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Who  Elaine Ho, founder of Chopstick Diner

Where Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Time Being a traditional person at heart, I only have dessert after a meal!

What's a typical dessert for you? I typically have Asian desserts because they're normally not as rich and sweet as American desserts, making them the perfect palette cleanser. I always have Tau Fu Fa if it's available when I'm out, or I make it myself when I crave it. Today I am having a dessert called Bubur Cha Cha comprising of cooked sweet potatoes, yam/taro, and sago, all simmered in a rich base made from coconut milk and rock sugar. 

What's your dream/ideal dessert? I scream for ice cream! I love a good green tea ice cream which is best out of a tub with my two feet up in front of the telly after a day of hard work.

How often do you treat yourself to dessert?  At least twice a week. I do not like to overindulge myself with sweets, so it needs to feel like a treat.

Thanks Elaine!
— Joanna

{photos by Elaine}



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