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tiny sandwiches…




For some reason, I've been seeing ficelle sandwiches—slender, mini baguettes—all over LA lately. I love these little sandwich offspring because I can easily mix and match without having to commit to one, large sandwich of one flavor or type. My favorites are the cucumber and goat cheese version at Broome St. General Store, the Ham & Cheese at Bottega Louie, and the Smoked Salmon version at Lamill {shown above}. Now, I just need to start making some myself at home for some ready-on-the-whim mini bites! What other combos would make for a tasty & tiny sandwich? — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Mmmmm! Those are very European. All over France, Spain and Greece, I ate these delicious, slender baguettes with the most surprising fillings…in Greece they seem to put fried egg in every sandwich…even tuna! I could go for a tasty caprese baguette right about now. P.S. LOVE your tray!

  2. Whenever I am in France (which is once a year, as my mom’s French), I practically live of baguettes with some butter, lettuce, tomato, shredded chicken and some dijon mustard. It is quite wonderful.
    I also saw a great burger recipe some days ago which could be adjusted for ficelles: Some mango chutney and chicken breast. Put some fried onions on there, too, and maybe some bell peppers. A joghurt-mint-dip could accompany it.

  3. Proof in Atwater has great ones too. I had a beet, goat cheese, and crispy potato one there a month or so ago. Delicious!

  4. These are all over Europe and I honestly miss them now that I am back in the states. There is something to be said for a simple, small (but YUMMY) sandwich. Perfect!

  5. My favorite lately is watercress and pear, with a teeny splash of balsamic vinegar. Adding bacon is also quite a delicious idea. Tiny sandwiches are the best as I often can’t make up my mind on just one choice.

  6. These look so tasty, especially the smoked salmon one. I’d love to make one with a fruit jam, meat, and cheese, like fig, prosciutto, and brie.

  7. I feel you- I can never make a decision at a sandwich shop. Then I tell myself, “get a grip, you can always come back and try another day.” Ahhh the stresses of loving food too much. :)That being said, I must admit my fav sandwich would be really good ham on tiny buttered baguette. Simple.

  8. When I was studying in Barcelona I ate tortilla espanola sandwiches ALL the time – they put a slice of a spanish omelette in a baguette and it’s an absolutely divine combination.

  9. you must try the ones they’ve got at three square bakery (the more casual side) on abbot kinney if you haven’t yet. they have mini pretezel baguettes. mmm

  10. You have to try the ones at Joan’s on 3rd. Ham and brie. I can’t go anywhere near 3rd street without stopping in for one.


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