. A tradition 3 years in the making. and SNOW!

  172. i like taking walks in the winter. i enjoy the cold air on my face but only for a little bit.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. Baking something comforting with my kids, particularly after they’ve come in from the cold with their rosy, rosy cheeks!

  174. I love the baby quilt duck…super cute. Also, that little ‘admit one’ tray…must have. My favorite part about winter is being able to have a nice fire in the fireplace.

  175. My favorite thing about winter is FINALLY being able to wear my flannel polar bear print pjs.
    I live in Hawaii so “winter” means a low of 79 degrees!

  176. Best part of winter is getting to put my freezing cold toes on the leg of my warm hubby and scare the living crap out of him. My favorite part of every night!

  177. winter is by far my favorite season! bundling up with sweaters and scarves, the scenery after a snowfall, keeping warm with mulled wine and hot chocolate, even digging my car out of the snow can be an adventure!

  178. My favorite thing(s) are special winter smells: paperwhites, clementines and christmas trees! Also, I LOVE Virginia Johnson scarves, they are the ultimate in warm winter fun!

  179. My favorite thing about winter is drinking hot cocoa and snuggling up underneath a blanket.

  180. It’s hard to choose just one favorite thing about winter! Walking briskly until you’re warm, spending an evening snuggling and drinking wine, finding your favorite cozy bar to have a pint in with friends, my list can go on. I’m a Canadian transplanted to Georgia, and I really miss proper winters!

  181. LOVE these! my favorite thing about winter is that i live in florida, and the weather is always like the rest of the country’s autumn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  182. My favorite thing about winter is Christmas tree lights, because they are extra pretty with my glasses off and it’s the only advantage to being nearsighted.

  183. I love during Christmas cozing up on the couch with some tea and watching a movie with my favorite people! (with a fire of course and some good snacks)

  184. Both gifts are so pretty! They would bring great color to this blistery, cold day. My favorite part of winter is heading home for Christmas and spending time with the family ๐Ÿ™‚

  185. I love all the layers and colors of winter clothing. Living in the south I really enjoy when the days are cold bundling up and enjoying hot tea and cookies.

  186. My favorite thing about the winter is soft snow wrapping the house into quiet stillness while my husband and the dogs and I say nothing and look out the window.

  187. I live in the snow belt in north western PA. We get a LOT of snow, and winter lasts a LONG time. My favorite thing about winter is spending the evenings with my family wrapped up in a big, cozy blanket with a warm cup of tea in hand.

  188. I just spent way too much time browsing Fishs Eddy. Love it all! And my favorite thing about winter is DEFINITELY cute scarves, boots, and coats. Gotta make the best of it when you live in Boston ๐Ÿ™‚

  189. Those pops of spots are lovely! My favorite thing about winter is being curled up on the couch with a snuggly blanket a mug of (boozed-up) cider, a fire blazing, the boy on my right and a stack of books and magazines on my left.

  190. best thing about wintertime: fireplaces, lowly lit living rooms with candles and blankets, and watching the snow fall. although perhaps this year, i’ll have to make due with fog and mist since i now live in portland ๐Ÿ™‚

  191. My favorite part about winter is staying in bed all morning with my hunny because its too cold to get out of the covers.

  192. My favorite thing about winter is cozying up with a blanket, a good book and some hot chocolate!!

  193. my favorite thing about winter is bundling up in cute winter clothes and spending time with family. I always feel so renewed just in time for the New Year!

  194. My favorite thing about winter is staying in with hot chocolate and blankets during snowstorms. And skating, sledding, snowshoeing. And Christmas… too many good things!
    Great giveaway! xo

  195. I love the morning after a New England snowstorm; everything bright and glittering with fresh snow and ice.

  196. How fun! One of my favorite things about winter is the readymade excuse to eat warm comfort food all winter long! That’s one bright side of a Maine winter- I get to treat myself to good soups & grilled cheese longer!

  197. My favorite thing about winter is the endless stream of holiday dinner parties. There’s nothing better than sharing a lovingly prepared meal with great company when its cold outside but your hearts and bellies are warmed by holiday cheer.

  198. This is the best giveaway! I love Fishs Eddy! My favorite part about winter is the smell in the air, right before it snows. I’m a Southern girl living in the Northeast, so I just love that smell before a snowfall. ๐Ÿ™‚

  199. I love turning the chairs towards the window and watching the snow fall while cuddling with my kitties.

  200. We just had our first snowfall tonight here in southern Indiana…one of my most favorite winter things. I also love curling up with my boyfriend next to a fireplace and reading books together.

  201. I love snow!!! I know a lot of people don’t like it, but I think it is so lovely. I love when it snows at night, and no cars are out, and everything sounds quiet, and the snow is falling in the street lights. I love it. The feel of the cool air, the magic of it all. It’s just breathtaking.

  202. By far my favorite thing about winter is tights, mittens, boots and scarves. I live in such a warm place now that “winter” doesn’t come for very long, but I love it when it does.

  203. winter is my least favorite season, but fireplaces and family time make it pass pretty quick! OH- and lots of hot chocolate!

  204. love virginia johnson! the teal ducks bedding is so sweet and would be great for a little boy’s room!

  205. Favorite things about winter are the holiday season and baking delicious treats for family and friends.

  206. What can I say, longer night means more snuggle/cuddle/waggle time with my baby! ๐Ÿ™‚ AND Hot chocolate, of course.

  207. 101: I love leaving a busy day of work to find buildings and houses adorned with holiday decorations. I feel a nice, warm fuzziness inside when I see them!

  208. Winter to me is the favorite white Christmas holiday during which my house is filled with pine tree smell. Bundled up in my cozy throw, with a favorite book, listening to Christmas music on the radio and enjoying a steamy cup of cinnamon apple, I feel perfectly happy in the wonderland of winter.

  209. I love the warmness of winter. I know that seems a bit odd – warm? winter? cold? Isn’t that an oxymoron? Yes but for some reason, I find myself feeling warm and cozy inside. I enjoy wearing tons of layers with scarves and gloves. I love bundling up by a fireplace with hot chocolate. I find myself smiling more in the winter.

  210. I love sorting through the ornaments, removing them from their boxes. Something about seeing them again after such a long delay, remembering the different trees you’ve had and where each ornament was purchased or found or the person who gave it to you. This is usually an event accompanied by carols and hot cider, which always helps.

  211. building snowmen and making snow angels with my little sisters, hot cocoa, adult snowdays where the office is closed, snowboarding, wearing uggs, watching our pup run through the snow, watching the snow softly fall down and blanket the neighborhood. as a new englander, you learn to appreciate the winter for many things :).

  212. the best thing about winter here in california is the greenery…after living on the east coast where winter is all about grey and snow, it’s such a treat to wake up to a foggy, green morning…

  213. My favorite thing about winter is cozying up inside the house. I do also love taking out warm sweaters, scarves and boots.

  214. I love all the different flavors that only seem to appear at this time of year – peppermint, gingerbread, cinnamon spice, mulled wine, eggnog, xmas cookies… yum!!!

  215. there are sooo many things to love about winter! snow (and snow days), hibernating and baking up a storm, cute knit hats and leather gloves, hot cocoa and snuggling under blankets. i love it all. and i LOVE the beautiful giveaway goodies from Virginia Johnson and Fishs Eddy!

  216. My favorite thing about winter is taking a late night walk after a fresh fallen snow and hearing that “crunching” sound beneath my feet.

  217. My favourite thing about winter is when I can see the sky becomes a bright purple colour during night time from the reflection of the snow on the ground. Especially after a wicked winter snowstorm everything is so still it makes you feel like you in are in a winter wonderland.

  218. Favorite thing about winter is watching all the plum & nectarine orchards turn orange and cover the floors in an orange carpet of leaves. This is my first Christmas as a wife and our first one in our home, so the thought of decorating everything to my liking is so exciting and new

  219. My favorite thing about winter is celebrating ‘Harmonica’ as my five year old calls it with old friends.

  220. My favorite thing about winter is wearing tights with boots and drinking spiced apple cider. ๐Ÿ™‚

  221. My favorite thing about winter is knowing how happy my students are when we have a snow day…and secretly thinking I might have more fun than they do.

  222. Family gatherings! And cooler weather. And so much great food. Is it OK that I chose 3 favorites? Yay winter!

  223. My favorite thing about winter is that it’s the holiday season. For some reason, this season seems to bring out the best in everyone – they are more loving and giving to not only their families, but also to complete strangers. I love that!

  224. winter is my favorite season! i love snow angles and hot cocoa with big fluffy marshmallows, and pine cones and mittens with the strings attached and warm fires, cozy blankets and trimming those trees! super giveaway, joy! xo

  225. Winters in Hawaii are very enjoyable! We love the cooler temperatures (that dip into the high 60’s). However, watching the big surf on the North Shore is our winter favorite!

  226. I love going skiing with the family! Especially since I’m in college and don’t visit them often.

  227. My favorite thing about winter is celebrating New Year’s eve with my family! We have dinner and open gifts!

  228. my favorite thing about winter is right when the snow starts to fall and just ever-so-lightly dusts all the lawns with what looks like a veil of powdery sugar. mmm.

  229. My favorite thing about winter is putting together cozy outfits. . . boots, tights, a sweater dress and a warm coat:). I live in San Francisco, so it’s possible to wear this kind of outfit almost all year long, but it just feels wrong in July!

  230. My favorite thing about winter is the joy I get from texting photos of sunny L.A. to my East Coast friends who have to trudge through dirty wet snow every day. They usually show up a week later at my doorstep with a suitcase full of bikinis.

  231. The spirit and holiday mood. Wanting to be somewhere warm and to share that warmth. It feels different entering a coffee shop when its so cold outside. You can just feel everyone is thankful to be inside where it is warm. Thats the greatest feeling to share that common gratitude. I feel that people are less individualistic during the holidays. They kind of forget to be that way!

  232. The best thing about winter is freshly fallen snow… which eventually becomes the worst thing about winter two days later, when all the traffic and doggies have passed through. But even so, there’s just nothing quite so lovely as fresh snow!

  233. love those polka dot pieces! so girly, and fun!
    my favorite thing about winter is the cuddling, and all the celebrations sprinkled throughout.

  234. My favorite thing about winter is snuggling up in bed with extra blankets!
    retrochick421 at hotmail dot com

  235. 101: My favorite thing about winter is the smell of wood burning in a fireplace, crisp air, baking cookies and eating them when they are warm AND getting together with people you don’t see as often as you should ๐Ÿ™‚

  236. I love winter because warm foods tastes especially magical and delicious (hot pot! soon dobu chige! pho!), and not having to worry about a little tummy bulge because I’m wearing so many layers…haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

  237. my favorite thing about winter is sitting by the fireplace sipping hot chocolate during a snowstorm

  238. My fav – the smell that seems to come in after a really big snow fall. The air is so fresh and clean and it sparkles as the snow spins in the sky!

  239. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT WINTER! I love the snow, that it is cozy, the food, the clothing, the snuggles, skiing. I just love it! Also, my belief is I would rather be cold because I can always put something else on (i.e., another blanket) However, if you are hot at some point you are naked and you are still just hot!

  240. my favorite thing about winter is the first snowfall, which is happening right now in ohio. after about 4 months of this, it gets pretty dreary here though. it’s important to spice it up with lots of color and chaitea

  241. Favorite things about winter: seeing your breath on a cold, crisp night; Christmas lights; the fashions; the holidays!

  242. Winter sunsets are intensely beautiful, even more so as a background for the trees that have shed their leaves. A fire in the fireplace. Hearty stews.

  243. The scrunchy sound of the first winter snow,
    Glittery performances at the panto show
    Smiles that are brought by the suprises wrapped in a big red bow!
    The smell of nostalgia of fresh baking dough
    and like a child at christmas that spirit I shall never outgrow!

  244. i like the baby quilt. what i love about winter is the comfortable sweaters. you can wear big and baggy ones and still be in fashion this year – big love!

  245. My favorite thing about winter is when the snow is lightly falling and it looks like glitter…a perfect time for me and my sweetheart to take a walk! ๐Ÿ™‚

  246. All the time spent in the comfort of home without the guilt of not going out. Staying in, cooking delicious meals that should be appreciated with family and a movie. Love it!

  247. love the first snow and the smell of fresh greenery inside our house throughout December! the polka dotted tabletop things would certainly help brighten the house come january!

  248. My favorite thing about winter is that it causes me to slow down a little bit and spend more time cozy & warm inside while the snow and cold do their thing outside.

  249. My favorite thing about winter is the white snow. Where I grew up, I never had the chance to see snow. Now that I can every year in NYC, I love every winter about it, despite all the snow shoveling and slippery roads.

  250. My absolute favorite thing about winter is the coziness: sitting by the fire wrapped in a blanket on the couch with my friends and family close by while it is snowy and windy outside is such a good feeling. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  251. My favorite thing about winter is just about everything: cold temps, overcast skies, SNOW (even shoveling it!), early sunsets, brisk air… hot tea, cuddling up in a snowstorm on the sofa with a good book, fairy lights, cashmere sweaters, candy-intensive holidays, ice skating, snowshoeing, you name it!

  252. My favorite thing about winter is blizzards and being stuck at home with my loves, baking and playing games for days on end, keeping cozy and occasionally venturing out into the snow to play.

  253. I have lived in the Boston area for my entire life, so we see some pretty spectacular winters. My favorite thing about winter has to be the first snowfall of the season. You never know when it’s going to come – sometimes, like this year, in October! – but when it does, it is always stunning!

  254. My favorite thing is the weather changing,allowing for more cozy nights, soup, fuzzy socks and decorating for Christmas!

  255. My favorite thing about Winter is the ability to wear boots, coats and scarves. I really am made for a colder clime, rather than Los Angeles, but for a couple of months a year, I get to pretend I live somewhere colder.

  256. Long, quiet, peaceful skis in the Colorado woods behind my house. There is nothing like the quiet of a snowy day.

  257. My favorite thing about winter is working from home! I can sit at my desk in my fuzzy boots, drinking hot tea, a furry blanket, with my cat on my lap, and I never have a cold winter car communte!

  258. Since I live in NYC, my favorite thing about winter, are the holiday markets that open up for the holidays. Oh I love hot apple cider during the cool temperatures along with some apple cider donuts. Hot chocolate too! Also, Christmas shopping for the ones I love. I also like it when it snows in NYC. It makes the city seem so calm. Now to come and think of it, there seems to be alot that I like about winter except when its like 0 degrees outside =)

  259. I’m a knitter, so this Winter is the best time of year to keep my loved ones warm and cozy with my handmade hats, scarves, socks, blankets, etc.
    I love when we all go out and are bundled up and we’re all wearing something I’ve made!

  260. My favorite thing about winter is getting cozy on the couch with a mug of tea & looking at the Christmas tree.

  261. My favorite thing about the winter is being at home watching snowflakes fall, with a blanket & a cat on your lap, some hot chocolate and my husband by my side. I also love to bake in the winter — then I crack the oven to add some extra warmth to the house!

  262. My favorite thing about winter is the color of the sky at dusk– it’s a color of dark teal that only exists at this time of year.

  263. I’d have to say the holiday season is my favorite part of winter. Time with family gives me that cozy feeling – and winter is the perfect time to get cozy ๐Ÿ™‚

  264. My favorite thing about winter is all things warm and toasty: the fireplace, candles, mugs of cocoa, slippers, sweaters and bear hugs!

  265. My favorite part of the winter is after it snows a thick and peaceful snow. The sky at night is brighter than it is during the day, except tinted purple-y pink, and there is no darkness to be seen outside.

  266. Winter is my favorite season. I love cold weather, mostly wind, fog, and rain, and I love cold weather clothing and hot beverages. Also, the holiday season means a lot of sparkles, glitter, and twinkling lights.

  267. The best thing about winter is never having to feel guilty about drinking hot chocolate every day. And whipped cream? Yes. Please.

  268. my favorite thing about winter is bundling up in tons of blankets and watching old Disney movies ๐Ÿ™‚

  269. My favorite thing about winter is that it only lasts three months! But when I lived in California, my favorite thing was the thick morning fog. It was beautiful, and I loved to bundle up and take my dog out for a walk in it.

  270. my favorite thing about winter is trampling through the fresh snow. there’s something about putting your boots through a glistening frost-tipped snowbank that reminds me of creme brulee, and i love that!

  271. My favorite thing about winter is breaking out my favorite red J.Crew coat paired with fingerless gloves, sparkly tights, and shiny red lips. Bring on the glittering snow!

  272. I’m a newlywed so I’m thinking my favorite part of winter will be snuggling up with my husband, drinking hot cocoa!

  273. My favorite thing about winter is snow – a silence and beautiful blanket of white that sparkles like diamonds – in Interior Alaska.

  274. My favorite thing about Winter is staying in and keeping warm while cooking/baking for my loved ones.

  275. My favorite thing about winter is drinking hot chocolate and wearing sweaters & boots (and layering)!

  276. My favorite thing about winter is being out in the snow then coming inside for hot chocolate by the fireplace.

  277. My favorite thing about winter is busting out my scarves ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway!

  278. My favorite thing about winter is bundling up myself and the baby for walks, feeling the cold wind on my cheeks and then coming home with pink noses. Love it.

  279. My annual Christmas party! Nothing better than gathering with friends, enjoying cocktails, and munching on homemade snacks and treats. I look forward to it every year (and others have told me they do too!)

  280. My favorite thing about winter is the holidays. I love decorating, sending Christmas cards, making yummy foods, and spending time with friends and family. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  281. a) Warm drinks, b) crackling fires, and c) the smell of crisp winter air that stays on your clothes when you come inside for a & b.

  282. My favorite thing about winter is the layering! Here in Texas, we don’t get cold weather that often or for that long, so we have to make the most of it when winter rolls around. And I like to layer it up!

  283. My favorite thing about winter is just the first few weeks – then I’m over the weather! I don’t LOVE the cold but would feel a little cheated if I didn’t get at least a little of all 4 seasons… I do like roasting stuff all day and making the chilly house smell super cozy though!

  284. My favorite thing about winter is drinking hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire. Or walking around Boston seeing all the lights!

  285. My husband and I’s first child was born 11/15/11, so my favorite thing about winter will be very different this year! Living in Maine we get some snowy winters, I can’t wait for it to be white outside, the fire place lit, and my son and I cuddling on the couch watching movies! He truly is the best holiday gift!

  286. People are so much friendlier and automatically offer a smile or hold a door open. We should remember to be kind throughout the year, but the holidays are a good reminder.

  287. My favorite thing about winter is the holidays. Snow comes in a close second but since I now live in SoCal it’s not actually part of my winter really anymore. This year’s crispness has made the leaves change even in LA so that’s a great surprise that I now will associate with winter even though most places it would be lumped into autumn!
    p.s. I’d never heard of Fishs Eddy before. Very, very dangerous site…

  288. My favorite thing about winter is layering! I like to wear layers and it is the perfect time to do it. Sweaters, coats, gloves, scarfs (polka dots!)

  289. what i love about winter is the guilt free feeling of snuggling up with a good book because it is too cold to go outside.

  290. I’m a huge fan of snow, this year we’ve moved our family home to Cleveland from Chicago so on top of the abundance of snow we’ll be experiencing my favorite thing this year is just being close to all our family and enjoying the holidays with less stress!

  291. my favorite thing about winter is decorating everything white (since it doesnt snow in LA) with pops of holiday colors. those tabletop goodies from fishs eddy is the perfect visual representation of everything I love!

  292. My favorite thing about winter is getting to decorate my new apartment that I am sharing with my awesome long term boyfriend!

  293. I love when it gets cold enough to bundle up, and in southern California, that’s ONLY in the dead of winter!

  294. My favorite thing about winter is my birthday and my wedding anniversary! (December 19 & 15 respectively… oh, and we got married on his birthday!)

  295. my favorite thing about winter is the first beautiful snowfall of the year–we haven’t gotten ours yet here in omaha! I also have a baby this year and I can’t wait to show her the snow. xo

  296. my favorite thing about winter is the winter drinks at starbucks…just had a caramel brulee latte today!

  297. Growing up, my favorite thing about winter was the smell of the crisp, chilly air and rosy cheeks. We don’t get a lot of that now, living in Southern California.

  298. My favorite thing is our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (one of my first gifts to fiance ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and watching my puppy make a bed out of as many blankets and sweaters as he can find. ๐Ÿ™‚ xo.

  299. My favorite part about winter is building a fire and snuggling up by it with my love ๐Ÿ™‚

  300. ONE of my favorite things about winter is that even as an adult I still get snow days (since I work in a school). Sometimes, I will even wear my pjs inside out tk “persuade” the snow “gods” to just let it snow and snow.

  301. My favorite thing about winter is the quiet, pink, snow-cloud filled night sky that happens after a big snow fall!

  302. I love walking around town when all of the Christmas lights are on, especially with a hot drink and good company ๐Ÿ™‚

  303. My favorite thing about winter is skiing on a powder day in the trees. An amazing feeling and such a beautiful setting.

  304. Saunas in the woods
    Nice long ski trips
    Outside snow crunching under my feet
    Winter is my favorite time of year

  305. My favorite thing about winter is getting to wear scarves. (This is not a made-up answer just for this contest!) If my neck isn’t covered, I get really cold, so my scarf love started out that way; but now, I love collecting beautiful scarves (Virginia Johnson has been on my wish list for a LONG time) to make bundling up more pleasant!
    Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  306. My favorite things about winter are making soup every week, baking cookies to enjoy with hot tea and hot cocoa, and cuddling with my favorite person (preferably next to a toasty fire).

  307. I live in Vermont, so it’s a good thing I love winter! My favorite part are all the streets lined with lit trees at night during a snow storm.

  308. Living in So Cal, we don’t get a real winter. So when the weather dips below 65 (bonus if it’s raining) I love to get cozy under fleece blankets and watch Golden Girls reruns all day. Try it. It’s amazing.

  309. My favorite thing about winter is the way the neighborhood looks with freshly fallen snow, before anyone has had a chance to walk in it!

  310. Where I live there aren’t really any seasons, but the cloudy skies, soft drizzles, and slight chill in the air (intermixed with sunny warm days)makes my ‘winter’ the best!

  311. The best part about winter is waking up in the morning after a big snowfall and the yard is just a pristine blanket of snow, untouched by the activities of the day.

  312. My favorite thing about winter is bundling up… and staying inside! I like wearing pajamas, drinking cocoa, reading a book and watching the snow outside!

  313. My favourite thing about Winter is fireplaces. There is nothing better than sitting by the fire with a rug, a book and a cup of tea when it is cold and miserable out.

  314. My favorite thing about winter is going back to my hometown and getting together with all of the friends I grew up with who are visiting home too. We congregate around our parents’ fireplaces and make midnight runs to burger places like we did in high school ๐Ÿ™‚

  315. My favorite part about winter is when you wake up in the morning and know that it’s snowed before you even look outside. Everything sounds quiet and soft.

  316. My favorite thing about winter is spending the extra cold days inside baking warm yummy treats.

  317. My favorite thing is to break out the fleece (blanket, sweatshirt, socks…) and get cozy by the fire. With a book and hot chocolate, preferably.

  318. Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway! My favorite thing about winter is the general excitement everyone gives off in anticipation of the holidays, time with loved ones and welcoming a brand new year! Definitely one of my favorite exciting times of the year.

  319. My favorite thing about winter is listening to Christmas music in bed with a cup of hot chocolate at home, while listening to the rain outside. I live in LA, it rains here in the winter.

  320. my favorite thing about winter, living in florida now, is its not too hot to spend the whole day at the dog beach with my great dane.

  321. My favorite thing of winter is a dreamer’s giddy reverence until, the one day, I wake in the morning hush, winds blowing, uplifting, settling, to diamond glints on the snow.

  322. I love winter because no matter who the person is- there seems to be a sense of comradery between us all aroud the holiday season and we are all put to help one another.

  323. My favorite thing about winter is how quiet it can be in the early, cold mornings. It’s magical when there is so much untouched snow. I just moved South so I will definitely miss those moments.

  324. Your “this & that” pairings are always favorites of mine!
    I can’t help it, I kind of love winter. It’s a toss-up between the seasonal change from coffee to tea, and the fact that my cardigans and boots come out of hiding for a few months. I so love a good chunky sweater!

  325. My favorite thing about winter is going skiing. I love a nice day on the slopes, followed by hot chocolate by the fire.

  326. Pulling out decorations from Xmas’ past and remembering all the good times associated with them.

  327. Winter in San Diego is just cool enough to bundle up in a scarf and a fun jacket. I love feeling cozy! I also like that winter brings with it pumpkin, gingerbread and peppermint flavored treats : )

  328. I live down South, and what I love most about winter is the unpredictable weather. You’re bundling up one day, and two days later you’re out enjoying the sunshine in your tshirt.

  329. My favorite thing about winter is the sparkle from holiday decorations! String lights everywhere, glittering ornaments on Christmas trees โ€“ย the whole world seems to sparkle for a few weeks!

  330. I also grew up in the Midwest… Michigan. So, my favorite thing is the first snowfall or any time it snows and it’s so fresh and untouched. Simply beautiful!

  331. My favorite thing about winter is always the clothing. I live in Florida, and with temperatures in the 80s and 90s most of the year, I dream of wearing my sweater and jacket collection almost the entire year. I love winter!

  332. My favorite thing about winter are the clothes. So much better than summer clothes! I love a warm, soft, snuggly sweater with jeans, and boots. Scarves, coats and mittens….all of it!

  333. I love how quiet it seems to get when it is snowing outside. Growing up in MN I always have loved a quiet winter walk in the snow.

  334. My favorite thing about winter is visiting family, drinking hot chocolate and eating homemade treats!

  335. My favorite thing about winter is looking out over fresh falling snow late at night. It’s so quiet and peaceful (and there’s always the possibility of the a snow day the next morning!).

  336. My favorite thing about winter: The visual touches…White birch trees are king, Pine trees are a much needed touch of green, and colorful knits fill every color in between.

  337. My favorite thing about winter is coming in from the snow and drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows.

  338. I love braving the cold in mittens and scarves knowing I get to come back home to someplace cozy where there will be no shortage of cocoa until the first signs of spring. xo

  339. I love how after snowfall in the city, nightfall never truly comes. The city lights reflecting on the snow give the city the feel of perpetual dusk. Absolutely gorgeous.

  340. Now that I have two kids, winter is more fun! We love going up to the snow. Today we started our Advent Calendar, our third year doing it. I put activities in each day as opposed to stuff. After I had my daughter, I started to miss spending time alone with my older son, and so a tradition was born. While my daughter naps, my son and I do an Advent activity. Best part of winter!!

  341. Winter’s joy: Little hands (and big) incessantly pulling back the curtains to check to see if the snow has finally started to fall, then the deep, deep silence in the middle of the storm. And, of course, the anticipation of spring. ๐Ÿ™‚

  342. I live in NYC and the best thing I love about the winter season are the holiday markets that open up. Sipping hot apple cider with some apple cider donuts is my favorite during the cold season too from the farmer’s market in Union Square. I love the snow in the city because it makes the city seem so calm.

  343. My favorite thing about winter is bundling up in all the cozy clothes. Soft sweaters and scarves especially! Coat and mittens too ๐Ÿ™‚

  344. In the winter I love hot drinks, waking up to my cat laying on my feet, frost on the grass outside, and the thankful feeling that I get that I’m no longer living in the extreme north and getting blasted with snow!

  345. My absolute favorite thing about winter is picking out a Christmas tree for our house. Add hot cocoa, snow boots, and rosy cheeks, and it’s a wonderful day.

  346. My favorite thing about winter is all the snow we get in the Northeast, and watching it come down outside while I sit cozy on the couch with my hubby and cats ๐Ÿ™‚ So peaceful <3

  347. Finally getting relief from the long, hot summers here in Phoenix. I love it when the rare cloudy day comes along and I can pretend I’m in Portland, snuggled on the couch, drinking hot tea. Yum!

  348. The best part about winter is snuggling by a fire surrounded by loved ones. Really there is so many wonderful things about winter but that is one thing I wish I was doing right now :).

  349. So many wonderful things about winter, but right now I’m loving on this eggnog I’m drinking.

  350. My favorite thing about winter is snuggling under the blankets on the sofa with my husband — and this year, with my new baby as well, while watching fat snowflakes cover the ground.

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