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{oh joy eats dessert with} i heart pies…



Who  Emily and Nicholas Confrancesco, owners of I Heart Pies, a local seasonal pie delivery company in LA

Where  Los Angeles, California

Time 6pm

What's a typical dessert for you? Ice cream or mochi! Today it's a caramel brownie and caramel mousse topped with a toasted marshmallow. It's a combination of leftover desserts made for clients and a new caramel mousse pie filling from our test kitchen. If you don't feel like making everything from scratch like we do, you can recreate the caramel brownies by using your favorite brownie mix or recipe. Before baking it, spready a layer of caramel on top of the brownies. Use a knife to run it through the brownies to incorporate the caramel just a bit. You don't want to mix them together, just enough to have a good caramel swirl. Bake until the brownies are done – a toothpick comes out clean. You can recreate the caramel mousse by taking your favorite caramel sauce and folding in whipped cream or buying a really great caramel ice cream. Top the dessert with marshmallows and, if possible, toast with a blowtorch! 

What's your dream/ideal dessert? Reese's Pieces sundae from Friendly's {in that giant fish bowl!}.

How often do you treat yourself to dessert? As a pie company, we treat ourselves to dessert…Way. Too. Often. 🙂

Thanks Emily and Nicholas!

— Joanna

{photos by Nicholas}



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