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{closet & casa} with audrey woollen…



who: Audrey Woollen, Shop Owner

why audrey rocks: First of all, she appreciates all things letterpress. Her shop is full to the brim with the best paper products around!

in her closet: When I discovered this scarf at Banana Republic, I knew we were meant to be together! It was actually the only one in the store, so I pulled it from a display. It's hard to see in the photos, but there are golden thread woven between the stripes. The combination of neutral colors mixed with the subtle sparkle detail make it the perfect scarf to throw on whether I'm dressing up or down.

in her casa: I'm a huge fan of good lighting. I didn't want a fussy chandelier in our dining room, but I did want something amazing that would inspire me to entertain more at home. This mason jar light fixture from Pottery Barn took the work of some very strong men to install, but it brings me absolute happiness everyday and offers countless moods on it's dimmer.

Thanks Audrey!

{photos by Paul Esposito}


  1. For those of you who haven’t visited urbanic paper in venice, you simply MUST go! it’s amazing + sure to be an instant favorite : )
    loved getting to know audrey a bit better!
    x fallo

  2. Too funny, I knew this store based on the scarf alone! I bought one similar from her store for something like $30, best purchase ever.


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