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{closet & casa} with jen altman…



who: Jen Altman, Photographer & Writer

why jen rocks: I love the dreamy introspective quality of her photography, especially her polaroids!

in her closet: One of the secret pleasures of moving to Asheville, NC is we now live near the J.Crew distribution and retail clearance store. I try to only go about once a month, otherwise it means big trouble. Often, very rare pieces find their way to the racks, and I could not resist this one. It feels like it weighs five pounds, but I wear it all of the time.

in her casa: My mom painted this when she was just 16. It's one of my favorite pieces of art in the whole world. I have several of her paintings. but there's something really extraordinary about this one!

Thanks Jen!

{photos by Jen}



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