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  1. i got the pale pink balloons last valentine’s and once they were all blown up they looked like, well, a bit like…women’s parts. But the red ones are safe. Just a word to the wise.

  2. Aww, I just picked up those red and pink heart shaped balloons from target last week! How can one resist? 😉 <3

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  5. Love the heart-shaped balloons! Am a huge balloon fan and think these would be the best surprise gift for someone on Valentine’s Day.
    Might have to hand out single balloons to strangers on the street! Would love to capture their reactions if I did that during morning rush hour on Valentine’s Day.

  6. Pretty… but, without spoiling anyone else’s fun, I hope you will give us some happy anti-Valentine’s day design cheer, for those of us who are not as into the holiday!


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