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I was thinking the other day how you never really see a solely orange-based smoothie, and I missed that orange creamsicle-like flavor from one of my favorite stops at the mall, Orange Julius, as a kid. So, I sought out to recreate one with all natural ingredients, and it's since been my favorite treat this week. I combined one container of Chobani Champions Orange Vanilla yogurt {perfect size for making one smoothie!}, a Jolly Llama mango sorbet pop, and freshly squeezed orange juice in the blender {no ice needed because of the cold pop}…and voilà…orange creamsicle smoothie goodness! — Joy

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. This looks fabulous, and the photo is beautiful (as usual). I always crave Orange Julius and figured out how to make them myself a few years back. This is also all natural (though if you are one who believes that fat that comes from creams is bad for you, it likely is not for you. I am a Nourishing Traditions believer, so this is all pretty healthy by those beliefs):
    Whip cream in blender before adding other ingredients
    Fresh squeezed orange juice
    agave nectar to sweeten (you could use sugar, too, of course)
    Tastes EXACTLY like Orange Julius (we ran across one of the stores at a outlet mall in NJ last summer, so the taste was fresh when I refined the recipe).


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