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happy friday + living in the moment…




Happy Friday friends! Last week, we celebrated Ruby's 100 Days—a Korean tradition called "baek-il" on Bob's side of the family. We had a small gathering with some family in LA, and Bob's mom flew in from Philly for the occasion. We ate a ton of delicious homemade Korean food, and Ruby got dressed up in a little hanbok {Korean dress}. She wasn't too thrilled about having to wear so many outfits that day and had a bit of grumpy face {said face above}, but it was a fun day nonetheless to celebrate our little lady. It made me realize how fast time really does fly. I've been limiting my work schedule and taking on less projects then usual to be able to spend time with her while she's so young and growing so fast. As guilty as I sometimes feel for not working as much as I did last year, I also feel so lucky that I have the flexibility in my business to cater my work around my personal life and make my baby a priority in this stage her life. All of those years I've spent building up my business was to be able to have this flexibility that I have now. So, here I am…doing my best to soak up every day {this is what a typical day is like now}. Here's to a great weekend to all of you and all those moments you get to enjoy with your loved ones! — Joy

{photos by Itoko}


  1. How exciting!! Grumpy face or not your daughter is precious! I am so jealous of your flexible work schedule, but am happy for you because they do grow SO FAST!
    Happy Friday 🙂

  2. Even though I am not a Mom (yet), I think about this topic all the time. How will I balance my own freelance design business with having a baby one day. I just hope that my business is where it needs to be in order for me to have the freedom that you now have. You are one lucky, and hard working, Mama! 🙂 Enjoy it all!

  3. She is lovely. How sweet and wonderful that you are able to be home part of the time– it is such a privilege, and probably one of the only decisions in life that is regret-proof. We never look back on our life and wish we had worked more and spent less time with our kids. Soak it up!

  4. she is absolutely gorgeous! spending time with your small person is surely the most important thing you could ever do 🙂

  5. You’re so inspiring! Love your blog, and especially love all your mommy updates as I’m about to enter motherhood myself!

  6. Aww… I can’t get over how beautiful miss Ruby is. Please don’t feel guilty about working less. You are working and being a wonderful mom to your beautiful daughter is the most amazing thing.
    ” All of those years I’ve spent building up my business was to be able to have this flexibility that I have now.” I’m no where near having children, but I work my bum off now and fingers crossed all that hard work will help me find that work/life balance that you’re speaking of. Such an inspiring post:)

  7. Joy: Ruby is so precious and cute! My little one will turn one next week, and it’s hard to imagine that she once was as small as your daughter is right now. It’s good to slow down and enjoy the moments. The days do go by so quickly!

  8. Congratulations, Joy! I love her wrap! I started following you on pinterest and subscribed to your blog a while ago when I bought your book and found it incredibly helpful as I launched my business last year.
    In Singapore, we celebrate the first month with red eggs and a party. I think the babies are a little small still and for mummy, things have hardly settled down. 100 days sounds like it would be more ideal. Unfortunately, we can’t choose our traditions 😉

  9. Wonderful post! I don’t have children, but watching my nephew grow up so quickly has me working towards a life career that can allow flexibility when the time comes as well. Hard work does pay off! And Congrats to Miss Ruby on her 100 days 🙂

  10. Happy 100 days, Ruby! Are you going to do the stacked fruit on her first? Do people still do that? My roommates and I have our baby photos down the wall, and I love the photo of her 1st birthday with the doljanchi.


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