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When you're nursing, you expend so much energy and calories {they say something like 500 calories a day!} that I find myself so thirsty and eating everything in sight—much like a teenage boy. In addition to eating large meals and snacking a TON, I have been craving juice like crazy. Since I drink so much of it, I've been trying to stick to options that don't have added sugar {as I'd rather save the processed sugars for dessert}! So my new favorites are the super fresh and delicious juices from Pressed Juicery. Available locally in LA or online, Pressed is known for their juice cleanses, but since I need all the food and calories I can get to feed Ruby, I drink them additionally to all of my meals and snacks to stay hydrated while also getting all the nutrition and tastiness of their fruity combinations. My favorites are: Carrot Coconut, Apple Lemon Ginger, Beet Apple Lemon Ginger, and the Strawberry Apple Lime…oh, and the Almond Milk {not shown} is SO good with cereal! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy. Juices from Pressed Juicery}


  1. I completely know what you mean Joy! I am always looking for healthy foods and breastfeeding makes my appetite insanely HUGE! I think twice before I put foods in my mouth these days…have you tried Kale Chips? they are pretty good – a nice alternative to chips, and very tasty! How’s the sleep training going? My babe is almost 10 weeks now, so pretty soon I’ll be getting started…

  2. hey joy. i’ve never commented here before, although i’ve been a superfan for ages, but i just had to pass on a tip from one breastfeeding vet (my lovelies are four and two and they both guzzled breastmilk/are guzzling until two years old ish): anyhow,the tip is this: COCONUT WATER. know ye of it? it’s apparently like a trillion times more hydrating than water, and it really feels like it when you start quaffing. also, if you eat loads of raw stuff, which i kinda do absent-mindedly, like carrots and cucumbers, you’re actually hydrating yourself too, because they contain so much water. all the best!

  3. Hi Meg,
    Thank you! Yes, I love coconut water. I actually drank a TON of it while I was pregnant so Im kind of burnt out on it right now.
    But its amazing stuff!


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