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a fish taco & shrimp po’ boy hunt {east side}…



Over the holiday break, I had a huge craving for fish tacos. I've had a hard time finding Mexican food {especially fish tacos} in LA as good as my favorite spot in San Diego. But after much extensive and belly-filling research, my newest go-to spots are Ricky's Fish Tacos in E. Hollywood {he sets up camp in a parking lot and serves the freshest fish & shrimp tacos}, Mixto in Silver Lake {great burritos & roasted corn, too!}, and an unexpected find, a shrimp po' boy at my favorite burger place, Umami Burger in Los Feliz {a nice change from a burger, even though I love their burgers}. Any other taco & po' boy spots you guys love? My mouth waters just thinking about these… — Joy

{iPhone photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Sweetsalt in Toluca Lake has a really good shrimp po’boy with potato chips in it. It might not be a traditional po’boy but it’s one of my favorite sandwiches in LA.

  2. I just discovered shrimp po’ boys on my recent trips to Louisiana. That’s definitely not a bad way to go. I’ll have to keep a list of suggestions that come up from here for next time I end up out in Los Angeles!

  3. Best Fish Tacos in Ensenada! We were just there yesterday and they’ve even got a nice new patio – so cheap and delicious.

  4. Ohh I gotta try Ricky’s. We just went to the Best Fish Taco in Ensenada in Los Feliz and it was pretty delicious, but pretty basic and plain.

  5. I don’t even know where to begin- so much to say! First of all, that first fish taco above literally made me salivate. I LOVE fish tacos!
    I can’t limit my taco commentary to strictly fish tacos, so on that note- Loteria at the Farmer’s Market is probably my favorite place for taco, especially the cochnita pibil, it’s crazy delicious! Tinga on La Brea is also really good with inventive tacos. I’ve heard Yuca’s on the East side is awesome, but haven’t tried that first hand. GumboPot at the original Farmer’s Market has po boys that look yummy! Sky’s Tacos in Pico is interesting and has a generously sized taco that strays from the beaten path. There’s also a taco truck that is ALWAYS at Venice/La Cienega- they are yummy!Lastly, for fish tacos, Fish Grill doesn’t have an authentic Ensenada style taco, but they are grilled and healthy and really good!

  6. I love fish tacos! Your photos are making me crave them right now. Never tried Ricky’s, but I always love the casual or hole in the wall taco places so I might have to try it. The fish taco at Mission Cantina is good too, more of a street style one though.

  7. My favorite tacos al pastor are at Tacos Leo in the 76 gas station at Venice and La Brea- they serve the al pastor in front of the truck after 7pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights for $1!! For other authentic Mexican food in LA check out my friend Bill Esparza’s website: He knows all of the best places in Boyle Heights, etc. And you already found my favorite baja fish tacos- Ricky is the best!

  8. You must try Senor Fish downtown! Their fish tacos are fantastic… so great that my husband and I had our rehearsal dinner there four years ago so that all of our family and friends could try them too!


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