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  1. cave aged gruyere + trader joes pita crackers. now that you can have wine, i’d say my favorite cheese + crackers involve white wine:)

  2. goat cheese + honey on a crusty baguette or fresh mozerella + roasted balsamic figs
    yummy wish that was what was for lunch!

  3. I love goat cheese from the Surfing Goat Dairy Farm in Kula, Maui on top of crackers or crostini with a little guava or blackberry jelly. The stuff ain’t cheap ($7 for one of those little solo sauce cups at) but is definitely worth it.

  4. OK – way to make me jealous. Back when I was preggers and couldn’t go wine tasting, we went on a cheese tour of norcal. Admittedly, I tried a few smidgens of soft cheese (most were pasteurized though). But now the babe is super gassy so I have to eliminate dairy to see if that helps. So sad 🙁

  5. Pretzel Crisps + Boursin Cheese = me sitting on the couch for half an hour stuffing my face nonstop. Such a delicious combo!


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