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happy friday + friends…



Happy Friday friends! In the last month, I've making it a point to see my dearest friends on a regular basis. In the first couple months of having a new baby, I holed up in my house and barely saw anyone unless they came over to visit. It was so easy to not make plans or use the excuse that I was tired and just stay home. While I was loving my sweet new munchkin, I found myself going stir-crazy and missing the interaction of other adults and friends who I previously saw on a regular basis. Now that I have my bearings a bit more on this whole motherhood thing, keeping standing and regular dates with friends—for brunch, for walks, or even for baby playdates—has been one of the best things to help me feel like part of who I am {separate from being a mom} is still alive and happy. Here are a couple moments from last week's breakfast with Bri, Jen, and Bonnie {behind the camera}…a few of my favorite ladies. Hope you all have a great weekend full of great friends…because friendships and strong connections with others really does make the world go round… — Joy

Ps. Congrats to Katrina S. from Point Roberts, WA and Leslie B. from Oak Park, IL for being the winners of our Valentine's giveaway! All readers can still use the special discount code listed here till Tuesday.

{Instagram photos by Bonnie & Bri}


  1. You gals are too cute!! Gosh, I so need to get on this bandwagon and get out there to enjoy my friends, instead of waiting for them to come over! Officially inspired 🙂

  2. Looks like a fun brunch and my! Such cute friends! We’re gonna have our first baby in May and this is good advice to remember. I can totally see myself hunkering down and staying in because it’s kind of hard to clean up one’s self and get out!

  3. That’s an awesome photo! love the stripes too.
    thanks for the reminder to get together with friends. it so easy to just stay home and hang with the fam. i just emailed my girlfriends to get together:)
    by the way…hope you don’t mind that i linked to your marshmallow latte on my blog.looks delish:)

  4. Yes! It is really important and even after several years of being a mom we still go down that route of not making plans cause life gets hectic and busy with the family alone, but you guys inspire me every time you go out and post pictures like this! I just invited new friends (cause I recently moved and don’t know many people around yet) to grab some breakfast next week and start doing it often, yay!! Can’t wait where that takes me to. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  5. So true! Since moving away, I realise how important time with my friends is, and try to make more plans now when I am home to see them all… and have them come visit. Makes you feel more like YOU, somehow.
    Looks like you had a great day with the ladies! 🙂 Happy weekend, Joy! xo


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