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{oh joy eats dessert with} caitlin van horn…



Who  Caitlin (Coco) Van Horn – graphic designer, photo stylist, and mother hen of Roost

Where Birmingham, Alabama

Time 4:15pm – I tend to eat dessert at the oddest of hours! 

What's a typical dessert for you? Living with a grain, lactose, and processed sugar free diet you would think I wouldn't have the luxury of enjoying desserts, but on the contrary there is always something sweet in our house. My favorite indulgences are baked goods made with almond flour. Muffins, scones, cakes, and quick breads are easy to whip up and satisfying on a cold winter's day. Currently in my pantry, I have spiced ginger muffins, which pair perfectly with a glass of mulled cider. Today it's a vanilla and clove panna cotta made with coconut milk and topped with honeyed persimmon and pomegranate seeds. 

What's your dream/ideal dessert? A picnic in the Cotswolds of England with banbury cakes and scones {grain free of course!}, proper tea, a few sheep and my dearest friends.

How often do you treat yourself to dessert?  I usually bake a sweet morsel for my husband and I once a week…making it a special occasion.

Thanks Caitlin!
— Joanna

{photo of dessert by Caitlin, photo of Caitlin by her husband Jordan}


  1. thank you for posting this! i pretty much have the same dietary restrictions (i’m not as good about the processed sugar) and it can be a challenge to find good desserts.

  2. what ever happened to Caitlin Van Horn and her blog and pinterst ?
    she was so inspirational to me – does her work go by some different name I a not aware of ?


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